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Fingers against the thin lips, the mind outlines her beautiful appearance, how long, not so crazy miss a person.

Looking at the familiar scenery outside the window, Li Qingyan is inexplicably upset.

When he thought of Jiang rouyue at the airport, his mood was suddenly gloomy.

What happened to them in school at that time has long been thrown into the valley of Li Qingyan’s heart. I will never remember it again in my life.

He felt that Jiang rouyue was really strange, no longer the person in his memory.

When she took her brother’s arm and appeared at the family party, Li Qingyan was shocked. He refused her. She rushed into his arms in a twinkling of an eye. He cherished her like a treasure. She also showed her mature charm and super ability. In a short time, she got involved in the management of the company and became popular.

Li Qingyan closed his eyes and stopped thinking about the troubles.

He stayed in the hotel arranged by the school. The next morning, he made an appointment with several friends to have dinner in the restaurant of the hotel. As Jiang rouyue came, her face was full of charming smile, mature and elegant temperament, which was impressive.

Li Qingyan looks at her without expression and sits down. After Jiang rouyue skillfully greets people, she naturally sits down beside him.

"Qingyan, why aren’t you with rouyue?" Some people don’t know what to ask.

"She’s my sister-in-law now, and our relationship is family." Li Qingyan said lightly.

Jiang rouyue’s face is a little white, and her fingers on her knees clench her skirt. In fact, her marriage to Li Jie has not been publicized to the outside world. Only a few people know about it. She now appears on various occasions as an independent female executive.

There was an uproar at the scene. Obviously, these people didn’t know about it.

"Then you are still a bit predestined, friendship into family, very good." Someone answered with a dry smile.

Jiang rouyue bit her lip and took a sip of red wine.

Li Qingyan didn’t look at her and got up: "I’ve made an appointment with two friends. Let’s go first."

Jiang rouyue knows that Li Qingyan is deliberately avoiding suspicion. She gets up two hours early in vain and dresses up so beautifully. Her heart is cold inch by inch. She is flustered. She doesn’t know what other means can be used to attract Li Qingyan’s attention. Does he really have no feelings for himself?

Li Qingyan has an appointment with several professors in the school. It’s said that there is a painting exhibition. The school anniversary will be held tomorrow. In his spare time today, Li Qingyan also wants to relax.

At the exhibition, there are not many visitors, but they are all the feast of celebrities and refined scholars. Li Qingyan is still very keen on art. He likes retro and old things, and there are many expensive art works in his home, all of which are taken back by him from all over the world, and the price is very high.

Standing in front of an oil painting, Li Qingyan has only a pair of pure wings on the blank frame, just like an angel left in the world, forgetting to find it, giving people unlimited imagination.

Li Qingyan at the first glance, inexplicably like, this pair of wings, he wants to give Cheng Qingqing, like to give her a future.

In the crowd, a woman appeared behind the white column. She was elegantly dressed, intellectually and atmospheric. It was Zhang Yu.

She inquired about Li Qingyan’s morning trip through her friends. She came in a hurry. She really didn’t waste her time. Here she saw a man’s tall and straight figure.

Zhang Yu didn’t see him for the first time, but it seems that every time she saw him, her heart sank deeper. She was conceited, ordinary man, and she disdained to spend the rest of her life with him. Only a man like Li Qingyan, who was both tasteful and noble, was worthy of her painstaking pursuit.

Zhang Yu frowned bitterly and saw that the man had not moved in front of the painting for a long time. She didn’t know what kind of excuse she had to find to say hello to him.

All of a sudden, he saw Li Qingyan’s assistant find a staff member and hand in his business card. Then he turned to look at other paintings.

Zhang Yu followed him in this way, did not dare to let him find, but did not dare to say hello, this kind of spiritual suffering tormented her.

It turns out that when you meet an unattainable person, you really don’t even have the courage to say hello.

Zhang Yu secretly sad, absent-minded to go forward, but accidentally encountered a nearby art, vase should fall, hit the sound, Zhang Yu scared face transient.

Everyone looked this way, Zhang Yu hurriedly retreated to one side, and the staff also came to check the situation.

Zhang Yu has panic in her eyes. She looks up and sees Li Qingyan. Li Qingyan also turns around and looks at her. Naturally, she recognizes her.

Zhang Yu secretly bit her lips. She was so ashamed that she felt like a clown now.The staff first asked Zhang Yu about the situation, Zhang Yu quickly said he would compensate for all the losses. The staff told her that it was just an ordinary ornament, which was not valuable. They kindly let her leave.

Zhang Yu’s mood is not better than some, although she does not need to compensate, but her mood has fallen to the bottom, Li Qingyan saw her, but did not come to help her.

Li Qingyan is not enthusiastic about Zhang’s people. Moreover, thinking of Zhang’s attitude towards Cheng Qingqing’s mother and daughter, he doesn’t want to pay attention to everything about Zhang.

Zhang Yu hurried to the door. At the door, he saw Li Qingyan stooping into a black car, which quickly left.

She couldn’t help stamping her feet. Today she really failed. Not only she didn’t find a chance to chat up, but also she made a fool of herself. I don’t know what Li Qingyan would think of her. I think she’s clumsy.

Cheng Qingqing looks up at the sky. A plane flies by under the sky blue curtain. Her heart, clattering, suddenly thinks of Li Qingyan, who is far away in other countries, and her yearning spreads.

In the past, there was only her mother in her world. She wanted to settle her mother’s life, make more money and give her a sense of security. But now, she has more concerns and thoughts about Li Qingyan.

Love will really change a person. She is occupied by him now. When she sees him, she will be happy. If she can’t see him, just missing him is enough to fill her lonely life.

He was like the light shining into her heart, getting hotter and brighter.

Qiao An’an’s life has become more and more interesting. Luobeiyuan gives her enough sense of security and doesn’t feel monotonous every day. He spoils her and makes her happy. He is mature and steady, and his mind is delicate. Sometimes, even as a woman, Qiao an feels inferior.

Zhang Xue has a new job. Every day, she is like a challenge, striving for the top. Her dress is becoming more and more westernized. She has delicate makeup and full of self-confidence. She vaguely feels that she urges herself to go to work like chicken blood every day. In addition to not wanting to be looked down upon by others, she also has a little bit of revenge. Last time she wanted to give luobeiyuan a gift, she was coldly refused by Qiao an, She felt that her face was disgraced and she had to spit out the evil spirit< br>

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