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Ravens of Eternity
Chapter 22

22 Jealousy, Pt All the cadets around them were wide-eyed. Four of the jealous cadets were pretty much done, their groans echoed all around. Not only that, it had only taken Eva a single strike to neutralize each of them...

What a monster.

Sergeants Elyn and Akim, too. And Chengli.

All monsters.

The jealous cadets were all then assigned to Eva’s instruction, and then sent to the infirmary. They had gotten a lot of the steam out of their systems, and still had a chip on their shoulders, but they understood what Eva had said about bigger fish.

They no doubt had a lot to think about, and now the promise of having to do Eva’s repetitive drills presented them with the time to do it.

Everyone went back to their sparring, Eva and Chengli included.

At the end of their cycle’s training, the cadets went back to shower and eat and sleep, as per usual.

Eva and Chengli skipped bedtime and instead snuck out, also as per usual. This time they didn’t spar, though. She was already pretty damn sore from getting hit for five hours straight, so they decided to skip it.


It was also because she had something else on her mind. Their mecha drills had... worked her up a little.

She had loosened her collars just slightly, to let out some of that steam. It didn’t work very well, so she decided to take a more proactive approach.

The two of them found an empty watchtower near the hangars and climbed up to the top. From there, they looked at what was going on at the base, and just watched life happen.

They sat shoulder-to-shoulder up on its roof, and dangled their feet over the edge.

Eva broke the silence first.

“So, I know that ‘long’ is Chinese for ‘dragon’. What’s ‘Zhulong’ mean?”

“Ah, it’s an old myth,” he replied. “Zhulong was a human-faced great serpent whose eyes brought about night and day, and could change the weather on a whim. Rain and such. He was the Torch Dragon, and kept eternal darkness at bay. Something like that, anyway.”

He sighed as he looked up into the sky.

“Personally,” he continued, “I would have preferred Longwang, the king of dragons!”

“Why didn’t you go with that one?”

He looked at her flatly.

“You kidding? The name’s prone to ridicule by ignorant westerners. I don’t want my hyper-masculine dragon lord being turned into a dick joke!”

She playfully bumped him with a shoulder.

“Don’t sweat white guys. They’re just jealous of the god of huge cocks,” she said with a teasing smile.

He just shook his head and gave her a disapproving look. ‘That’s exactly what I mean,’ it said.

She laughed lightly in response.

“Anyway,” he said, “how ’bout you? Why Freya? Aren’t you more of an Athena? Or an Ishtar? Badass warrior woman, out to kill all her enemies?”

She shook her head furtively.

“They’re too militant. Not really a big fan of all this, honestly.”

She waved her hand around lazily, to indicate the entire base, and what it stood for.

“I admit it’s helped me quite a lot. But in the end, I’m just here for the license, ‘coz it’ll net me big stacks of cash.”

He laughed deeply at that.

“Makes sense,” he replied. “Freya likes gold, or so I’ve read.”

“You callin’ me a gold digger?”

Her face scrunched up in mock disgust, and Chengli’s face went white when he realized his faux pas. Sure, wealth was something she aspired to. However, Freya had many other aspects she felt defined her as well.

“N-no, of course not...” he stammered.

Of course, he had fallen for her feint. Now that he was disarmed, she decided to press her attack.

She grabbed Chengli and pushed him down on his back fiercely. Before he could say anything, she hopped up on him and straddled his groin. A wide grin was on her face.

After all, Freya was also the goddess of love... and fertility.

The two of them felt each others’ heat rising, and both their cheeks flushed. She gave him a smirk as she pulled off her uniform top and tossed it aside.

“What’re you doing?” he asked quietly.

“Checking your pulse... The hell does it look like I’m doing?”

She then leaned down and kissed him aggressively.

She would never have done anything like this in her old life. The fear of rejection and of abandonment always stuck in the back of her mind. It was so powerful that she never even dared to risk exposing her heart or her lust.

But the old her was dead, and the new her wanted to be alive. Truly alive, in every aspect, and without reservations.

Freya was the embodiment of that, of a woman who wanted everything in the world, and didn’t let anything stop her from taking it.

She was a goddess all other goddesses wanted to be.

They lost themselves in the kiss, their lips and tongues explored each other as the rest of the world simply faded away.

Her fingers suddenly found themselves intertwined in his hair before they followed the edge of his ear and down the line of his jaw.

She loved the shape of him. The feel of him.

She ground her hips into his, and felt him swell underneath the fabric of his pants. Their combined heat burned through their uniforms and onto their skin as they pressed themselves together even tighter.

Their bodies moved faster as passion overtook all their senses, as their hands roamed their bodies, as their lips remained locked in ecstasy. Then, she grabbed his shoulder and rolled them both until he was on top of her.

Free to take the lead, he ducked his head down and started kissing her all along her slender neck. His hands tugged at the edges of their clothing in an effort to loosen them further.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him close as she nibbled on his ear.

“Show me this glowing dragon of yours,” she whispered.

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Ravens of Eternity Chapter 22