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"Whatever you say, if you think so, it is that I didn’t expect that such a rich man would respect me, cherish me, be considerate and considerate." Cheng Qingqing sneered at his eyes: "but what about some people? They are self righteous and don’t know how to respect women at all. They only selfishly stare at the weakness of human nature, attack and ridicule. "

Qin he was stunned. Cheng Qingqing’s words, like a whip, lashed him and magnified his meanness.

"Go away." Cheng Qingqing looked at him and put her hand in front of her. She said in a cold voice.

Qin he’s brain at the moment is out of control because of his anger. When Cheng Qingqing’s big bright eyes stare at him, he has a more reluctant impulse.

Since there’s no way to get back together, he doesn’t have to worry about anything.

He pushes Cheng Qingqing hard. Cheng Qingqing’s back brain bumps into the wall behind her. The next second, Qin he holds her face and kisses her.

"Asshole." Cheng Qingqing is not a weak sheep. She has been bullied by others. She must resist.

Just when Qin he was about to kiss her, she gave her a hard knee. Qin he’s whole body jumped up and glared.

Cheng Qingqing quickly backed away, turned and ran away.

Ran downstairs, sat in the car, see the familiar staff, her heart, this just gradually calm.

Qin he is crazy. What kind of obsession makes him do such things one after another?

Cheng Qingqing doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know.

All her life, she had to avoid him and not put herself in danger.

The arrangement of the evening ended in failure. Qin he went home and received a call from Cui ling’er.

Cui ling’er, who learned the result, couldn’t help but scold a waste.

It was the same night. Compared with Cheng Qingqing’s miserable situation, Li Qingyan was in a good mood. It may be that Li Qingyan drank a lot of wine when his friends got together.

Zhang Yu stares at Li Qingyan’s every move all the time, beating his heart in the dark.

All her friends are also looking for opportunities to let her and Li Qingyan touch sparks.

Finally, Zhang Yu finally had a chance. One of her friends put something special in the wine and arranged for a waiter to deliver the wine to Li Qingyan.

Zhang Yu’s mood, nervous and nervous, she is looking forward to what happens, but afraid.

But the matter has come to this point, she can not retreat, and then retreat, there is really no chance.

Li Qingyan didn’t expect anyone to tamper with his red wine, so when the waiter came to him with a wine tray, he naturally asked for a glass of red wine.

Zhang Yu’s heart is about to reach her throat. She opens her eyes wide and stares at Li Qingyan’s every move in the dark without blinking until she sees him clinking a glass with others and drinking the red wine with a smile“ Let fate take care of me this time. I will do more good deeds in the future and appreciate the gift of fate. " Zhang Yu’s mood becomes more complicated. She has a sense of guilt and a touch of ecstasy. She has even begun to atone for her behavior, but driven by desire and greed, she can only pacify herself like this.

"He drank it. Here’s your chance." The friend beside said to Zhang Yu with a successful face.

"I hope so." Zhang Yu biting the lip piece, is also full of expectations.

Li Qingyan is in a good mood when he talks about the past with Xiri’s teacher. But he suddenly feels dizzy. Moreover, his body seems to be hot, and his eyebrows are slightly twisted. He thinks to himself, is he drunk before he knows it?

It’s really like feeling after getting drunk. Li Qingyan doesn’t think much about it. At this moment, he needs to find a quiet place to lie down for a while.

Li Qingyan finds his assistant and tells him a few words in his ear. The assistant immediately contacts the school staff and knows that there is a rest room nearby. With the help of his assistant, Li Qingyan leaves first.

"Mr. Li, are you ok? I think you look a little red. Are you drunk?" The assistant asked with concern.

"Probably." Li Qingyan pulled a little tight tie and let his collar loose.

The staff led the way in front of us. In a short time, we came to a rest room with only a very simple reclining chair and a table.

"Go out and play. I’ll just lie down for a while." Li Qingyan is very confident about his drinking capacity. When he was drunk before, he only needed to take a rest to relieve his symptoms.

"Mr. Li, I’m outside the door. Call me if you have something to do." The assistant didn’t dare to neglect, so he whispered.

"Well." Li Qingyan leans lazily on the sofa, pressing his eyebrows and nodding his head.

The assistant pushes the door and goes out. Li Qingyan is not completely drunk, but a series of strange reactions appear in his body. I don’t know whether alcohol is causing trouble or whether he is missing his wife at home. Li Qingyan finds that his body doesn’t listen. He is annoyed.

Take out the mobile phone, Li Qingyan don’t want to, give Cheng Qingqing dial a video phone.

Unfortunately, the other party hasn’t answered all the time. Because of the time difference, Cheng Qingqing is shooting a play. Her mobile phone is in her bag, so she doesn’t hear it.

"Sunny." Li Qingyan’s heart is burning like a flame. His handsome face is red, and he murmurs the name that makes him miss like crazy. If she is around now, he can quench his thirst.

Unfortunately, she is far away in China, the phone does not answer, Li Qingyan has never been like this, feel crazy need her.

Zhang Yu and her friends have been staring at Li Qingyan’s behavior. Seeing him leave the scene in a hurry, they all follow him quietly.

"There’s a man on guard. How can I get in?" Zhang Yu points to the assistant outside the door in distress. The assistant is smoking in the smoking area, but he keeps the road.

"Leave it to me, a young man who can’t escape from me." Zhang Yu’s friend immediately fiddled with his hair, then pulled down his collar, pretending to be drunk and went to the direction of his young assistant.

Zhang Yu looks at her friend anxiously and worried. Although she believes in her charm, if she fails, her chance will be ruined.

Saw her friend stumble to the assistant, assistant immediately in a hurry and blush to catch her, and asked about the situation.

The woman pretended that she was coming here for the first time and didn’t find the bathroom. She wanted her assistant to help.

The assistant saw that she was suffering, and there was no one around, so he had to be a good person and send her to the direction of the bathroom.

Seeing this, Zhang Yu grabs the opportunity to quickly walk through the corridor and arrives at the rest room where Li Qingyan is. Although there are curtains in the glass window, he can see clearly the situation of the time.

Li Qingyan fell asleep.

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