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"I will do anything for you without exception. I'll give you whatever you want!!" Wang Ruyue looked directly at him and said seriously. Her face was red, but she didn't take her eyes off Tenku. She was shy, but he had to do it to show her determination.

Tenku had released Wang Ruyue from the marriage agreement with the Gu family. After that, he was seriously injured after being chased by two Fenrirs to protect him. But what he does for her doesn't stop there. Tenku fought fiercely with Gu Yuxuan and the fifty people of the Gu family for her safety. All of his actions made Wang Ruyue's heart pound like crazy.

Even though Huang Yuxin was also with her then, it didn't change the fact that Tenku had protected her repeatedly. It was enough to make Wang Ruyue say that promise to him. What's more, she has special feelings for Tenku. So Wang Ruyue didn't mind giving her soul and body if Tenku wanted it.

Tenku didn't reply directly to Wang Ruyue because he was taken aback by her words. Her statement was too bold and provoked him as a man. Her intention was confirmed by her visits in light nightgowns at night.

"You don't have to do that. You are the granddaughter of my master and also my first friend in Beijing. I can't let you marry Gu Qingyang. My original intention of participating in the martial arts competition was to obtain the Qi accumulation pill and carry out my master's orders.

But then I felt that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I let you fall into the hands of the Gu family. So you have been one of the reasons I won the competition. You can think of it as my selfishness to release you from the marriage agreement for not wanting to see you together with Gu Qingyang." Tenku said calmly. But before Wang Ruyue could reply, he continued his words.

"I became bait for two Fenrirs and lured them away from the area because I wanted to. As I said before, I couldn't let you get hurt, which was also why I fought against Gu Yuxuan and the people from the Gu family. So you don't need to thank me because everything I do is based on my desires without expecting anything from you." Tenku smiled gently.

"No matter what you say, it doesn't change that you saved and protected me. You acted like that on your own accord, so I'm also doing this for the same reason. Thus, please allow me to return the favor to you." Wang Ruyue suddenly bowed to him.

Her black hair fell like a waterfall and slightly parted, revealing the white nape of her neck. Tenku quickly looked away because he could see Wang Ruyue's smooth cleavage from the slit of her nightgown's collar. He also saw the small pink bump because Wang Ruyue wasn't wearing a bra.

Tenku suddenly felt that his lower body was hot after seeing that beautiful sight. What Wang Ruyue showed him was a fatal temptation for him. Tenku almost subconsciously pushed the girl to the floor.

"Please raise your head." Tenku said without looking at Wang Ruyue. He felt he was about to commit an act that he would regret because his lust consumed him if he kept his eyes on her.

"No! I will not raise my head before you allow me to return the favor to you." Wang Ruyue stubbornly refused.

"Okay. I give up. I will let you return the favor to me. So please raise your head now." Tenku sighed. He rubbed his forehead as he felt a headache at Wang Ruyue's behavior.

"Thank You!" Wang Ruyue raised her head and smiled like a blooming flower.

Tenku was fascinated and subconsciously kept looking at the girl's face. His heart raced rapidly, and his body grew hot. Luckily, he could regain his senses quickly and avert his eyes. Otherwise, Wang Ruyue would have caught him looking at her.

"Alright. We should discuss the matter while sitting down." Tenku secretly hoped that Wang Ruyue would not notice his behavior. He walked over and sat on one of the chairs in the room.

Even though Tenku said he doesn't want to have a romantic relationship with any girl because he wants to focus on becoming stronger, he can't control his heart and who he will fall in love with.

Tenku had undergone various training to strengthen his resolve, but that only applies to his mentality and not his feelings from within.

"Yes." Wang Ruyue nodded and followed Tenku. She raised the corners of her lips slightly because she noticed Tenku staring at her in fascination. Wang Ruyue sat on the seat across from him and smiled sweetly.

The atmosphere in the room became awkward as neither spoke up to start a conversation. Tenku sighed and finally opened his mouth to break up the situation because it was getting late.

"You are a woman. It would be best if you didn't say that promise carelessly to others. Your words are very dangerous for you. So please don't do that again. This time, I will allow you to return the favor to me even though it's unnecessary." Tenku warned Wang Ruyue seriously.

"You don't need to worry about that. I only say this to you and no one else. Since you made a promise, you must keep it. You won't deny it, will you?" Wang Ruyue reminded Tenku and smiled. She felt a sweetness in her heart after hearing his concern for her.

"I understand. I did promise you. Then, to return your favor to me, I want you to cook one of the specialties of Beijing for me. How? I could ask anything from you, right?" Tenku had thought of a simple request that would not trouble Wang Ruyue. Once the girl did, then the return of the favor would be complete.

But instead of being happy after hearing Tenku's request, Wang Ruyue's face turned cloudy.

"Is my life worth only Beijing food for you? If that's what you want, then you better forget about it. I can cook every day for you without you having to ask. But this time, I can't do it." Wang Ruyue said in sorrow and disappointment.

"Wait a minute! You misunderstood my words. I don't mean to devalue your life. I don't want to trouble you for asking something too much and burden you! Moreover, something that would be embarrassing for you!" Tenku said frantically and tried to clear up her misunderstanding.

"Pfft... ahaha... I was kidding with you. I see what you mean. I will cook you some food, but that cannot be considered as returning my favor to you. So you have to say another wish, and this time it has to be worth my life." Wang Ruyue smiled playfully.

"You!" Tenku felt a little irritated when he saw her laugh. But then he could only sigh and shake his head.

"Okay. In that case, give me some time to think about it. Don't you want me to say my request carelessly? So I better put it off for now and tell it after I get what I want from you. How?" Tenku didn't have anything for him to ask wang Ruyue now.

Wang Ruyue had said she would do anything for him, but Tenku couldn't ask such immoral things from her. So he'd better think about it first and wait until she forgets.

"That's good! But... I heard from my grandfather that you would be returning to Japan tomorrow. Is that true?" Wang Ruyue suddenly felt sad when she remembered what Wang Haotian had said.

After she returned to the Wang family's mansion, Wang Ruyue went straight to Wang Haotian and told him about the Gu family's ambush. She was surprised because her grandfather responded calmly and did not look panicked. Wang Haotian seemed certain that they would be fine.

Then Wang Ruyue also asked everything about Tenku that his grandfather had hidden. She was disappointed because she knew most of what Wang Haotian said.

But then Wang Ruyue felt shocked and sad when she learned that Tenku would return to Japan. She had forgotten that Tenku was only temporarily in the Wang family's mansion, and sooner or later, he would have to leave China. Wang Ruyue felt a loss in her heart when she thought about that.

"Yes. He's right. I will return to Japan tomorrow. The Golden Week holiday will end in two days. After that, I have to go back to school." Tenku nodded and explained.

"Is that so?" Wang Ruyue lowered her head, and tears rolled down from her eyes. Even though she had tried to steel her heart for the temporary parting, she couldn't help but grieve when she heard that answer directly from him.

"Yue'er? Are you okay?" Tenku asked worriedly after feeling Wang Ruyue's mood change.

"Hmm? Ah! I'm fine. I just feel sad that you're going back to Japan." Wang Ruyue quickly wiped away her tears. Then she looked at Tenku and forced a smile on her face.

Tenku saw the tears on Wang Ruyue's cheeks, but he was at a loss as to how to comfort her as he didn't know when he would return to Beijing. He could only sigh in his heart and decided to wait until Wang Ruyue felt better.

Both of them said nothing and made the atmosphere in the room silent. Wang Ruyue took a deep breath to calm her heart and opened her mouth after remembering something.

"I almost forgot about it. This is your smartphone, and it has been repaired." Wang Ruyue smiled and placed a smartphone on the table.

Tenku was surprised that his smartphone was repaired so quickly. He picked it up and raised his eyebrows when he saw something hanging from one corner of his smartphone. It was a silver crescent-shaped accessory.

"It was a gift from me. It's to remind you of me." Wang Ruyue said before Tenku opened his mouth to ask.

"Thank You. This is beautiful. I will take good care of it. Most importantly, I won't forget you even without this gift." Tenku looked at Wang Ruyue and smiled. Then he typed a long message on his smartphone and sent it to someone.

Wang Ruyue pouted when she saw Tenku looking at his smartphone seriously. She felt jealous because she thought that Tenku was contacting Setsuka or Akina. Wang Ruyue had a chance to see the contents of Tenku's smartphone after it was repaired. Of the several messages and missed calls, only Akina and Setsuka were suspicious, and she should watch out for them.

"Who are you texting?" Wang Ruyue said in annoyance.

"I'm sending Xin'er a message." Tenku replied without looking at Wang Ruyue.

"Yuxin? What did you talk to her about? Why do you look so serious?" Wang Ruyue became curious after she heard Tenku mention the girl's name. Somehow she didn't feel jealous when she discovered that Tenku was texting Huang Yuxin.

"I asked Xin'er to tell her father about the Gu family's ambush. Of course, some details must remain confidential, especially about me. So I asked Xin'er to lie and tell her father that we were saved by an unknown Realizer." Tenku answered.

"Why are you suddenly asking her to do that?" Wang Ruyue asked in confusion. Tenku stopped typing on his smartphone and looked at Wang Ruyue.

"I want the Huang family to unite with the other martial arts families to suppress the Gu family." Tenku said coldly.

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