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"It’s true. I also heard that she married a rich businessman who was bigger than her father. Now business is booming. It’s amazing." My friend had an envious look on his face.

Zhang Yu squints and looks at Jiang rouyue like an enemy.

To tell you the truth, Jiang rouyue is a bit of a match with Li Qingyan. She is strong in men and strong in women. She is equal in strength.

Just, does Jiang rouyue know the existence of Cheng Qingqing?

No, she is a married woman. She should not yearn for Li Qingyan.

So thinking, Zhang Yu suddenly has a bad idea.

She immediately turned and walked towards Jiang rouyue.

Jiang rouyue originally wanted to go to find Li Qingyan, but she was pulled by some friends to chat. At this moment, a young woman with a strong sense of fashion came up to her and said hello.

"Mr. Jiang, I didn’t expect that you also graduated from this school." Zhang Yu said with a smile.

Jiang rouyue looked at her strangely and asked, "do we know each other?"

"Jiang is always a noble man. Of course, he won’t know me, but I know you. You are the role model of our women." Zhang Yu complimented.

Good words, everyone loves to hear, Jiang rouyue immediately put down her vigilance, showing a smile: "you praise too much, what’s your name, what industry you are engaged in."

"My name is Zhang Yu. I’m in the fashion design industry. Mr. Jiang, I heard that you had an old relationship with Mr. Li Qingyan. I don’t know if it’s true." Zhang Yu asked directly.

Jiang rouyue’s expression changed and her eyes became unfriendly: "what do you want to do with this?"

"Don’t be angry. I’m just curious, but I heard that Mr. Li seems to be married. He married an 18 line star. Does Mr. Jiang know about this?" Zhang Yu said while looking at Jiang rouyue’s expression, found that her face turned black instantly, knew the news, made her unhappy.

"Why are you telling me that?" Jiang rouyue asked with an ugly face.

"It’s nothing. I have some festivals with that little star. She shows off her happy married life in front of me every day. I’m really tired of it." Zhang Yu shrugged his shoulders with a helpless expression.

"How did she show off?" Jiang rouyue’s face is more gloomy.

"She said that once when she was ill, Li Qingyan kept watch on her and gave her medicine. She even took a bath and didn’t let her feet touch the ground. She also said that Li Qingyan’s physical strength was very good and she had to spoil her every night..."

"Enough." Jiang rouyue was so angry that the woman’s words were very harsh.

Seeing Jiang rouyue’s look, Zhang Yu knows that she definitely can’t let Li Qingyan go and wants to continue her career. Fortunately, she has seen it through. Now it’s good for her to pick up the relationship between her and Cheng Qingqing.

"I said too much. I’m sorry. I just can’t stand that woman’s small family. I want everyone to know that she has found such a good husband. Mr. Jiang, I really feel unworthy for you. You are the most suitable woman for Li Qingyan." Zhang Yu has a pitiful expression.

"That little slut, I’ll take care of her sooner or later." Jiang rouyue said, hate hate turned away.

When Zhang Yu heard this, he felt very happy. It seems that he has succeeded.

Jiang rouyue is in a bad mood. Originally, her thoughts went to extremes. Now she hears the love between Cheng Qingqing and Li Qingyan from outsiders, and all her good mood is gone.

Zhang Yu looks at Jiang rouyue and turns to leave with a black face. She is in a better mood.

Also a woman, she saw that Jiang rouyue still had a fantasy about Li Qingyan.

A Cheng Qingqing hasn’t dealt with it, and such a powerful role emerges. Zhang Yu can’t help sympathizing with himself.

If Cheng Qingqing’s opponent can’t get into her eyes, Jiang rouyue will be the biggest stumbling block in her pursuit of happiness.

Fortunately, though, she was married.

If she caught Jiang rouyue and Li Qingyan together, she must secretly send the evidence to her husband.

She can’t cure her. Her husband must be very angry if he knows that she’s hooking up with other men abroad.

Before going abroad, Zhang Yu actually made two-way preparations. At the last fashion show, she met Cui linger. During the conversation, she learned that Cui linger was also angry with Cheng Qingqing, so Zhang Yu took the opportunity to develop a friendship with Cui linger.

This time she went abroad, Zhang Yu also took care of Cui linger, hoping that she could find a way to catch some evidence of Cheng Qingqing’s misconduct in China after Li Qingyan went abroad.

Cui ling’er and Zhang Yu certainly hit it off, because they have a common enemy, from which they can get benefits.

Cheng Qingqing’s husband is not in China. This will be a good opportunity.

The first person Cui ling’er thought of was Qin he. He was still obsessed with Cheng Qingqing. He was young and energetic, and he was easy to use.

However, Cheng Qingqing is still smart and knows how to measure the gains and losses. For such a noble and rich man as Li Qingyan, she must be honest and hold on to him.

As for whether she still has old love for Qinhe, I’m afraid only she knows.

People are realistic.

She can’t let the rich wife get involved with Qin he.

Cui ling’er is about to destroy her intelligence. For this reason, she and Qin he secretly discuss a countermeasure“ High school reunion? " Qin he looked surprised.

"Yes, Cheng Qingqing certainly won’t see you, but on other occasions, you can also meet by chance." Cui linger said with a smile.

"Is this feasible?" Qin he even held a glimmer of hope.

"OK, you’ll know if you’ve tried? What you need to do now is to see who has the ability to make an appointment with Cheng Qingqing. When the time comes, you will appear. She wants to avoid you. Can she avoid you? In my opinion, the first love is the most unforgettable. She must have you in her heart, but her husband is strict and dare not show it. " Cui ling’er was afraid that Qin he would not agree, so she spoke to him quickly.

"I know she won’t forget me. We’re about to get married." Qin he did not know where to get his confidence, so he thought.

Qin he immediately used his contacts to contact this matter, just as he found out that there was a girl who was going to celebrate her birthday in the evening. She was a former high school classmate and seemed to have a little contact with Cheng Qingqing.

So, Qin he called to find the girl, played a little bitter drama, want to borrow her birthday, meet with Cheng Qingqing.

The girl readily agreed. She called Cheng Qingqing directly and invited her to have a meal. Of course, Cheng Qingqing is different now, and she can’t guarantee that she can invite her.

Cheng Qingqing was a little surprised when she received the phone call, but when she thought of her poverty, the girl student held out her hand and lent her 2000 yuan to spend the darkest days of her school days, she couldn’t refuse.

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