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Jiang rouyue took her son abroad with hatred. Her son got a sum of money, but he had to be 18 years old to get it. At present, only the most basic living expenses per month, Jiang rouyue can no longer go into the upper class to drink afternoon tea as a rich lady.

The wives who used to drink tea with her heard that she was so angry with her husband that they directly removed her from the circle. Some of them were offended by Jiang rouyue, and they also made a rumor about her reputation, saying that her child was not Li Jie’s, but that she had found some men in the nightclub.

Jiang rouyue looks at the chat records of those women in the circle and trembles with anger. Fortunately, her son is Li Jie’s. If not, Li Qingyan is afraid to strangle her heart.

Jiang rouyue no longer dare to be arrogant, even in the name of love.

Li Qingyan can only be Cheng Qingqing. Jiang rouyue curses her in her heart. If she can’t have a baby, she’d better be kicked away by Li Qingyan.

Cheng Qingqing walks into the drugstore, blushes and asks the clerk for the test paper.

"It’s a lot more likely to be in the same room after ovulation." The clerk told her.

Cheng Qingqing escaped from the drugstore like a guilty child.

When she got home, she began to test. She was not very punctual, so she was worried that she couldn’t get pregnant normally. If she couldn’t give Li Qingyan a baby, she would feel guilty.

Li Qingyan is dealing with his eldest brother’s affairs. The wedding he had originally ordered could only be postponed. Cheng Qingqing is not in a hurry. Anyway, she has got the certificate. The wedding is just a ceremony. She doesn’t like to show off. She just wants to live a low-key life.

Qiao an an and Luo Beiyuan have fixed the date of engagement. Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu have started to prepare for this.

Happiness comes just right, Joan is immersed in happiness, as if in a dream, do not want to wake up.

Yang ChuChu asked Qiao an what special requirements, Qiao an where there are requirements, everything to Yang ChuChu arrangements, Yang ChuChu can see that the daughter-in-law is a simple good child, she smiles and nods, she did not ask, she gave her the best arrangement.

The engagement date is at the end of the month. It’s a very good day.

Zhang Xiuzhu was so happy to get the good news that her daughter finally found a lover, and she also looked forward to a good son-in-law. Her future life will be better and better.

Sure enough, people can’t be too greedy. The more they want to catch something, the faster they slip away. In the past, she paid too much attention to Qiao Dawei, and looked forward to his coming home every day. She hoped that he would love her tenderly, but she lost all of them. Now, she calms down, and everything goes as it should. Instead, she gets everything. Qiao Dawei now comes to her except the company to buy her breakfast, Give her gifts, go shopping with her when you have time, and even buy a plane ticket to take her to travel abroad.

Zhang Xiuzhu didn’t forgive him at the beginning, but slowly, she didn’t reject him. She was older, and her daughter was going to have a family. In the future, her daughter would have children. If she could give her a complete family, she could swallow her previous grievances, but... She would not be cheap again.

Zhang Jia, Zhou Mei received a call from Zhang Xiuzhu. Her face was very ugly.

In her eyes, Qiao an an is a child with no advantages. She is no better than her two daughters. However, Qiao an an, who is stupid and stupid, meets her right son, but her two daughters can’t find a good man. Is it really fate?

Time soon came to the engagement day of Qiao An’an and luobeiyuan. At the gate of the seven star hotel, luobeiyuan and his father stood at the gate of the banquet hall to welcome the guests. Ji Xiaohan came with his wife and children. The family was very beautiful and amazing.

"It’s called... Grandfather, grandmother." Ji Xiaohan, holding his grandson in his arms, whispered with a smile.

Luo Jinyu could not laugh or cry. He gently touched the little boy’s head: "I didn’t expect that I was also a grandparent."

Ji Xiaohan shrugged his shoulders and disapproved: "with this grandson, I feel that my mind is still very young. You also quickly ask Beiyuan to give you a grandson."

"Young people have their own ideas. Let’s go along with our grandson." Luo Jin Yu said with a helpless smile.

Tang youyou patted her husband on the shoulder: "don’t abet others. Are you still short of staying up late to take care of your children?"

Ji Xiaohan most listen to his wife’s words, he thin lips light pursed, smile: "good, don’t say, we go in to sit."

Tang youyou is accompanied by two lovely children. It’s her second child, Ji Siyi and Ji Xilin. Her daughter is beautiful and sweet, and her little son is handsome and sunny, which has attracted a lot of attention from rich families.

Tang youyou’s eldest son and daughter have already got married and found the person they like. She is worried about the two little ones. She doesn’t know when she will find their happiness.

"Mr. and Mrs. Ling, it’s a great honor for you to come." Luo Jinyu looks at Ling mofeng from a distance and walks over with his wife LAN Yanxi. He comes forward to welcome him with a smile.

"Congratulations." Ling Mo Feng said with a smile.

"Thank you. Please come in. I’m a little busy today. I’m sorry for the poor reception."

"No, you’re welcome." Ling Mo Feng nodded with a smile, took his wife’s hand and walked into the dining room. LAN Yan hopes to have a lively atmosphere. She gently leans her head on her husband’s arm and sighs with envy like a child: "when can our son find a girlfriend, I also seem to have a wedding." Ling Mo Feng was amused by his wife’s words and said in a low voice: "your son’s personality, I’m afraid no woman will like him."

"How can you say that your son’s character is like you? As long as he has a thick skin, he can definitely find it. It’s just that it’s hard to find what he likes. He has a sharp eye." LAN Yanxi is helpless.

"Do you mean I chased you because of my thick skin?" The man dangerously asked in her ear. LAN Yanxi chuckled and said, "isn’t it?"

"But I remember, you seemed to take the initiative." Ling Mo Feng sneered at her.

"Where did I take the initiative? You don’t talk nonsense, but I am very Jin hold of LAN Yanxi’s beautiful face is not happy.

Ling Mo Feng pursed his lips and laughed. He pressed it gently in the palm of her hand: "well, I took the initiative first. Who let you like it at the first sight?"

"That’s about the same." Someone was immediately amused, and then saw Tang youyou’s little son, she immediately left her husband: "I went to tease youyou’s little grandson."

Ling mofeng let her go and walked towards Ji Xiaohan’s table. Over the years, their brotherhood is still strong. This is a rare thing, but it is also the most precious thing in life.

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