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"What are you doing here?" Li Qingyan looks at Jiang rouyue, who stumbles out of the shadow beside her, and her expression cools down in an instant.

"Qingyan, I’m so happy. It’s like going back to our time in school. Do you have the same feeling?" Jiang rouyue walks towards him, and asks drunkenly.

But Li Qingyan avoided her face and ignored her: "I’ve long forgotten the past, and so have you."

"No, I don’t want to forget that it was my happiest time." Jiang Rou Yueshen is flustered and anxious to come and grab Li Qingyan’s arm, but he is delayed by Li Qing and shakes away.

"Lang’s heart is as iron as iron. It’s only been so many years. You are so cruel." Jiang rouyue looks resentful and sad.

"Please don’t forget who you are." Li Qingyan was really angry, and he had already put up with it to the extreme.

"I’m wrong. I regret it. Qingyan, I want to divorce your elder brother. Let’s reopen..."

"You’re disgusting, even shameless." Li Qingyan can’t help scolding her.

Jiang rouyue’s whole body seems to be frozen. For so many years, Li Qingyan has never said such a heavy word. He’s just hiding, escaping and being indifferent. But at the moment, he scolds her, so embarrassed“ Jiang rouyue, I warn you that I have endured you for so many years, not because I can’t forget your old love, but because my elder brother is in my heart and is more important than you. If you dare to break his heart, I won’t let you go. " Li Qingyan stares at Jiang rouyue coldly and says it word by word. Jiang rouyue’s heart, broken, cold, pain to no avail, tears are forgotten to fall down.

"Li Qingyan, you are the bastard. Why didn’t you marry me at the beginning?" Jiang rouyue roared, full of resentment, let her face ferocious.

"I’m glad I didn’t marry you, and I never regret it." Li Qingyan hit her to the valley. Jiang rouyue almost fainted. This time, she and Li Qingyan are really impossible.

"Good, very good, Li Qingyan. Don’t regret what you said to me today." Jiang rouyue turned and left, her face embarrassed and ugly.

Li Qingyan pushes the door into the room, and his heart is on fire. He reaches out and pats a vase next to him. The vase is broken to pieces, and his assistant comes to clean it up.

Li Qingyan fell and sat on the sofa. Today’s mood is really not wonderful.

"Book the earliest flight. I’m going back." Li Qingyan said to his assistant.

"Yes, Mr. Li." The assistant was afraid to breathe and answered in a low voice.

In China, Cheng Qingqing finished today’s production, and the director praised her, saying that she had a good look at her tears today, that she could cry when she cried, and that her sad mood played very well.

Cheng Qingqing says that she is not acting. She is really sad.

On the way home, Cheng Qingqing said nothing and was as quiet as a log.

Back to Li’s house and locked the door, her sadness and grievance, like a flood, drowned her in an instant.

Tears can not stop falling down, she raised her hand to wipe, want to find some words to comfort themselves, but found that there is no words, can comfort the collapse of the heart at the moment.

Li Qingyan has other women. This is something she didn’t dare to think about before.

She could feel that this woman’s sinister intentions were deliberately discovered by her.

Tears like breakwater, until the eyes sour, no longer cry out, forced himself to accept this fact.

Yes, she is still too naive, too believe what Li Qingyan said, immersed in his tenderness, forget how cruel the world is, how dark human nature.

Today, the days when she and her mother lived together should have known the reality, shouldn’t they?

But because of a sudden love, deceived himself, feel the world is still warm.

The heart seems to fall into the abyss, reality pushes her back to the cold world.

Cheng Qingqing dried her tears and looked at herself with red and swollen eyes in the mirror. Suddenly she felt ridiculous.

Love is a luxury. How can she deserve it?

Instead of talking about feelings, it’s better to plan for the rest of your life.

Money is the most reliable thing.

Over and over again with a cold voice, rebuild the collapse of the heart, but the nightmares from the ferocious night, or can’t let her go.

Through a layer of hazy gauze, she saw that Li Qingyan was holding another woman in her arms. His voice was so familiar, but she was no longer the only audience.

She wants to rush over and question Li Qingyan, but she finds that her feet are frozen in the same place. She can’t move. She can’t even make a sound.

Finally, the gauze was torn by a man, revealing Li Qingyan’s good-looking and cold face. The evil smile around her mouth seemed to laugh at her innocence.

"Ah..." Cheng Qingqing wakes up in fright. She touches her cheek and gets wet.

The dream is so clear. Cheng Qingqing is drenched with cold sweat. She gets up and stares blankly out of the window.

Suddenly, she seemed to hear the sound of the car, the familiar sound.

Cheng Qingqing opens the quilt and runs barefoot to the window. Next to the flower bed downstairs, a black car stops there. The door opens and Li Qingyan bends down from the car.

Cheng Qingqing’s brain is empty.

He’s back?

If before, she would have been like a happy bird to meet him.

But now, Cheng Qingqing only feels that he is very strange, and even doesn’t want to see him.

Cheng Qingqing’s breathing becomes urgent. She looks around in a panic. Suddenly, she hears footsteps coming from outside the door.

Cheng Qingqing has no escape. In the end, she can only shrink into the quilt like a coward.

At the moment when the man reached for the door, she closed her eyes and pretended to be still asleep. Li Qingyan pushes the door and comes in. Seeing the sleeping woman on the bed, he lightens his movements.

Not tight curtains, through the morning sun, the whole room is warm and beautiful.

Just like a woman lying on the bed, her long black hair is spread out, setting off her pink and delicate face. It seems to break into the oil painting, and the man’s expression is stunned for a moment.

He is so heavy of coagulate the woman on the bed, anxiously rush back, just in order to see her early.

Cheng Qingqing closed her breath and did not dare to move. She did not dare to let him see that she was pretending to be sleeping.

Suddenly, she felt a touch of warmth coming from her forehead. It was the man who was kissing her.

If it was before, she would open her eyes excitedly, put her hand around his neck and respond to his kiss.

But at the moment, thinking of his lips, touching other women, his body also has contact with others, Cheng Qingqing instinctively wants to resist.

Li Qingyan didn’t find the woman’s body trembling gently. After he finished kissing, he got up and left.

I think she must have been tired when she was filming yesterday, otherwise, she would not have slept so deeply.

When hearing the sound of closing the door, Cheng Qingqing finally stopped pretending. She opened her eyes and looked at the door.

Li Qingyan has done something sorry for her. Why can she be so calm?

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