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Wang Haotian was startled but quickly twisted himself in the air and landed on the ground smoothly. He did not expect that he would be blown away by the shockwave of a boy who had just set foot on the path of cultivation. When he re-examined Tenku's body, he opened his eyes wide in astonishment.

"How could a brat who just set foot on the path of cultivation already be in the late stage mortal origin realm!? Was the amount of Qi he got from the energy conversion so abundant that it could make his cultivation skyrocket?" Wang Haotian sauntered towards Tenku and saw that the boy still had his eyes closed. He reactivated his Phantasmal object to confirm Tenku's condition.

Wang Haotian saw a ball of white light with three rings encircling it. The white ball of light indicates his cultivation realm is the mortal origin, yellow is earth origin, blue is sky origin, and so on.

The three rings that encircle the ball of light represent stages of his realm. One ring meant that his cultivation realm was at the initial stage, two were the middle stage, three were the late stage, and a large ring was the great perfection stage.

"I know I didn't feel it wrong! That brat is at the late-stage mortal origin realm!" Wang Haotian couldn't help but be surprised again after re-examining Tenku's body.

"Hahaha… The late stage mortal origin realm at the age of six? The people of my family won't believe it even if I say it. They might think I've gone crazy from cultivating for too long." Wang Haotian laughed like a madman. Then he sighed and shook his head as he recalled the situation in his family.

Not long after, Tenku let out a long breath and slowly opened his eyes. When he saw Wang Haotian standing some distance away from him and staring at him with strange eyes, he felt goosebumps.

"Have you finished condensing that Qi in your dantian?" Wang Haotian grinned widely and asked.

"I've condensed all the Qi I converted from the energy I got after killing those monsters. But, what happened, master? Why are you looking at me like that?" Tenku stood up and asked in a slightly frightened voice. Wang Haotian's gaze at him made his spine chill. Tenku felt like a rare animal that was almost extinct and was accidentally found by the old man.

"Hahaha… It's nothing. I'm just keeping an eye on the energy changes within your body and the Qi condensation process in your dantian. So you don't have to think about that. By the way, congratulations that you are now a cultivator." Wang Haotian patted Tenku's head and looked like a grandfather doting on his grandson.

"Thank you, Master! I feel that my body is full of energy! Hmm..." Tenku clenched his fists and felt that he had grown stronger. But then his nose twitched when he smelled the stench on his body.

"What smell is this!? Why does my body smell like this!? Would a cultivator smell like this, master!?" Tenku asked frantically.

"Calm down, kid. It is the impurity that comes out of your body. The cleaner your body is from impurities, the healthier and fresher your body will be. In addition, a body free from impurities is perfect for cultivation. You can get rid of the smell by showering with soap." Wang Haotian comforted Tenku but found it a little funny at the boy's reaction.

"Thank God. If I had to smell like that to become a cultivator, I would probably be kicked out of the Karitoshi residence. Then, what shall we do next, master? Are we going back?" Tenku felt there was nothing else he could do in that place, and he had to get back before nightfall. He didn't want Misora to be worried because of him.

"No. We still have one more thing to do. You will train the Tyrant King Body Tempering Art." Wang Haotian shook his head and added another instruction.

"Isn't that one of the books you gave me? Then how should I train it." Tenku urged Wang Haotian. He had to finish the training and return to the Karitoshi house quickly.

"Before you do so, I will briefly explain the Tyrant King Body Tempering Art. As the name suggests, the book teaches body training methods for cultivators. So you will not only train your inner strength but will also forge physically to surpass human limits. Just as cultivation is divided into several realms, the body tempering art is also divided into layers, and it must be done step by step just like cultivation." Wang Haotian looked at Tenku and started to explain. Tenku nodded and showed that he had understood the layers in the body tempering art from Wang Haotian's words.

The first layer is skin tempering. The second is Flesh Tempering. Then blood, bones, meridians, dantian, internal organs, heart, and the last layer is the brain. Tenku found it a bit strange because he could remember Wang Haotian's explanation more easily than before.

"Then, what should I do to enter the first layer of the Tyrant King Body Tempering Art?" Tenku asked. Even though he had read the book, he still didn't understand how he did skin tempering.

"You need abundant cultivation resources if you use ordinary means. But it's effortless with your Phantasmal Object. Didn't I say that you don't need any cultivation resources and should only kill monsters?" Wang Haotian smiled mysteriously.

"Yes. I remember you said it. Then how should I use my Phantasmal Object for skin tempering?" Tenku was confused by Wang Haotian's convoluted explanation.

"Use your Phantasmal Object ability and swallow the skin of those monsters. With your current strength, I'm sure you'll be able to control it for a short time. But that's enough for now. Ah, you just need to swallow the skins of orcs, hobgoblins, and ogres because goblin skins are useless to you." Wang Haotian collected the corpses of monsters other than goblins and piled them up.

"I understand!" Tenku obeyed Wang Haotian's words without further questioning because he believed in the old man.

Tenku manifested his scythe and pointed it at the pile of monsters. Then a wide-open jaw-shaped green aura appeared and released a tremendous suction force. Tenku carefully controlled his Phantasmal Object and only sucked the skin from the monsters. Then the ogres, hobgoblins, and orcs' skins turned into light particles and were swallowed into the open jaws.

Wang Haotian opened his eyes wide when he saw the scene. He knew about Tenku's Phantasmal Object's abilities. But he couldn't help but be surprised when he saw it in person.

When Wang Haotian gave Tenku instructions to swallow the skins of the monsters with his scythe, he said so based on conjecture. But he didn't think that the boy could do it.

"Ugh!! What happened to me, master!? Why does this hurt so much!?" Tenku felt excruciating pain on the surface of his skin. He felt a million needles pricking him.

"You have to endure it! Close your eyes and feel the light particles that have entered your body! After that, you must refine it and let your body absorb it!" Wang Haotian said in a slightly high voice. At a time like this, he had to provide support to Tenku so that the boy wouldn't lose to the pain.

Tenku couldn't answer and could only grit his teeth and do as Wang Haotian instructed. He closed his eyes and began to do as the old man had told him.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Tenku howled like a beast. That horrible pain he got while absorbing the particles he had refined. Not long after, cracks appeared on his skin, and the surface slowly peeled off. The process took a very long time for Tenku, making him roll on the ground to endure the excruciating pain.

Wang Haotian felt anxious when he saw the six-year-old boy screaming like that. He was afraid that Tenku would not be able to endure the process and would die instead.

After half an hour, Tenku no longer made a sound and moved. All the skin on his body had peeled off and became smoother. The most surprising thing is that the surface looks very hard. Even though it was hit by sharp pieces of tree branches and rocks on the ground, the skin was not scratched.

Wang Haotian quickly checked him to confirm his condition. When he felt Tenku's heart was still beating and he was still breathing, the old man became relieved.

"Okay. it's time for us to go." Wang Haotian smiled in satisfaction with the results of Tenku's training. He quickly lifted Tenku off the ground and carried him. Then his figure became blurred and disappeared from the place.

Not long after Wang Haotian left, dozens of people came with full combat gear on their bodies. Those people were Realizers who got missions in that area. When they saw the scene before their eyes, one of the realizers opened his mouth.

"What's going on here?"

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