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This unexpected surprise makes Cheng Qingqing very happy. The relationship between qiao’an and luobeiyuan has stabilized, and both parents are very satisfied. The next step is to get married. Cheng Qingqing is also very happy for her. In her long life, she can meet the right person, who also loves herself. This is the happiest thing.

The plane stopped at the international airport of neighboring countries, everything was arranged, and the special bus took them to the hotel. In the evening, they had dinner on the cruise ship. The next day, they were going to dive. It was the first time for Cheng Qingqing and Qiao An’an to play this exciting event. Fortunately, their men were very patient with them.

The night is like water, exotic and relaxing.

After taking a bath, Qiao an came out in a beige pajama. He saw that luobeiyuan was still working on the balcony, and the light of his laptop was shining. Qiao an lightened his steps and didn’t disturb him.

Her feelings with luobeiyuan are getting deeper and deeper day by day. She has been used to and dependent on him. She can’t imagine that she will not have him in the future.

Luobeiyuan closed the computer, got up, went to the bed and looked at the girl like a lotus. Her skin was as white as jade. It was exciting.

He reached over her tiny chin and gently lifted it, kissing her with a thin lip.

Joan’s heart was beating wildly, and she couldn’t help reaching for his neck.

"Wait for me, and come back after a shower." After a whole day’s journey, luobeiyuan doesn’t want to ruin this beautiful interest.

Qiao an an pursed her lips and laughed. Her white jade cheeks were flushed.

How do you feel like you are in a hurry?

Luobeiyuan takes a bath and comes out. Qiao Anan is wrapped in the quilt and brushes her mobile phone. She just brushes the video of a man dancing to show her abdominal muscles. The man grabs her mobile phone.

"There are ready-made ones." Men are jealous.

Joan laughed speechlessly: "I just look at it casually, and I’m not infatuated with him."

"Not at all." Luobeiyuan is really mean. He wants to dominate everything about this woman, but he knows that his behavior is too overbearing and unrealistic.

"Well, it’s up to you." When Joanne settled down, Wen Sheng coaxed him, and his little hand had already touched it.

Luobeiyuan directly hugged her, thin lips against her forehead, for a long time to let go: "Ann, let’s get engaged, the kind of ceremony."

"Why do you mention this?" Joan asked in surprise.

"You see, Li Qingyan is married. He just talked to me and said he was going to have a wedding. I envy him." Luobeiyuan was smoking outside the door just now. He talked with Li Qingyan for a while. Li Qingyan wanted to give Cheng Qingqing a grand wedding. Luobeiyuan also wanted to give his beloved a big ceremony.

Qiao an an Wu mouth stealthily laughs: "this has what good envy, we want to get married sooner or later."

"Sooner or later, how early?" The man rolled her a wisp of long hair, overbearing questioning.

Joan knew that he had started again. Whenever he was talking about a topic with no result, the man would hold her down and continue to talk with his body.

Of course, Joan likes this way of communication, so she deliberately said ambidextrously: "I don’t know, let it be."

Sure enough, this sentence seems to provoke a man which nerve, he directly pressed her tightly, thin lips dangerously lingered in her ear: "do you want to drag it down?"

"No, I’d like to marry you earlier. I want to be called Mrs. low." Joan replied with a smile.

"Is it?" The man was very satisfied. Then he bit her earlobe and asked in silence, "Mrs. Luo, what kind of service do you need tonight?"

Joan’s hands and feet softened and her heart softened.

"Whatever." Joan finds that he can’t talk with him any more. This man has this kind of bewitching charm, which makes people immerse.

The man thin lip evokes the proud smile, likes to see her eat GA the appearance, is also lovable and attractive.

In another room separated by a wall, Cheng Qingqing sits on the sofa and arranges her suitcase.

She is a very housekeeper girl. She tidies up her things every day.

On the sofa next to her, Li Qingyan looked at her quietly. The way she packed her things, she felt like a good wife and mother.

Or, she is.

Li Qingyan seems to have foreseen what kind of picture she will be when she becomes a mother.

"Sunny." The man called her softly.

"Well." The girl raised her eyes to him.

"I thought about it. I want to hold a wedding. Will it affect your acting career?" Li Qing Yan asked in a tone of consultation.

Cheng Qingqing’s eyes widened: "hold a wedding? Haven’t we already got the license? "

"That’s not the same. Weddings are as important as getting a license Li Qingyan said seriously.

Cheng Qingqing’s heart beat a little faster. She didn’t dare to expect a wedding.

But at the moment, the man mentioned it, how can she not be moved?

"If you’re willing to hold a wedding for me, I’m willing to stop for you. I’m not going to do the acting business. I’ll change my job. I know you can’t accept my falling in love with other men under the camera." Cheng Qingqing’s eyes are slightly hot and says in a low voice.

Li Qingyan listened, his eyes were deep and his smile flashed.

"Really?" Li Qingyan also thought about how to persuade her to give up this career. Unexpectedly, she gave up on her own initiative.

"Well, I’m in the entertainment industry to make money. Now it seems that I’m not short of money. There are many kinds of jobs. I choose a career that can make my family more stable." Cheng Qingqing looks at him and says sincerely.

"You don’t have to work. Of course, you won’t agree. OK, I’ve decided to have a wedding and let others know that we are husband and wife." Li Qingyan is very happy and seems to be recognized. Cheng Qingqing’s fingers trembled slightly. She was very excited and her eyes were hot.

This wedding for her, is so important, like her self-esteem was lifted with both hands, is no longer falling to the ground.

That night, Cheng Qingqing was in the man’s arms and was held tightly by his arms.

Happiness is speechless, but he can feel it. Cheng Qingqing has a beautiful dream. She dreams that she puts on her white wedding dress, walks through the crowd and comes to Li Qingyan. He holds her hand and puts on a ring for her.

Wake up, the day outside the window, also bright, Cheng Qingqing opened her eyes, saw the man’s gentle eyes.

She was so shy that she wanted to get up, but the man pulled her back.

"It’s still early. Get some sleep."

"Enough sleep." Cheng Qingqing blushed, but she got up from the man’s arms.

Joan sent her a text message asking if she got up and wanted to go to the seaside with her.

Cheng Qingqing readily agrees that two beautiful girls, wearing comfortable clothes, walk on the beach, take off their shoes, let the sea water gently wash their feet, soft and delicate sand, but also touch massage, make people feel good.

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