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Luo’s dinner is over, but luobeiyuan is not ready to go to bed so early. He wants to take Qiao an out to see the night scene.

Yang ChuChu knew the young people’s mind, only told them to pay attention to safety, luobeiyuan took two bodyguards to go out.

Watching her son’s car go away, Yang ChuChu sighs. Time goes by so fast that her son is going to get married. However, she feels that she has never grown up. She is still very young“ What’s the matter? " Behind him came the man’s deep laughter.

Yang ChuChu turns around and looks at his husband. Years have precipitated a more mature and stable charm on him. Although his handsome face has the scar of time, it makes people feel more secure.

Yang ChuChu turns to embrace Luo Jinyu and buries his head in his arms.

Luo Jin Yu Zheng for a while, very natural stretch out a hand, embrace her tightly.

"What’s the matter? What’s on your mind? " Her action, let Luo Jinyu care.

"No, just want a hug." When Yang ChuChu said these words, he was a little ashamed. After all, he was not a young man. It would be hypocritical to ask for such a hug.

Luo Jin Yu thin lips light pursed, chin against her forehead: "is not miss our love that time?"

"Don’t you miss it?" Yang ChuChu frowned and asked.

"Why not? I often think of you in my dream. You were very interesting at that time." Luo Jinyu laughs. Every time I think about it, it makes me feel happy.

Yang ChuChu hears the mockery in his words, and immediately wants to break away from his arms. How can Luo Jinyu let her turn away? With a tight hand, Yang ChuChu sticks back to his arms.

"Or let’s go out and have a romance." The man voice line low says.

Yang ChuChu’s eyes were pleased, but he said: "can we still be romantic?"

"Why not? Let’s go. " Luo Jinyu took her hand, and Yang ChuChu immediately called out: "I have to go upstairs to change my clothes. I’m wearing home clothes..."

"It doesn’t matter. I feel beautiful in whatever clothes I wear." Luo Jinyu has an indifferent expression.

Yang ChuChu followed him to the garage.

Luobeiyuan takes Qiao an to a very famous riverside corridor. Here, you can enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river. At night, the bright lights like stars hold up a never night sky.

Joan was leaning on the man, walking slowly in the crowd.

"The night in this city is so beautiful." Joanne exclaimed.

"If you get married and want to move back, we can see a house here." Luobeiyuan said softly.

"That’s not what I mean. As long as I marry you, I can live anywhere." Joan’s face was hot, and she felt as if she had asked him something he shouldn’t have asked.

Luobeiyuan gently pinched her palm: "you don’t ask me a little? If you don’t mention it again, you will lose money. "

Joanne blinked: "I asked, you will agree?"

"Well, as long as you mention it, I’ll try to promise you." Luobeiyuan nodded, dark eyes, a gentle doting.

"Then... Can we have children after three years of marriage?" Joan looked at him immediately, imploring.


"Why have children in three years?" Luobeiyuan is depressed.

Joan bowed her head and sighed: "don’t you mean a self disciplined woman won’t give birth to children? We have a good relationship now, but if you find that I have many shortcomings once I get married, and you don’t love me any more, I’ll have a child. Isn’t it very troublesome then? "

Luo North Yuan listened, forehead is full of black line, did this woman lose confidence to him again?

"Children can’t be born casually, but you hurt my heart when you say these words." Luobeiyuan stopped, holding her small face in both hands, looking at her with sad eyes.

Looking into his eyes, Qiao an felt a touch of heartache in her heart. She just said a few words casually and touched his wound. She quickly raised her smile: "I’m just chatting. Don’t take it seriously. If you really like children, we’ll have them now..."

Joanne found that when she loved this man, she had already broken the bottom line.


This woman’s face changes faster than reading a book.

Joan picked up her toes and gave him a kiss on his sexy chin: "then do we have to go forward or not? I think there are a lot of people in front of us. Otherwise, we can walk again."

Luobeiyuan directly put her in his arms, continue to go forward: "the child’s matter, let it be, it’s not urgent today."

"Oh." Joanne listened to his voice, as if she had been coaxed, and she began to laugh.

There was a performance in front of him. A half blood man and his friends were playing saxophone by the river. The beautiful voice made people watch. The half blood man’s appearance was also excellent, which attracted many girls to pick up their mobile phones and take pictures of him.

Qiao an’s beautiful eyes were also attracted. She quickly pulled Luo Beiyuan’s clothes: "look, handsome boy."

Luo North Yuan you Mou suddenly a MI, this woman unexpectedly calls him to see handsome boy together, have put him in the eye?

"No look." Men are jealous.

"Oh, take a look. There is a beautiful woman beside the handsome man. You can see it, and I can see it too. No one will lose money." Joan said mischievously.

Luobeiyuan immediately turned his head, then slowly said: "well, that woman’s figure is very good, her skin is whiter than you, here is bigger than you."

"Hello, luobeiyuan, where are you looking? Believe it or not, I raised your eyes." Joan Ann immediately like a turkey angry, hands in the waist, issued a strong warning to the man.

Luobeiyuan see her angry face red, a face of anger, he casual smile: "is not you let me see it? Why are you angry again? Your heart is not so small. "

Qiao an is angry of direct beat his chest: "your heart eye just small, you where all small."

Luobeiyuan a listen, this can not do, directly carrying her quickly left this area confused, the next second, he trapped her in the railing: "you just said I which small?"

Qiao an an sees his one face displeased facial expression, immediately stunned live.

Did she say anything just now?

"You are so unreasonable." Luobeiyuan can’t help her. Are women so fickle? My sister and mother sometimes do the same thing. When they say happy words, they turn their heads and get angry with him. Alas, women are really difficult problems.

"What’s wrong with me? I’m the most reasonable. " Joan puffed her mouth and refused to admit it. Luobeiyuan was angry smile, in her face pinch a: "good, you reason, go."

"Where to?" Joanne blinked.

"Have a baby." Luobeiyuan evil spirit raised his lips: "isn’t that what you just said?"

"I’m not going... At least, not now, for a walk." Joanne’s cheating again.

Luobeiyuan speechless, can only continue to accompany her to go forward.

Jiang rouyue drove back by herself. She specially dressed up and had all kinds of manners.

She stood at the door of Li Qingyan’s company with a charming smile on her lips. She was finally formally invited once.

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