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President Daddy's Excessive Love
Chapter 6 Dont welcome her back

What was going on?

Tang Youyou was startled, she did not know what was going on, but from time to times she could hear a few screams coming from the side, and amidst the screams, she could vaguely hear the name of a famous celebrity.

The celebrities came to the Tang Family to walk on the red carpet?

Tang Youyou did her best to squeeze through the crowd. Under the incredulous gazes of the crowd, she walked quickly towards the Tang Family"s main entrance.

A female celebrity who was currently being shot by a journalist suddenly saw Tang Youyou, and thought her might be a servant: "Hey, come over here for a moment, help me lift my skirt!"

Tang Youyou turned her head to look at the female celebrity, and was unsure for a moment: "Are you calling for me?"

"Yeah, it"s you! Come over here and help me!" The female celebrity"s tone was somewhat impatient, as though lifting the hem of her skirt was a rare honor.

"Sorry, I"m busy!" Tang Youyou replied coldly as she left in large strides.

The female celebrity had never received such cold treatment before, and her face immediately flushed red. The reporters on the side immediately took photos of her being rejected and Tang Youyou refused to help her, while the female celebrity resentfully stared at Tang Youyou"s back, gritting her teeth.

Tang Youyou dressed very casually. In the group of beautiful women"s camp, she looked extremely out of place.

Even the Tang Family"s waiters dressed better than her today.

From the moment Tang Youyou entered the door, she had been treated as a waiter and servant. A lot of people tried to give orders to her.

Tang Youyou ignored them completely. She did not want to enter this home anymore, and this place was no longer her home. Back then her father sent her abroad to live, she did not take this place as her home.

Today, she only came to retrieve the things her mother left her. Once she took the things she left behind, she would immediately leave.

Tang Youyou looked around the hall and saw Tang Xuerou and her mother.

After Tang Xuerou entered the entertainment industry, she became extremely lucky, starting from the little unknown character, all the way up to her position. In the past four years, she had steadily become the most popular star, and so far, no one had been able to shake her position.

Meng Xiujuan, Tang Xuerou’s mother, was dressed in noble"s attire, holding onto a cup of red wine, accepting the blessings from all around.

Tang Xuerou was surrounded by another group of youths, and none of them were ordinary people. They were either famous young ladies or famous celebrities, and all of them spoke good words to Tang Xuerou, flattered her, and curried up to her.

Tang Xuerou didn"t have any other abilities, the only thing that made people jealous about was the powerful man that she depended on.

The feeling of being flattered felt good, and Tang Xuerou had an enchanting smile on her face the entire time.

But very quickly, the smile on her face froze, her eyes widened, and she looked at Tang Youyou who was walking towards her in disbelief.

"Why is she back? Picking a time like this. " Tang Xuerou"s heart trembled; it was clear that she did not want to see Tang Youyou.

She would never want to see this face again in her life.

Tang Youyou had already quickly passed through the crowd and stood in front of Tang Xuerou. She calmly spoke: "Where are the things that my mother left for me?"

Tang Xuerou did not immediately answer her, she only smiled at the people around her: "You guys go ahead and have fun, I have some family matters to take care of, I"ll chat with you guys later."

"Who allow you back?" Tang Xuerou"s eyes were immediately filled with anger, as though Tang Youyou’s coming back was a matter of humiliation to her.

"I graduated, of course I have to come back." Tang Youyou sneered.

Tang Xuerou"s expression immediately darkened, and she said in an unfriendly tone: "You want your mother"s things? Come out and chat with me!"

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President Daddy's Excessive Love Chapter 6 Dont welcome her back