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Li Qingyan looks at Cheng Qingqing who is angry and wants to tease her more. So he reaches for her finger. As soon as she touches her finger, Cheng Qingqing instinctively retracts her hand. Her mind is still full of pictures of him and other women together.

Li Qingyan sighs. It seems that after the woman is jealous, her temper is getting worse.

"I’ll give you a satisfactory answer tonight. Would you mind me?" Li Qingyan put down his pride and said this kind of humble words to a woman for the first time.

Cheng Qingqing’s beautiful eyes looked at him: "really?"

Li Qingyan nodded: "of course, I won’t lie to you."

"Then tell me, who was the woman you were with that day?" Cheng Qingqing has been troubled for a long time. This kind of jealousy and jealousy is really hard.

"It’s Zhang Yu." Li Qingyan didn’t hide it from her.

"How could it be her?" Cheng Qingqing looks unbelievable. Has she gone abroad?

Li Qingyan’s handsome face flashed cold and sneered: "it’s her. I’ve seen the surveillance. She came to my rest room that day."

Cheng Qingqing couldn’t tell her what it was like. In the afternoon, Zhang Yu came to pick on her. Unexpectedly, she even did this kind of thing.

"So you’re... Together?" Cheng Qingqing found that her voice became a little hoarse. The feeling of anxiety and anxiety made her powerless.

"Of course not." Knowing what she was thinking, Li Qingyan stretched out her long arm and put her whole body in her arms to comfort her. She put her thin lips to her ears and explained in a low voice: "I swear to you that I have never betrayed you."

Cheng Qingqing’s heart is very chaotic. She should believe Li Qingyan.

"Zhang Yu really likes you very much. He will take you back by all means. Li Qingyan, shall I give you back to her?" Cheng Qingqing laughs bitterly and says something with no ambition.

Li Qingyan a listen, handsome face suddenly flash dissatisfaction, embrace her strength also increased.

"Cheng Qingqing, your irresponsible words really hurt my heart." Li Qingyan is very angry. Is he something? Also let to let, his heart is lost in her body, she never want to leave him, and will never let anyone take her away.

Cheng Qingqing’s sad look, because of his words, dissipated most.

"You broke my heart, too. We’re even." Indeed, it’s irresponsible to say that. As a wife, she should unite with her husband instead of thinking about breaking up with him.

"You’re very good at revenge. Have you ever done anything wrong to me?" Li Qingyan pretends to be angry and sucks her thin lip heavily at the corner of her mouth.

Cheng Qingqing is flustered by his breath. Subconsciously, she wants to hide, but where can she hide? Men will not give her the opportunity to avoid, take the opportunity to kiss her lips.

Familiar with the atmosphere, domineering occupy Cheng Qingqing all the mind, she has been unable to think of other.

"Well..." Cheng Qingqing made a weak voice.

When the man saw that she didn’t refuse at last, he let her go. He looked at her blushing face, with a touch of spring flowing in his face. If there wasn’t one more thing to deal with tonight, he would take her home now. He didn’t want to endure this kind of pain.

Cheng Qingqing’s beautiful eyes stare at him. The driver’s elder brother is still here. How can Li Qingyan do such a thing?

How can she meet people in the future?

Li Qingyan seems to know what she is shy about. She closes the baffle in the car to isolate a private space.

"Qin he came to see me. He seems crazy and wants to get back together with me." Cheng Qingqing tells the truth and doesn’t want to hide it from him, causing misunderstanding.

"This asshole." Li Qingyan suddenly clenches his fist and wants to kick the plaster away from Cheng Qingqing. Even his women dare to think that there is a limit to his patience.

Cheng Qingqing also feels that Qin he’s behavior is too extreme, and has some disgust.

"Do you think he will come to you only when he really loves you?" Li Qingyan wants to know her mind.

It is said that the first love is the sweetest, she can’t be moved, and he is afraid that she will not be strong.

Cheng Qingqing immediately shook her head and denied: "he may just be unwilling. He felt that he dumped me and waved, so I could come back to him."

"This is a man’s selfish possessiveness, he has, I also have, you are married to me now, is my woman, you can’t have two hearts." Li Qingyan clenched his teeth to remind.

Cheng Qingqing is amused by his words. Why is he so nervous? Is he afraid that she will turn back?

"Don’t worry, I don’t like anyone else except you." Cheng Qingqing comforts him with a smile.

"I’m so old, do you really love me all the time?" Li Qingyan discovered for the first time that she had lost her self-confidence. If only she had arrived at Cheng Qingqing a few years earlier, she should have been a minor at that time.

"Poof." Cheng Qingqing burst out laughing directly. What’s the matter with the man’s face?

So she took advantage of her youth.

"That’s funny?" Li Qingyan pinched her soft face like a punishment, and her handsome face turned red. Cheng Qingqing had no choice but to stop smiling. She said seriously: "as you say, there are more beautiful girls younger than me. Don’t I have to worry about you going to find them?"

Li Qingyan was comforted by her words. Yes, what’s age? True love is the most precious thing.

Two people chatting these sweet words, the car has been parked at the door of the restaurant.

"Who are you going to have dinner with? Is that your friend? " Cheng Qingqing didn’t ask until she opened the door.

"It’s from Zhangjia." Li Qingyan gently held her hand: "let’s go, it’s time to make it clear, so as not to cause us trouble again."

Cheng Qingqing looks at the man with disbelief. His face is firm and charming. Under the light, it directly falls into her heart and makes her heart beat.

"What are you going to tell them?" Cheng Qingqing found her voice trembling slightly.

He took her with him and faced the group of people she was most afraid of. It felt like a thousand troops were coming. He was in charge of the gate to clear all the obstacles and fears for her.

"Of course, not everyone can choose our marriage." Li Qingyan is also very angry. Zhang Yu is so self-respect that he must not be at ease with the man who will marry her in the future.

"Good." Cheng Qingqing lowered her head, and her voice became very gentle.

Two people take the elevator to the corridor on the third floor. Zhang Chengwen and Zhou Mei are waiting at the door. They can’t wait to see Li Qingyan.

Li Qingyan appears, but he doesn’t come alone. Cheng Qingqing is still with him, which makes Zhou Mei’s smile solidify instantly.

Why did the dead girl come together?

Zhang Chengwen is still very happy, flattering like to come forward to say hello: "Mr. Li, you come, go in and sit down, I ordered a good dish, I don’t know whether you taste, Qingqing, you also come."

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