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Li Qingyan leaves with Cheng Qingqing. Zhang Chengwen is furious and points to his wife Zhou Mei and scolds him: "look at what you’ve done. Do you know how much Li Qingyan can help us? You’ve offended me. "

"Dad, blame me if you want. I offended him. Don’t scold mom." Zhang Yu realized how stupid she had done. She stood up for her mother.

Zhou Mei is already half dead. She is accused by her husband. She is aggrieved and unwilling: "I am also thinking about my daughter’s happiness. Is it wrong to persuade her to take Li Qingyan back? She is the wife that Li Qingyan wants to marry. "

"Do you think all the good things in the world are our turn? At that time, I asked Xiaoyu to marry, but you didn’t agree. Qingqing was forced to marry by us. Now when you see her life is better, you will be envious. Zhou Mei, can you use your head to worry about our daughter’s failure to find a good wife if we are developed? " Zhang’s wife is short-sighted and hopeless.

Zhou Mei blushed and couldn’t answer.

"Dad, don’t blame mom. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t like Li Qingyan." Zhang Yu is sad to cry, from small to big, what she wants, can get, but now she just understand, some things, she can’t avoid strong.

"Well, you don’t want to trouble Qingqing any more. Don’t offend Li Qingyan any more. I want to live a few more years." With that, Zhang Wenwen turned and left.

Nuo big box, only mother and daughter three.

"Mom, we’re just going to let that bitch go?" Zhang Xue is not reconciled, the expression is not happy to ask.

Zhou Mei sat down on the chair, looking haggard. She could do nothing now“ You’ve heard Li Qingyan’s warning. He doesn’t seem to be joking. "

The sadness on Zhang Yu’s face is more intense. She lies on the table and cries.

"But my sister’s happiness is gone. It’s not worth it for her." Zhang Xue looked at her sister, who was shaking her shoulders and crying. She was very distressed for her.

"Your sister is so excellent that she can always meet a better man. Li Qingyan, don’t worry." Zhou Mei now said angry words, can only comfort her daughter.

When Zhang Yu heard this, he dragged the bag and ran out.

Zhang Xue catches up with her for fear that her sister will be upset.

At this moment, the waiter brought a table of delicious food, Zhou Mei looked at this table, no appetite, she tried to be brave for half a life, thought of everything, but found that too many things are not as good as her wish.

Forget it, she doesn’t want to break up the family. If her husband turns to Cheng Qingqing’s mother and daughter, she will be really angry.

After Cheng Qingqing left the restaurant with Li Qingyan, she went to a restaurant with a quieter environment.

Sit down by the window. The charming night outside the window makes people feel relaxed.

"Thank you." Cheng Qingqing finally had a chance to say this to him. She didn’t dare to speak all the way just now.

Li Qingyan looked at her tenderly.

"Thank me for what?" Men deliberately pick eyebrows and pretend to be stupid.

"Thank you for raising my head in Zhangjia." Cheng Qingqing said seriously.

"You are never inferior to anyone, and you are unique in the world." Li Qingyan is so distressed that he wants to make those people feel despairing when he thinks that she has lived in the eyes of others since she was young.

"I know, I always tell myself that, but a lot of times, the reality will still give me a slap, let me know my identity." Cheng Qingqing smiles bitterly.

"You can’t choose where you come from. It’s really unfair to you." Li Qingyan frowned and held her cool fingers: "not in the future."

Cheng Qingqing’s eyes filled with tears. She was so happy, but she wanted to cry.

"What would you like to eat? Do it yourself. " Li Qingyan found the tears in her eyes, quickly changed the topic, no longer lift her heart sad past.

Cheng Qingqing reaches for the menu and blocks it on her face. If she cries now, it’s really embarrassing. The thin lips of the man bring up a smile, see through her vulnerability, but want to protect her vulnerability.

The waiter came and ordered the dishes. Cheng Qingqing also put back the tears in her eyes.

After dinner, the two people’s feelings warmed up again, more sweet.

In the car, Cheng Qingqing found that the man’s eyes were different. As soon as her heart warmed, her mind could not help but have some indescribable pictures.

Li Qingyan’s fingers caressed her neck. His soft skin made him love her.

Back home, if not for the housekeeper uncle downstairs to meet, Li Qingyan directly took Cheng Qingqing upstairs.

Just stepped into the bedroom, Cheng Qingqing was the man against the wall, thin lips crazy toward her kiss.

Cheng Qingqing can feel men’s intense love, her heart is also surrounded by happiness. The next morning, Cheng Qingqing stretched a stretch, but, halfway, she was ashamed to hide in the quilt.

On weekdays, Li Qingyan has gone to the company now, but today is different. He is sitting by the bed reading with a chair.

Cheng Qingqing is very embarrassed.

"Get up?" The gentle and charming voice of men.

"Well, why didn’t you go to work?" Cheng Qingqing asked him with a red face.

"I want to give myself a few days off. In the morning, I made an appointment with luobeiyuan. You and your friends can go out to play together." Li Qingyan thin lips with a smile, told her a surprise.

"Really?" Cheng Qingqing’s beautiful eyes are bright. She hasn’t seen an an for some time. How happy it is to be able to go out with her.

"Of course it’s true. You’re almost up. We’ll fly at ten." Li Qingyan raised his watch and looked at the time. He was about to go to the airport.

"In such a hurry?" Cheng Qingqing immediately turned out of bed and quickly walked to the bathroom.

Li Qingyan could not help shaking her head as she looked worried.

Looking like a hairy and dry child, but his heart is good. Li Qingyan decides to take good care of her all his life and likes to see her innocent smile.

At the airport, Cheng Qingqing followed Li Qingyan out of the car. From a distance, she saw a pair of amazing lovers standing at the gate of the airport. The girl was carrying a bear backpack, her long black hair braided into braids, and she fell on her chest. She had a fresh temperament, lovely and charming. It was Qiao an who was shining all over her body. People who came and went couldn’t stop to see her, Of course, the men around her are more attractive. Their handsome facial features and tall and straight bodies attract people’s attention“ It’s sunny. " Qiao an an turns around and sees Cheng Qingqing shyly following Li Qingyan. She happily walks towards this side.

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