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A flash of light flashed in Zhang Yu’s eyes. Isn’t this the best chance God has given her?

Her nervous fingers are shaking, but she boldly pushes open the door. Li Qingyan seems to be asleep, which makes Zhang Yu more unrestrained.

The door opened, Zhang Yu walked in, and then, she gently tightened the curtain, because there was only a small light on, there was no light outside, and the light inside was much dimmer.

Zhang Yu takes a breath. For a moment, she doesn’t know how to do it. But her eyes are greedy and obsessed with the man’s cold and deep facial features.

Li Qingyan is really good-looking. Although he is over thirty years old, the precipitation of years does not make him old-fashioned. On the contrary, there is a sharp edge after sharpening. It seems low-key, but it is more charming.

Zhang Yu walks up to him with dementia and squats down. The masculine smell of his body is mixed with the aroma of wine. Zhang Yu’s eyes are even more intoxicated. She reaches out her hand to touch the man’s skin. At this time, next to the mobile phone, suddenly came the sound of vibration, scared her a big jump.

She wants to hide, but it’s too late. She can only quickly lower her body to the sofa. She’s afraid that Li Qingyan will be awakened by the vibration. Obviously, he doesn’t seem to wake up.

Zhang Yu boldly gets up and sees the caller ID on the desktop. It’s Cheng Qingqing. He’s making a video call.

Zhang Yu suddenly had a vicious idea. First, she turned her mobile phone down to silence. Then, she connected it and put it in a place where she could take pictures. Then, she turned her back to her mobile phone and slowly untied her dress, revealing her clear figure and back.

Cheng Qingqing is looking forward to meeting Li Qingyan. When the camera lights up, what does she see?

A woman’s back, she is taking off her clothes, can’t see her appearance, but this action alone, is enough to let Cheng Qingqing thunderbolt, brain blank.

She shouts Li Qingyan’s name, but the other party doesn’t seem to hear it. Instead, she reaches out her hand and pulls her long hair to one side. She turns her body slightly. This time, Cheng Qingqing can see more clearly. The woman is about to get rid of her bondage.

"No, don’t... what’s the matter, Li Qingyan? You talk." Cheng Qingqing’s eyes are wide open, her heart beats faster, and her voice is full of fear and uneasiness.

Zhang Yu didn’t show up, but her process is enough to make Cheng Qingqing’s mood fall to the valley. She must be very desperate. Looking at her husband’s mobile phone, there is another woman, and she is still the one without clothes.

Zhang Yu’s sense of revenge rises in her heart, which makes her mouth unable to resist.

All of a sudden, she has another idea. She thinks it’s not the right time to do something good with Li Qingyan. After all, this is a famous school, and there is an eye-catching assistant outside. In case she is caught in the middle of it, she doesn’t look good.

Anyway, what she wants to alienate is the relationship between Li Qingyan and Cheng Qingqing. The video just now is enough.

So, Zhang Yu turns around and deliberately lets herself turn off the video naked. Anyway, she doesn’t get a picture of her face. She’s not afraid of shame. After turning off the video, she quickly puts on her clothes and leaves quietly.

As soon as she came out, she saw her assistant coming quickly from a distance.

She was scared out of a cold sweat, quickly took the bag in her hand, blocked her face, and quickly left in another direction.

Cheng Qingqing stares at the cell phone screen that has been blacked out, and the whole person is like being thrown into the icehouse. The chill comes from head to foot.

Li Qingyan is abroad. He is with a woman, and he has to make a video call to her, so that she can see this passionate moment with her own eyes.

"Why... Why do you do this to me?" Cheng Qingqing can’t figure it out. She shakes her head and her tears fall down.

The shock just now eased, and she found that her heart was like being cut and twisted by someone with a knife. She couldn’t bear the pain. Holding her cell phone tightly, she ran to the corner of no one in a hurry. Her body was leaning against the wall, but it was still paralyzed as if she had no bones. She slipped and sat on the floor. Is it a fake for him to go abroad to attend the school anniversary? Is it true for him to date a woman?

Is Li Qingyan such a person?

Does she really know him?

Cheng Qingqing stares at the distance, and suddenly feels that she is the most ridiculous person. She thinks she is the right one to send her heart out. She also thinks she is the woman in his life. Then she keeps her heart and lives every moment happily.

It turns out that all this is just a false image of my imagination, not necessarily true.

He wants to cheat himself. Why don’t he cheat thoroughly and let her be a fool?

Tears have already wet the cheek, and even the collar are wet, this is the costume, looking at the chest was wet tears, Cheng Qingqing mercilessly rubbed his eyes.

Can’t cry, also don’t cry, she has seen the ugliness of the world, but she has not learned to be smart, also naive believe that this world is not the same people.

"Qingqing, I’ve finally found you. Hurry up and the next play will start." The staff gasped for breath and said to her.

"I’ll... I’ll be right here." Cheng Qingqing’s mood, more confused, she disguised expression, forced smile.

The staff still saw that something was wrong with her and asked, "are you ok? Are you crying? Your eyes are red."

"Maybe I was too involved in the film just now, which made me feel bad now." Cheng Qingqing casually looking for an excuse, fortunately just shot is also a bitter drama.

"Oh, it’s OK. It’s just for filming. It’s not true. You want to be more open."

Cheng Qingqing lowered her head and muttered to herself, "it’s true. I can’t think of it."

The staff didn’t listen to her carefully. Cheng Qingqing wiped away her tears and followed the staff back to the scene.

Maybe the hurt comes too suddenly. Cheng Qingqing can’t bear it for a moment. The extreme pain can disappear in an instant. Cheng Qingqing is still in the shooting with a ray of emotion.

Just, she did not know, her mobile phone, and continuous ring several times.

After sleeping for half an hour, Li Qingyan wakes up and dials her phone again, but no one answers.

Headache relief, the body because of drinking a few glasses of ice water to ease.

"What is she doing?" Li Qingyan pressed his head and couldn’t help guessing.

When he returned to the banquet hall, part of the people in the banquet hall broke up. Li Qingyan was invited by several teachers and friends to have tea and chat in the teahouse. After a chat, he went back to the hotel late at night.

Jiang rouyue has drunk a little too much today. She has already heard about Li Qingyan’s residence. She has been waiting for him until late at night.

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