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President Daddy's Excessive Love
Chapter 30 The son be very strong

Thinking about this, Ji Xiaohan became angry. It was definitely that the woman stole his children when he didn’t pay attention.

Now that he had such a cute little princess, he suddenly found all the men in the world to be unpleasing to the eye. He kept having the feeling that all of them looked like villains.

With a little lover, he even changed his thoughts a lot. Ji Xiaohan"s gaze also became gentle as much as possible.

"Xiaonai, Daddy said before that love is two people"s business, not that Daddy loves her…"

"Then Daddy loves Mommy, right?"

Ji Xiaohan was defeated instantly by the little fellow"s cuteness.

Alright, he knew that when faced with those i

ocent and pure eyes, he really couldn"t say anything to strike a blow at her.

"Your mother… I"ve seen her before. She looks pretty good, but as for whether she"s kind or not…"

"If Mommy is not kind, then you don"t love her? She"s our Mommy, and Daddy should love Mommy, shouldn"t he?" Tang Xiaonai still said in an i

ocent way. After she finished speaking, she even lightly bumped into her brother who did not say a word, "Big Brother, please say something. Am I right?"

At home, Tang Xiaorui always liked to bully this little sister. But at this moment, he immediately showed the bearing and gentry of a brother, "Yes, whatever you say is right."

Ji Xiaohan had a feeling that he was about to be driven insane.

Who could tell him why this little fellow didn"t even care about the least bit of logic?

"Xiaonai, don"t talk so much with him. After all, he doesn"t love Mommy, and he thinks Mum isn"t compatible with him…" Tang Xiaorui had seen everything, and naturally understood the expression of Ji Xiaohan, who was about to go crazy. Thus, he purposely added fuel to the fire by the side.

"Ah…Then forget it. Our love is enough for Mommy." Tang Xiaonai immediately lowered her head, looking like she wanted to give up.

Ji Xiaohan suddenly realized that he couldn"t stand the light in his daughter"s eyes darkening. Damn it, how did he become like this?

"Xiaonai, you must believe Daddy. Daddy will definitely love your Mommy. Really…" In order to coax his daughter, Ji Xiaohan had given up even the least bit of his male pride. He had even said the words that went against his heart the most, that he would love that damnable woman.

"Really? Daddy will love Mommy like he loves Xiaonai and big brother?" Tang Xiaonai immediately opened her eyes wide, and smiled.

Ji Xiaohan nodded, "Of course, I promise you that I will definitely love your mother."

Tang Xiaonai immediately smiled and turned to look at her brother. She said happily: "Big brother, I"ve finally sold out Mommy."

Tang Xiaorui had an unsatisfied expression on his face: "That"s not necessarily true. If he bullies Mommy all the time, Mommy would really be in big trouble."

Ji Xiaohan suddenly understood one saying: the daughter is the little lover of the father’s past life, and the son is the little scumbag of his past life.

It was true!

It wasn"t easy for him to coax his daughter, and with a few words from his son, all his previous efforts were instantly wasted.

That was how the little bully who got his father into trouble was born.

When she heard that her dad would bully Mommy, Tang Xiaonai"s little face immediately turned dark, and her big black eyes started to tear up.

Ji Xiaohan suddenly felt helpless. He was fucked up, and the little guy was going to cry from anger.

"Xiaonai, I swear that I won"t bully your mother." Ji Xiaohan felt that he had shamed on himself in order to coax her.

Tang Xiaorui ghostly said from the side: "Anyone could say sweet things. Unless you write a document, we will not believe that you really won"t bully our Mommy."

Ji Xiaohan felt a tremble. Damn it. How could his son understand everything at such a young age?

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President Daddy's Excessive Love Chapter 30 The son be very strong