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In an atmospheric villa building, a woman with elegant charm and dignified temperament is tidying up her clothes in a bedroom. The bedroom is cold, which shows that it is a male bedroom. At the moment, the woman who cleans up gently has a beautiful eye, full of reluctant.

Her son is about to go abroad. LAN Yanxi’s heart is empty. After 25 years of living together day and night, she always thought that such days would last until her son offered to go abroad for further study. Even if she didn’t give up, she couldn’t stop her son’s progress.

"Mom, are you ready? The car is downstairs. " A clear male voice came from the stairs, and then a slender figure came through the gate.

LAN Yanxi raised her eyes, and in a trance, she seemed to see her husband in her young age. Her eyebrows and eyes were so similar.

The similarities between the father and the son are not only reflected in their appearance, but also in their personalities. At a young age, they have inherited their father’s demeanor. They are calm and restrained, and they are extremely demanding of themselves. The next vice presidential election is two years later. As soon as the father leaves, the son is ready to show his hand, LAN Yanxi can’t help sighing. His son is self disciplined and calm. He doesn’t know what kind of girl he will marry in the future.

"You won’t say goodbye to your father?" LAN Yanxi raised her eyes, looked at her son and asked.

"I’ve already called him and he told me to be safe." Ling Sinan thin lips evoke a smile, only in front of his mother, he will smile so bright.

"Is that all? He has nothing else to say? " LAN Yanxi can’t help but get angry. Her husband’s calm and introverted temperament doesn’t change in front of her children. He didn’t look like a piece of wood when he pursued her.

"No, you know dad’s character best. No matter how much he wants to say, he won’t say it in front of me, hum." Ling Sinan showed a disdainful expression: "he must feel that his son is too excellent. Any difficulties can be overcome. He doesn’t need to worry at all."

"Son, you can’t be so conceited." Blue Yan Xi Bai He one eye, put the last clothes into the trunk, sincere concern: "after going out, mother is not at your side to take care of, you have to learn to take care of yourself, encounter anything, must call home, don’t hard carry."

"Don’t worry, mom. Isn’t there Xiao Han? If there’s anything I don’t understand, I’ll go straight to him. " Ling Sinan reached out and hugged her mother, and said in general.

LAN Yanxi held back his feelings and pushed him away: "well, you and Xiao Han go out there. It’s a hard job to study. I hope you can succeed in your studies. When you come back, you can be as good as your father and succeed in the vice president’s position. By that time, my mother will be proud."

"I will. I won’t let you down. Let’s go." Ling Sinan said, he directly lifted the suitcase and went to the door.

LAN Yanxi looks at her son’s tall back. She is still sad. She trots out all the way to see her son put the suitcase into the trunk. As soon as she turns around, the sun shines on him. LAN Yanxi suddenly wakes up. Her son is 25 years old, and it’s no longer a little bit that she thinks everything needs her.

"Mom, don’t send it." Ling Sinan said, opened the door and sat in.

"Don’t worry, madam. I will protect master Sinan." A young man came out of the car and said with a smile.

"Xiao Han, Sinan will trouble you." LAN Yanxi nods to him gratefully. Xiao Han is Si Nan’s assistant. It is Ling mofeng who makes him stay with his son after all kinds of examinations. They are of the same age, but their temperament is totally different. Xiao Han is warm and sunny, while Ling Sinan is calm and steady. Xiao Han has always respected Ling Sinan as a young master.

The car slowly drove out of the door of the villa, Ling Sinan opened the window and waved to his mother.

LAN Yanxi looks at her son leaving the house like this. She feels sad all of a sudden. When she comes back at night, she must let her husband comfort her, or she will ignore him.

The car is driving in the direction of the airport. Ling Sinan in the car looks at a book on diplomatic skills, elegant and full of temperament.

Sitting on the co pilot’s seat, Xiao Han couldn’t help looking back at the young master of the president’s family. He thought to himself, I don’t know if I can bump into his peach blossom when I go abroad for further study this time.

"Xiao Han, do I have flowers on my face? You looked back at me five times Ling Sinan did not look up, but has captured Xiao Han’s evil expression.

Xiao Han immediately laughed a few times: "young master, do you remember our previous bet?"

"I don’t remember." Ling Sinan lazily raised his eyes and looked out of the window, the voice line is also indifferent.

"How could you not remember such an important thing? You forgot it. Hum, I ignored you." Xiao Han immediately put his hands around his chest to make a baby look.

Ling Sinan was amused by his childish expression. How could this big boy, who was three years younger than himself, be immature at all?

"Well, I suddenly remember." Ling Sinan didn’t want to annoy him, and immediately picked his eyebrows.

"What did we gamble on?" Xiao Han regained his mischievous expression and turned to stare at him.

"Bet who we’ll find our girlfriend first." Ling Sinan said with a dull face.

"Yes, it’s an important bet." Xiao Han has a look of defiance.

"What’s important? If I’m not elected vice president, I’m not in the mood for a girlfriend." Ling Sinan’s expression of lack of interest, he is really not interested.

"Come on, you are in a man’s best years now. If you don’t find a girl to fall in love with, you will be shocked." Xiao Han comforted him seriously. 𝚒𝘯n𝒓𝐞𝓪𝗱. ᴄ𝘰𝐦

"If I succeed in my career, I will not be shocked. Otherwise, even if I meet a girl I like, how can I not be strong enough to give her the sense of security she wants?" Ling Sinan has put all his heart and soul into the general election two years later. In his eyes, his father has always been the supreme existence. Like his father, he also wants to walk his way and see the scenery in his eyes. But to realize this wish, it is absolutely not a simple word that can succeed, but a huge effort.

"Well, a man who is dedicated to his career is really charming, but I really want to repay the ups and downs of love." Xiao Han said with a yearning face.

"With your ability, you will be able to fulfill your wish." Ling Sinan is very optimistic about him.

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