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"It’s you." Luobeiyuan finally had an impression, but the next second, his handsome face was black: "what are you doing?"

Zhang Xue looked down at her body, she had to explain wrongly: "Mr. Luo, don’t get me wrong, i... I didn’t want to do anything, you just got drunk and vomited on me, I just took a bath."

"I vomit on you?" Luobeiyuan narrowed his eyes, indicating that he could not remember what had just happened.

"Yes, don’t you remember? I see you are drunk. If you want to come and help you, you throw up. " Zhang Xue said, some red eyes, not wronged.

"Where are my two assistants?" Luobeiyuan doesn’t want to talk about it any more. He gets up and gets out of bed.

Zhang Xue immediately rushed over and reached out to help her.

Luobeiyuan raised his hand and said he didn’t need her service.

Zhang Xue’s hands were stiff. For a moment, she didn’t know what to do.

Luo Beiyuan took out his mobile phone and called his assistant directly.

Zhang Xue followed him and rubbed his hands nervously. Luobeiyuan woke up, and his chance was ruined.

"Bring me a suit of women’s clothes. I don’t need to take medicine. Take me home quickly." Luobeiyuan said to his assistant.

Zhang Xuexian was very embarrassed, because luobeiyuan’s eyes did not stay on her.

Luobeiyuan directly out of the bedroom, sitting in the living room for himself poured a glass of water to drink.

Zhang Xue didn’t know what to do for a moment, but she boldly came out and showed her delicate and pure side. Her voice was gentle and concerned: "Mr. Luo, are you ok? I saw you drunk just now."

Luobeiyuan light way: "I am very good, thank you for your concern."

When Zhang Xue saw that the topic was off, she boldly sat down on the sofa beside luobeiyuan, because she only had a bath towel on her body. When she sat down, it was inevitable that she would pull up the bath towel to show her slender and tender legs. I believe many men can’t resist the lure of this nature.

Luobeiyuan lightly glanced at her: "Zhang Xue, don’t worry about me. If you let your aunt know, she will regret it."

Zhang Xue’s expression is stiff, her brain is buzzing, and her mouth is open, but she can’t speak in shame.

"Mr. Luo, you may misunderstand..."

"It’s all adults. You know better than anyone whether you misunderstand or not." Luobeiyuan is to attack her, because she has crossed the bottom line of morality. If it is another woman, he may leave directly, but Zhang Xue is Qiao an’s cousin. If he doesn’t make it clear, he is afraid that she will have another chance.

Zhang Xue’s face, instant burst red, her mind, so obvious?

"Where can I not compare with Joanne?" Zhang Xue suddenly cried, I don’t know whether she was ashamed or angry.

"There’s no comparison. She’s the woman I love. You’re not." Luo Beiyuan said, stood up and went to the door.

Zhang Xue’s attack was almost toppling. The anger in her eyes flashed by, and her whole body was shaking all the more. She took the initiative to send her shoes to the door, but she was also abandoned.

The door closed, as if to crush Zhang Xue’s hope.

Her tears fell straight down, this happened, I’m afraid she can’t stay in Roche. Luo Beiyuan’s reputation would stink if he told Qiao an and his aunt about her seduction.

If she resigns tomorrow, I believe luobeiyuan will not reveal this. After all, he has to take into account the feelings of Qiao an and his aunt.

Zhang Xue’s treacherous plan was eliminated in this way. The next day, she resigned and left. After this attack, she no longer dared to be overconfident.

However, every family gathering, looking at Joan’s more and more beautiful and confident appearance, her heart is aching.

Qiao An’an doesn’t know how many women luobeiyuan has rejected for her. But in front of her, luobeiyuan’s tenderness and favor only increase. The end of each other’s love will be happiness. The complexity of human nature and the changeability of society will make the process of staying together difficult. Only when we go on can we know and get along bit by bit, Already will each other’s habits into each other’s heart, can not be separated.

Overseas, the school celebration banquet officially opened the prelude. Elite students from all over the world came here. It was rare for everyone to get together, and the atmosphere was very warm and happy.

Jiang rouyue thinks she is still a success, but she is not the best one among these excellent circles. She finds that the people who come here are not young and beautiful ladies with excellent family background. She holds her wine glass, and her heart is a little lonely.

Zhang Yu was also invited by her friends to come here. She felt the charm and atmosphere of the University. She yearned for such a place. In the crowd, she saw Li Qingyan at a glance. He was excellent. His perfect Oriental appearance, mature and charming, attracted many Oriental women.

Zhang Yu went through the crowd, hid behind the pillar and pointed to his friend: "that’s him."

"Wow, Zhang Yu, you have a good eye. He is a famous senior. I heard that he is also a very low-key entrepreneur and a successful person. There are many people around us who want to pursue him. You have many competitors." Friends teased her with a smile.

Zhang Yu’s eyes were dim for a moment: "do those women know the news that he has been married?"

"Ah? We don’t know. Is Li Qingyan married? When did it happen? " Several friends asked in surprise.

Zhang Yu extremely chagrined bit bit lip piece: "his original marriage object is me, just by mistake, became a disgusting person."

"Really? So you missed him perfectly? It’s a pity. Otherwise, I’ll be the winner now. "

"So, I’m here to correct this mistake. Tonight, I have to find a chance to approach him and help me. If I succeed, I will remember your kindness." Zhang Yu looked at his friend pleadingly.

"I can help you. We all want a new bag, which is worth a lot of money." One of the women said it directly.

"If I succeed in spending the night with him, I will agree to all your requests." Zhang Yu said confidently that she has money, but this man may not get it.

When Zhang Yu and his friends conspired, one of them pointed to Zhang Yu’s back: "Zhang Yu, look back, the woman in the silver dress was Li Qingyan’s girlfriend."

Zhang Yu quickly looked back and saw a mature and charming woman in her early thirties, holding a glass of wine and walking towards Li Qingyan.

"I... I seem to have met her somewhere. How could she be Li Qingyan’s girlfriend?" Zhang Yu couldn’t believe it.

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