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Luobeiyuan and Qiao An’an’s engagement banquet was grand and lively. Relatives, friends and guests from all walks of life gathered together, and the scene was grand.

Joan, dressed in a gorgeous dress, followed luobeiyuan and toasted at each table.

Everyone knows Qiao an, young girls are envious of her, Qiao an also feel the great cause of the Luo family, she still has some inferiority, fortunately, her father-in-law and mother-in-law affirmed her.

Li Qingyan and Cheng Qingqing also came from afar to witness this happy event.

Zhou Mei’s family also came. They sat at the table and watched Qiao an’s intoxicating happiness. They were not happy at all. After dinner, they left in a hurry.

One busy day, Joan was exhausted. After dinner, she and luobeiyuan went back to their room to have a rest.

"I heard that in my mother-in-law’s house, I can’t sleep in the same bed without marriage." Qiao an an sees Luo Beiyuan push a door to come in, lie to her side directly, a turn over, press her, she hastens to push him.

"Who prescribed it?" Luobeiyuan kisses her face like a tease.

"It was prescribed by our ancestors." Joanne blushed at his teasing.

"All right." Luo Beiyuan let her go, pinched her cheek, and said softly, "you have been ordered by me. You are a married person. You should wear the engagement ring at any time in the future."

Joan raised her hand and looked at the big diamond ring on her ring finger. She was in a wonderful mood.

"Don’t worry, I will wear it every day. It’s a symbol of happiness." Joan is really happy. Being engaged means that they are already husband and wife.

Luo Beiyuan looked at her gorgeous face like peach blossom, a pair of big eyes like spring water, really want to hold her to sleep together.

Joanne avoided his burning eyes and gave him a kiss on the face, which was a consolation.

"My parents are looking at Ji’s little son with envious eyes today. ANN, should we also consider having a baby?" In fact, luobeiyuan likes children very much, so if he has a daughter like Joan an, it’s not cute.

Joan didn’t think about having children before. After all, she was young and wanted to have a baby. 𝒾n𝒏𝚛𝗲αd. 𝒄om

But now looking at the man’s serious expression, she also seriously thought for a while, then nodded: "well, others have, we have to have, from today on, we will be pregnant."

"Really?" Luobeiyuan thought she was making him happy.

"Of course it’s true. If I have a smart and handsome son like you, I will be as happy as my mother-in-law in the future." Joan said with expectation.

"I was thinking about having a daughter like you." Luobeiyuan laughed directly.

"Then give birth to two, one son and one daughter." Joan also laughs and plans for the future together.

"It’s easy to have a baby, not to be forced." Luobeiyuan knew that a woman’s childbirth was a near death. It was very dangerous and painful. He didn’t want her to endure the pain in order to fight for her children.

"Well." Joan listened to his words, rest in his arms, squint to enjoy the moment of peace.

Cheng Qingqing and Li Qingyan live in a hotel. As soon as they come back from dinner, Cheng Qingqing feels upset in her stomach. She frowns.

Did you have a bad stomach just now?

Cheng Qingqing rushed to the bathroom and vomited.

Li Qingyan stood beside her nervously. Seeing her tears coming out, she asked painfully, "what’s the matter? Is it too cold to eat too much seafood? "

"I don’t know." Cheng Qingqing shook her head, and then her eyes widened: "am I pregnant?"

Li Qing Yan Jun Mou also for one surprised, the next second, he will Cheng Qingqing whole person embrace up, in situ turned a circle: "you are pregnant?"

Cheng Qingqing was he turned some dizzy, happiness to too suddenly, she some can’t believe.

"Otherwise, you go to the drugstore and buy a test stick. Don’t be happy too soon." Cheng Qingqing still feels that she is more likely to have a bad stomach. Her body is empty, and she is easy to have a bad stomach as soon as she eats cold food.

"Wait for me." Li Qingyan quickly put on his coat and went out.

Cheng Qingqing lies on the bed and prays in her heart. I hope it’s not an empty joy.

Li Qingyan found a drugstore downstairs and strode in.

Shopping guide is a young girl, see Li Qingyan come in, her face is red, enthusiastic asked: "Sir, what do you want to buy?"

"When a woman is pregnant, what’s the test to use?" Li Qingyan is a big man. He doesn’t understand these at all. He can only ask her.

The shopping guide quickly recommended to him. Li Qingyan bought five brands and quickly returned to the hotel.

Cheng Qingqing looked at him carrying a bag of things back and opened her eyes: "why do you buy so much?"

"I was afraid of uncertainty, so I took a box for each brand." Li Qingyan said with a smile.

Cheng Qingqing chuckles. It turns out that Li Qingyan will do stupid things.

I thought a man as mature and intelligent as him knew what to do.

Cheng Qingqing took a box and went in. After a while, she came out in surprise.

"Two bars, I’m pregnant." Cheng Qingqing covers her mouth excitedly.

Li Qing Yan came over to have a look, Junrong also a burst of ecstasy, this child is too precious.

"We’re finally going to be Mom and dad." Li Qingyan hugs Cheng Qingqing tightly and kisses her happily. Cheng Qingqing shyly hides in his arms.

"Well." Cheng Qingqing is also very excited, finally no longer worried, he can’t conceive.

Cheng Qingqing is pregnant, and Li Qingyan decides to let her take a good rest at home and stop taking on the show.

Cheng Qingqing is also very obedient. As soon as she shows her head in the entertainment industry, she quits for her marriage. Many people yell for her. It’s a pity that only she knows that she can have another career, but it’s her top priority to have a baby safely.

One year later!

In the delivery room of a high-level hospital, there was a loud baby cry, and a beautiful baby boy was born.

Cheng Qingqing, who had just given birth, was extremely weak, but when she saw the little baby with a similar face to Li Qingyan, all the pain dissipated, leaving only full of joy.

The midwife walked out with the baby in her arms and said with a smile, "Congratulations, Mr. Li. He’s a lovely boy."

Li Qingyan nervously took over the child, and Junrong was anxious: "where’s my wife? When will it come out

"When my wife cleans up, she will come out."

Next to Li Pingping happy rubbing fingers: "uncle, give me a hug, I will gently." Li Qingyan gives his son to his niece. Li Pingping holds him like a bomb. He doesn’t dare to move.

"Hee hee, he looks like an uncle. He must be a handsome man in the future."

Li Qingyan looks at his son gently, but remembers his wife in his heart.

Cheng Qingqing was pushed out and sent to the senior delivery room. Her long hair was wet with sweat.

"The child is very beautiful. It’s hard for you, Qingqing." Li Qingyan took the towel and gently wiped the sweat on her forehead. She said softly.

Cheng Qingqing pursed her lips and laughed: "it’s very painful. She only gave birth to this one, but not any more."

"Well, no more." Li Qingyan nodded and agreed to her, but he was not willing to let her suffer again.

The door of the delivery room was pushed open, and Qiao An’an came in. She was six months pregnant and was walking fast“ Qingqing, where is the child? Let me see. " As soon as Joan came in, she couldn’t wait to see the little guy.

Cheng Qingqing watched her go so quickly, worried for her: "you walk slowly, be careful of your stomach." Luobeiyuan outside the door also sighed: "that is, it’s not urgent for a while."

But Qiao an sticks out his tongue, with a confident expression: "don’t worry, I’m in good condition, I’ll be fine."

"Wow, what a cute little one." Qiao an an finally saw the young master of Li’s family, sticking out his tongue.

Luobeiyuan also came over and set aside the gifts to see the children.

Li Qingyan looks down at Cheng Qingqing. They both smile at each other.

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