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President Daddy's Excessive Love
Chapter 28 Daddy lies

As the car drove into the entrance of the villa, Tang Youyou could not help but look out the window.

In the distant mountainside, there was a row of blue-grey buildings, and it was shocking.

Tang Youyou"s heart was low. She really did not expect that man to be so rich that he couldn’t simply be described as wealthy.

At that moment, in the villa of the Ji Family, two kids blinked their big dark eyes on the sofa in the spacious and luxurious hall as they sized up the tender man in front of them.

"Big brother, he claims to be our father…"

Tang Xiaonai was used to quietly discussing things with her brother. Thus, she covered his mouth with one hand and quietly asked her brother.

Even though Tang Xiaorui was young, his aura was not weak. His two small hands were crossed over his chest, and his expression was extremely calm compared to his sister"s slightly nervous expression. His beautiful and astute eyes were also sizing up the man in front of him, who was several sizes bigger than him.

"They really look like the descendants of our Ji Family!" When Ji Xiaohan saw his two children being so cute and beautiful, he had long been wild with joy in his heart. However, he was afraid that if he got too excited, he would scare the two little fellows, so he could only restrain himself.

"You said that you are our daddy. Is there any proof? We are not casual children!" The moment Tang Xiaorui opened his mouth, that mature tone of his caused Ji Xiaohan to be slightly startled.

"Xiaorui, why do you need any more evidence? Aren’t our faces the best proof?" Ji Xiaohan showed an even more intimate and charming smile.

The butler standing by the side and the assistant Lu Qing were all shocked and did not dare believe it.

The Young Master that they knew for being aloof was actually smiling so gently at this moment. It was truly rare to see such a thing like this.

Tang Xiaonai blinked her eyes, looked at her brother, and then looked at the uncle in front of her who had a very gentle smile on his face …

"Big brother, you guys are really very similar. Could he really be our daddy?” Tang Xiaonai nodded her head blankly.

Tang Xiaorui knew that his sister was naive and i

ocent. This was also because he and Mommy had protected her so well since she was born.

Although the two of them were boy and girl twins, his sister still retained the little girl"s i

ocence, so Tang Xiaorui was not surprised that she would thought in this way.

Ji Xiaohan had been in the business field for a long time, and he had long obtained a pair of sharp and astute eyes. At this moment, he realized that all he needed to do was to persuade his son.

"Do you have money?" Tang Xiaorui took out his imposing ma

er and intentionally asked with an arrogant expression.

Ji Xiaohan faced his son"s question and answered truthfully: "Yes, I have a lot of money."

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Tang Xiaorui continued to ask.

Hearing the little boy asking the question of adults, displeasure instantly flashed on Ji Xiaohan’s face.

How did that woman manage to let his children have access to the adult world so early?

"Yes or no!" Seeing him fall into silence, Tang Xiaorui"s face became even more serious.

Ji Xiaohan gnashed his teeth in anger, but his face was still flushed with happiness, and his smile was extremely enchanting: "No, I"ve always been single!"

"You"re lying…"

The tender child’s voice let out a sharp cry. Then, he jumped off quickly with his short legs that were hanging on the sofa, and he walked straight to the cabinet next to the newspaper and magazine.

His little hands were moving quickly, and he took out a photo from a magazine very soon: "Your girlfriend is her, this big star called Tang Xuerou."

Ji Xiaohan, "..."

A row of black lines seemed to appear on his forehead. He didn"t expect that his 4-year-old son would actually… uncovered his lie.

No... He had nothing to do with Tang Xuerou.

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President Daddy's Excessive Love Chapter 28 Daddy lies