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Now Qiao An’an is having a good harvest both in her studies and in her love. Zhang Xue knows how to attack her. Even if we can’t get along with luobeiyuan in the end, at least we have to disgust Joan and make her less proud.

The opportunity soon came. Zhang Xue was very honored to have the opportunity to follow luobeiyuan to a project launching meeting. Luobeiyuan is a real boss. Although sometimes he is aloof and gives people a sense of isolation, most of the time, it’s about work, and he will carefully solve it himself.

Sitting in the business car arranged by the company, Zhang Xue’s eyes have been staring at the black car walking in front, but the black glass makes her unable to see any information.

But she knew that luobeiyuan was in the car. When she was in the hall just now, she saw him sitting in the car. He was tall, handsome and handsome with iron gray suit lining. His temperament was extraordinary, which attracted almost all women’s eyes.

People’s minds are really complicated. At the beginning, Zhang Xue didn’t realize that she would shake her mind and go to rob Qiao an of her boyfriend, because it’s a matter of morality and bottom line.

But now, when luobeiyuan appeared in front of her several times, she found that, what moral and bottom line ah, all get away, in front of this really good man, is the most exciting, beautiful things and people, who don’t want?

Zhang Xue’s state of mind has undergone a huge change, and even she has not realized that she is getting into it step by step.

When she arrived at the workplace, the staff did what they were doing in an orderly way, and Zhang Xue did the same. Only her mind would be separated and her eyes would glance at luobeiyuan intentionally or unintentionally, watching him listen to other people’s speeches and analyze events seriously. Her concentrated look and slight eyebrows were simple and straight, which was full of enchanting charm. It made people feel that if he fell in love with her, Happiness is at hand.

Zhang Xue gets upset and confused. She can’t help but see the picture of Luo Beiyuan holding Qiao An’an in her mind. All kinds of pictures come up, which makes her make mistakes in her work. When she tries to show off the information, her boss sees the problem immediately and finds her.

Just at this moment, luobeiyuan is on the next desk. Zhang Xue’s boss, in order to show his due diligence, is not too polite to Zhang Xue and criticizes her.

Zhang Xue’s eyes suddenly turned red, aggrieved and uncomfortable, and felt even more humiliating.

She hoped luobeiyuan could say a few words for herself, but in fact, luobeiyuan was calm and didn’t say a word. Even he didn’t remember that the girl who was scolded next to him was Zhang Xue.

Zhang Xue can only apologize and run away with tears in her eyes.

She sat at the table, her heart sour, thinking, if today’s wrong person is Joan ANN, others dare to scold her? Luobeiyuan must be the first to protect it.

Zhang Xue’s heart became more extreme. She wiped away her tears and became more determined in her heart.

She has to try.

In fact, she just felt that luobeiyuan didn’t recognize herself at all. Indeed, she was too small. There were many beautiful women in the company. If she didn’t take the initiative to let him remember, even if she worked here for several years, luobeiyuan might not remember her face.

Can want to approach luobeiyuan, too difficult, such an opportunity, will have?

Just when Zhang Xue was worried about it, she didn’t expect that after dark, the opportunity came.

With the success of work progress, the company set up several tables and banquets. Luobeiyuan was drunk. When he left, he was a little unsteady. Although there were assistants and assistants to take care of him, Zhang Xue saw the opportunity and took the initiative to run over to care.

"Mr. Luo, are you ok?" Zhang Xue said, hand has been built in the past, strong push aside the assistant, concerned about the question.

"You are..."

"I’m his girlfriend’s cousin. My cousin asked me to take good care of president Luo." Zhang Xue talks to the assistant with a face.

The assistant was shocked, but he didn’t dare to say anything.

It’s really interesting to have this kind of kinship.

Near the elevator entrance, luobeiyuan vomited, and the wine just vomited on Zhang Xue’s shoulder.

Seeing this, the assistant quickly asked Zhang Xue to wash it, but Zhang Xue shook her head: "it doesn’t matter, Mr. Luo is suffering at the moment. I’d better send her upstairs to have a rest first, and I’ll wash it again."

The assistant felt that what she said was reasonable and moved by her kindness.

Several people sent luobeiyuan upstairs. Luobeiyuan faintly felt that there was a woman beside him, but he thought it was his assistant, so he was not very defensive.

Upstairs, a suite hotel, assistant arranged him to bed rest.

Zhang Xue quickly said with a smile: "Luo always sure stomach discomfort, you send someone to buy some medicine, see if there is sober."

"Also, I don’t think Mr. Luo’s coat has been taken. You should send someone to take it. I’m full of wine and have to be washed. I’ll take care of it for a while, and you can come quickly."

Zhang Xue’s words, and give people a sincere feeling, let people do not think she will have a bad heart.

As a result, the two men who came up from Jialuo Beiyuan all left. Zhang Xue didn’t close the door, but with a smile on her lips, she quickly walked towards the bathroom.

Passing the bedroom, she saw luobeiyuan some uncomfortable pressed eyebrows, lying on the bed.

Drunk, he was so quiet that he didn’t breathe like those drunkards.

Even the cultivation after drinking is so charming.

The more Zhang Xue understands this man, the more she feels that his shining point is so dazzling.

She boldly took a few steps forward and looked at luobeiyuan carefully in the light.

It’s a man of God, a masterpiece of God, but that’s it.

Zhang Xue swallows her saliva and really wants to turn into a wolf.

But she didn’t dare.

She had to go into the bathroom. The wine ran down her shoulders and her clothes were all wet. Zhang Xue wanted to wipe them.

But are you willing?

This is a rare opportunity. She should never let it go.

So she took off her clothes, took a quick bath, and finally wrapped them in a bath towel.

She also washed a head, half dry and half wet hair, let a woman show more pure.

Zhang Xue came out, breathing faster, eyes also with tension.

But she bravely came to the bed and sat down.

Luo Beiyuan took away his arm from his eyes, squinted and saw a woman sitting next to him with bare shoulders. He sat up like a nervous reflex.

"Who are you? Why are you here? "

Zhang Xue didn’t expect that luobeiyuan would suddenly open her eyes. She also stepped back.

"I’m Zhang Xue, Mr. Luo. Don’t you remember me? My aunt asked me to work in your company. " Zhang Xue is in a hurry to introduce herself.

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