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"I hope so. However, young master, it seems that we will face all kinds of dangers. It is said that there are many forces in the dark to prevent you from participating in the election. We have to be careful when we go out this time." Xiao Han’s face suddenly became serious, and his eyes flashed with worry.

Lingsinan but calm pressure brow: "I always have to give them a chance to murder me, otherwise, I’m afraid those people are not reconciled."

"Then we have to be more careful. Have the bodyguards you arranged gone to take care of the residence?" Xiao Han’s influence on Ling Sinan is that this young man is more omnipotent than his father. In the eyes of outsiders, he is handsome, elegant, and even mild temperament.

However, in Xiao Han’s opinion, he is a man of deep planning, deep government, cunning and dark stomach. Occasionally, he is a cold-blooded guy. Of course, this kind of person is more suitable for taking on a great responsibility. He has compassion and the heart of killing, and he has the ability of the world.

"They passed last week, and I believe my father sent people here, but they were all in the dark." Ling Sinan’s eyes suddenly become cold and unpredictable, and her whole body’s temperament is also infected with a few cold breath.

Ling Sinan’s main purpose of going abroad this time is to take learning as a cover to get rid of those unruly people. If he stays at home all the time, those people who want to deal with him will definitely affect his family. Although his father is not afraid of making trouble, Ling Sinan wants to protect his mother and sister. Other people have to deal with him. He will give them a chance, but can he succeed, We have to rely on our abilities.

"Then I can rest assured. Alas, I hope this trip will be accompanied by good luck and all victories." Xiao Han put his hands together and began to pray.

Ling Sinan snorted faintly. Although she didn’t believe in fate, sometimes, the arrangement of heaven was unexpected.

Black car, low-key let people ignore, but not far in front of lingsinan car, in a taxi, a beautiful young girl, is staring at the front of her eyes, her side with a woman in her thirties, two people with luggage, also rushed to the airport.

Girl’s eyes are different from ordinary people’s eyes. They are darker than ordinary people’s eyes. With a delicate face, they will give people a natural beauty. However, the girl’s eyes seem to have lost their light. They are dark and don’t rotate often, so they will give people a dull and numb feeling.

The woman sitting beside her had a sad face. The taxi driver asked curiously, "is this lady’s eye sick?"

"Yes, my sister got a strange disease when she was 13 years old, and her eyes suddenly disappeared." The woman in her thirties said with emotion.

"Can’t you see? That’s a pity. It’s so beautiful. " The driver’s elder brother could not help shaking his head and sighing. Sure enough, heaven’s distribution is fair. He looks so beautiful, but he is blind.

When the girl leaning on the seat heard the exclamation of the driver’s elder brother, the corner of her mouth was almost indelible.

"I’ll take her abroad this time, hoping to make progress and make her bright again." The woman said with a worried face, and her eyes turned to the girls around her. The light of her eyes suddenly shrunk, obviously with a trace of fear and respect.

"You are really a good sister. How old is your sister?"

"Twenty four."

While the woman was chatting with the driver’s brother, a black car came by. The girl turned her eyes. Although the glass of the opposite car was so black that she could hardly see the situation inside, her eyes suddenly moved and her smile deepened.

"Ling Sinan, right? Let me take care of you. " The girl’s heart, turned up some emotions, she was adopted, seems to be in order to get close to this man, in her ignorance, someone told her, she will grow up in the future, is to kill a man named Ling Sinan, that man, not easy to kill, she has to learn acting, disguise.

So, she put a pair of flexible eyes, disguised as a blind man, oh, is this a hard performance?

At the gate of the airport hall, Xiao Han hummed a tune and took down the two big boxes for Ling Sinan. The driver also came to help. After putting down the suitcase, Ling Sinan asked the driver to go back. The driver’s elder brother nodded respectfully to him: "young master, I wish you a pleasant journey."

"Thank you." Ling Sinan nodded with a smile.

Two people then one person a suitcase, walked toward the airport.

Ling Sinan took a pair of sunglasses and put them on his face. Through the black lenses, he looked around the environment keenly. He was naturally sensitive to the crisis. Therefore, the sunglasses concealed his eyes very well.

After scanning around, Ling Sinan found that there was nothing to protect at present. Yes, in his own country, no one would be stupid enough to fight against him.

Ling Sinan and Xiao Han went to register, and then they were arranged to wait in the VIP lounge.

As the son of the former president, Ling Sinan can enjoy a lot of different treatment, but he is not a high-profile person. He is more willing to keep a low profile and try to let people ignore his identity as the son of the former president.

"Would you like some coffee? I’ll get two." Xiao Han is a person who can’t spare time. He tries his best to help Ling Sinan and give him all kinds of services. Ling Sinan shows helplessness to his enthusiasm. A big man cares about eating, drinking and having fun every day. Should he consider whether he should be the Deputy if he is really elected, and simply assign him a suitable position so that he can spend the rest of his life in peace.

Xiao Han took the coffee and brought a plate of fruit, enjoying the leisure and enjoying the passing passengers.

"Three o’clock, beauty." Xiao Han’s unorthodox temperament can’t be hidden. He turns his head and whispers to Ling Sinan.

Ling Sinan was made speechless by him, but her eyes were still looking over there. Three beauties with long hair were talking and laughing and walked over. They had a good figure and a good face, which was the temperament... Gaudy.

"It’s your type, not mine." Lingsinan said to him.

"I don’t like it either. I like the high cold ones. I mean they are in good shape. They don’t look at the white ones." Xiao Han Du from the corner of the mouth, said aggrieved, kind to share beauty with him, he did not accept, excessive.

"Shhh, at eight o’clock, this time it’s really a beauty. I won’t cheat you." After a while, Xiao Han itched again and began to hint at him.

As soon as Ling Sinan’s eyes turned, he saw several men and women dressed up coming. As soon as they came in, they found that they were all beautiful men. Ling Sinan punched Xiao Han angrily. Is there something wrong with this man’s eyes? It’s a waste of his time.

Xiao Han also found that he had lost his sight. He couldn’t help laughing and said, "how come some men are more beautiful than women now? Don’t be angry, young master. I’m not referring to you."

Ling Sinan’s eyes crossed in the past, really want to find a transparent glue to block this guy’s mouth, so that he can be quiet for a while.

Xiao hanjue’s own words are not wrong, Ling driver this handsome face, sometimes really even women will be jealous.

For example, at this moment, several young girls with excellent figure come into the waiting room. It seems that they should be from dancing background. They have elegant temperament, fair skin, and all have long hair. Most of them are middle-aged men and women in the waiting room. Suddenly entering such a group of young and beautiful girls seems to inject fresh life into this dead place.

Everyone’s eyes are focused on those girls, Xiao Han’s nature is not in addition, this time, I’m afraid he doesn’t need to remind, the young master also noticed those beautiful women.

Ling Sinan’s eyes light swept, and did not stay, beautiful women, he saw more, so, he did not feel able to stir his heart lake, besides, his mother is very beautiful, his sister is also a rare little beauty, let alone uncle Ji’s two beauties, but they are too familiar, how can he start?

"How beautiful." Xiao Han with mouth language toward Ling Sinan opened a mouth, said at the moment he was surprised.

Ling Sinan gave him a cold look. He took a second-class product to go out. In the future, he will not be bored. It’s enough to make fun of him.

Just when Ling Sinan is going to close his eyes, suddenly two people come into the waiting room. One of them is a woman in her thirties. She has short hair and wears ordinary clothes. But she is followed by a girl in a white dress. She has long soft hair. Under her bangs, her eyes are too dark. She looks straight ahead as if she has no soul.

In her hand, she took a pathfinder and tapped. She walked steadily. Everything she showed proved that she was blind.

But that’s not the point. The point is that as soon as the girl came in, she killed the girls who just came in. Her facial features are very beautiful, her nose is pretty, her lips are red and her teeth are white. She is the kind of gorgeous without makeup, but it gives people a kind of intense beauty. It’s so natural that it’s hard to find in the world. All the men in the room turned their eyes again, Staring straight at the girl in the white skirt, they all cried in their hearts. It’s a pity that she is so beautiful, but she is blind, alas.

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