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Zhang Chengwen’s warmth and politeness doesn’t make Cheng Qingqing happy. His sincerity is just for Li Qingyan.

Zhou Mei is depressed. When she receives a phone call from her boss about this, she thinks that Li Qingyan is the only one to come. She immediately asks her eldest daughter Zhang Yu to dress up.

Zhou Mei glared at Cheng Qingqing. This bright face made her angry.

Cheng Qingqing belongs to the kind of pure without make-up. Once she puts on make-up, she will produce charming temperament, pure and lustful, which may be used to describe her. At this moment, Cheng Qingqing is still wearing make-up, which is no longer a little fresh style. The opposite side flows into a woman’s charming state.

Li Qingyan leads Cheng Qingqing into the box.

The two sisters in the box are still whispering about some women’s topics. When they suddenly see Li Qingyan and Cheng Qingqing, their faces suddenly change.

By Zhang Yu, the disappointment on her face is particularly obvious, followed by jealousy, almost unable to hide.

Zhang Xue looks at the expression of her sister’s extreme loss and stares at Cheng Qingqing with resentment.

As soon as this woman appears, Zhang Jia is restless. I really want her to disappear forever.

Cheng Qingqing’s mood is the same as theirs, and she is also extremely reluctant to meet each other.

But now that she’s here, she’s sitting in her seat.

Li Qingyan swept to Zhang Yu’s eyes with cold, Zhang Yu instantly feel like falling into the ice cellar, an unprecedented fear, crawling all over his heart.

Li Qingyan looked at her eyes without any temperature. Did he really have no hope?

Cheng Qingqing, the enchantress, what means did she use to tie his heart firmly?

Cheng Qingqing finds that what Zhang Yu is wearing today is a very beautiful dress. If you look at it carefully, it turns out to be the one she met on the stage last time. Zhang Yu cut it to pieces in front of her face. Now, she is wearing another one.

"Come on, Mr. Li, Qingqing, have tea." Zhang Chengwen doesn’t have any other thoughts. He just wants how to please Li Qingyan and get more resources from him.

Cheng Qingqing is also a daughter to Zhang Chengwen. It makes no difference to him who marries Li Qingyan.

Li Qingyan brings tea, but he doesn’t drink it. Instead, he puts it in front of Cheng Qingqing.

Cheng Qingqing gently took the cup and drank it. 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

This silent love, more tacit understanding full, let the people present more silly eyes.

"Mr. Li, it’s a great honor. I didn’t expect that you would take the initiative to invite our family to dinner. I’m really happy. Although I didn’t grow up with Qingqing, she is my daughter, and we can be regarded as a family..." Zhang Chengwen expressed his expectations with emotion.

Zhou Mei and his two daughters rolled their eyes when they heard about the family.

Who wants to be with Cheng Qingqing’s family? They just want to be a family with Li Qingyan.

Li Qingyan timely grasp of the meaning of Zhang Chengwen’s words, his thin lips evoke a sneer: "a family? Are you sure you treat us as a family? "

Zhang Chengwen’s expression was stunned for a moment. He was a little confused and laughed dryly: "of course, I think so. Qingqing, you also think so. Dad used to be sorry for you, and will treat you well in the future."

"Just me? Where’s my mother? " Cheng Qingqing gives him another bite.

Zhang Chengwen looked at his wife and two daughters. Their faces were very ugly.

If he dares to declare his position, he will not be able to eat it immediately.

Zhou Mei’s expression seems to eat people. She stares at Cheng Qingqing angrily. This dead girl is picking things up again, isn’t she?

Her mother’s cheap hoof, what else do you want? She’s not dead. She’s good.

"Don’t talk about these things today. Let’s have a happy dinner. Come on, Mr. Li. I asked someone to open a bottle of red wine for you to drink." Zhang Chengwen, after all, is an old-fashioned man, and he immediately digs off the topic.

Li Qingyan directly put his finger in the mouth of the cup, this face, he did not want to give.

"I’m not here for dinner today. I just want to remind your eldest daughter not to play tricks on me." Li Qingyan talks, cold eye color, has been staring at Zhang Yu.

Zhang Yu’s face turned white for a moment, and her heart and hair were flustered. She clearly liked Li Qingyan so much. At this moment, when she was staring at him, she only felt trembling, and even didn’t dare to look at him for a second.

"Mr. Li, how do you say that? Did Xiaoyu offend you? " Zhang Chengwen was shocked and wanted to know the reason.

Li Qingyan hummed coldly: "you let her say it by herself."

Zhang Chengwen looked at his eldest daughter seriously: "Xiaoyu, what’s the matter?"

When Zhou Mei saw her husband pressing her daughter, she said angrily, "what’s the matter with you? She’s your daughter. Why do you use this tone to question her? I don’t care. Hum, I don’t think you want to live with us at all. Go to your wild woman and wild seed. "

As soon as Cheng Qingqing hears about the wild seed, her whole body is stiff. Li Qingyan’s cold eyes cut Zhou Mei’s body like a knife. Zhou Mei’s breath stops and she doesn’t dare to talk about it any more.

Zhang Yu bowed his head and began to be afraid. Did Li Qingyan know that?

She had expected that as long as Li Qingyan would investigate, she would certainly find out. What she gambled on was that Li Qingyan would not go to investigate.

Does he really love Cheng Qingqing that much? Cheng Qingqing makes a fuss, he went to check, and now he comes to her door and asks her to explain and apologize.

Zhang Yu tests the love between Li Qingyan and Cheng Qingqing with her own embarrassment, but she has no way back.

"Xiaoyu, let’s go." Zhou Mei doesn’t want to humiliate her daughter, she said directly.

"Yes, sister, we won’t eat this meal. Let’s go." Zhang Xue also drags Zhang Yu.

Zhang Yu’s body softens and stands up. Unfortunately, Li Qingyan won’t let her go like this.

"You can’t solve the problem by leaving. You’d better make it clear before you leave." Cold male voice, with prestige, people dare not ignore.

Zhang Yu fell back to her position again. It seems that she doesn’t speak clearly. Even if she leaves, Li Qingyan won’t let her go.

"Cheng Qingqing, it’s all you. Why do you always come to our house?" Zhang Yu is so angry that he sends his resentment to Cheng Qingqing. He feels that she is making a demon.

Cheng Qingqing curled her lips and sneered: "did I make it? It’s Zhang Yu who doesn’t love himself. "

"I don’t, I don’t love myself." Zhang Yu suddenly denied, tears of disappointment filled her face, she no longer proud and confident, only full of sadness: "I just like him, like also wrong?"

Zhang Chengwen looks shocked, but he has never thought that his eldest daughter is competing for Li Qingyan“ Xiaoyu, what do you mean by that? Isn’t Li always with Qingqing

"You asshole, only care about your broken company, never ask your daughter what she wants." Zhou Mei scolded her husband angrily, and her face lost its luster.

Li Qingyan doesn’t want to see their family farce. He just wants to leave quickly. Don’t be hungry for his little wife.

"Zhang Yu, as long as you explain the matter clearly, I will not pursue this matter, but there will be no next time." Li Qingyan spoke coldly.

Zhang Yu bit his lip, looked at Li Qingyan sadly, and then glared at Cheng Qingqing with hatred: "yes, I did it. I used his mobile phone to make a video for you. I took off my clothes in front of the camera on purpose. Are you satisfied? But I won’t apologize. I don’t think it’s wrong. I just want to get back what belongs to me. "

"Belong to you? Huh? I don’t know what to do When Li Qingyan heard this, Jun’s face suddenly became angry: "I only belong to Cheng Qingqing now. Don’t bother any more. If you dare to pick and pull out the dissension again, don’t blame me for being ruthless."

Cheng Qingqing listen to the man’s words, he every word so powerful into her heart, he belongs to her?

Happiness to such a sudden, so straightforward, it is comparable to love.

"Let’s go." She subconsciously stretched out her hand to hold the man’s finger. The next second, the man clenched her and got up.

"Don’t trouble Qingqing again. Otherwise, I will not let her go. She is my wife. If anyone dares to hurt her, I will not let her go." Li Qingyan’s cold eyes are full of murderous spirit. This is not a reminder, but a warning.

Zhang Yu and his family are all trembling. Li Qingyan protects Cheng Qingqing and warns them in this tone that they dare not offend Cheng Qingqing any more in their life.

Zhou Mei is trembling with anger. Did she lose? Lost to a shameless third party and her daughter?

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