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"Then show your face and ask for a true image. What are you afraid of? It’s a time when you don’t want to pursue people you like." Linda lives abroad and is very open to emotional matters.

"He’s married." Zhang Yu said suddenly, with a touch of resentment in his eyes.

"Ah?" Linda looks surprised: "you don’t want to touch married men, right? This is a forbidden area. I advise you to think twice."

"You don’t understand that he should have married me. It was because I was stupid that other women married him. Now, I want to get him back. I’m not wrong." Zhang Yu’s mood suddenly became excited, she consciously, there is no mistake, she is just correcting a mistake.

"It’s so complicated. I don’t understand, but you are my friend. I will help you with your business." Linda was at a loss, but she decided to help out of her friend’s morality.

"Thank you, Linda. If I succeed, I’ll thank you." Zhang Yu showed a smile, with the support of her friends, she felt that this time, it must be worth the trip.

Jiang rouyue bought a ticket at random. She only took one assistant with her. At the airport, she walked in the crowd and looked around from time to time. She hoped that God would give her a chance to get on the same plane with Li Qingyan.

Jiang rouyue’s delicate dress, tall figure and good temperament have attracted many men’s attention. After she gets close to power, she becomes more and more noble.

Ignoring other people’s eyes, Jiang rouyue walks into the VIP entrance. Just now, she looks all the way around and doesn’t see the person she loves. She is inevitably disappointed. But when she arrives at the rest area, her eyes suddenly turn bright again.

Li Qingyan, with his assistant, is also sitting in the rest area. He is keeping his eyes closed. His black sunglasses can’t cover his deep and beautiful facial features. Next to him, there are several girls sitting. It seems that they are all attracted by his temperament.

Jiang rouyue’s expression suddenly shows displeasure, how does the young girl now all have Jin to hold all have no? See rich, long handsome, can’t immediately call.

Jiang rouyue moves towards Li Qingyan step by step.

Li Qingyan’s assistant saw her and immediately politely said hello with a smile.

Jiang rouyue nodded politely and sat not far from Li Qingyan.

Li Qingyan still closed his eyes and was not disturbed by the outside world.

Jiang rouyue rarely has such a good opportunity to look at this man up close. She suddenly takes out her mobile phone and pretends to be reading information. But in fact, she is recording a video. She wants to record this man’s quiet scene into her mobile phone for later viewing.

"Mr. Li and Mr. Jiang are here, too." Li Qingyan’s assistant still mentioned it in Li Qingyan’s ear.

Li Qingyan didn’t fall asleep. He just closed his eyes and thought about something. When he heard the assistant’s words, he opened his eyes and saw Jiang rouyue through the dark lenses.

Jiang rouyue saw that he seemed to wake up. She was so scared that she quickly threw her mobile phone back into her bag and immediately came over with a spring breeze smile.

"Qingyan, it’s a coincidence that we met here."

Li Qingyan turned his face away indifferently: "don’t tell me, you checked my whereabouts."

"Why? I didn’t know you were going abroad. I just went abroad to celebrate a friend’s birthday Jiang rouyue replied with a smile.

"Not the best." Li Qingyan said, then stood up: "let’s change places."

Assistant quickly carrying luggage to keep up with his pace, Jiang rouyue face smile, a second stiff.

Li Qingyan really doesn’t give her any face. Is it because she threatened him last time and made him hate himself more?

Jiang rouyue’s heart seems to have fallen to the bottom of the valley. She sits in the position where he once sat, looking trance.

"No matter how much you hate me, we will be entangled in this life." Jiang rouyue clenches her fist and thinks that she is his sister-in-law. The interests of the two companies are intertwined, so he can’t get rid of his own dilemma.

When the plane takes off, Li Qingyan asks his assistant to change the next flight. He doesn’t want to be on the same plane with Jiang rouyue.

Li Qingyan is still very careful. It seems that the elder brother doesn’t know the past between him and Jiang rouyue. Jiang rouyue only says that they are alumni of the school. At most, they are just friends. He is not familiar with them. He believes that Li Qingyan has been avoiding them all these years. In order to secure her position as the hostess of the Li family, I’ve been holding back.

Now, elder brother’s health is not good, and Jiang rouyue’s position is stable, so she begins to be a demon. Li Qingyan can’t cooperate with her, but because of elder brother’s love for her, he has been holding him back and making him hard to deal with Jiang rouyue.Jiang rouyue leaves with her heart full of loss. In addition to loss, she is more and more morbid and persistent. It seems that if she doesn’t get what she wants, she will never be happy again in her life. Li Qingyan got off the plane and on the way to the hotel, he took out his mobile phone and made a video call to Cheng Qingqing.

Cheng Qingqing took a long time to answer. She ran into the dressing room with her mobile phone. There were so many people outside that she found it inconvenient to talk.

Under the camera, the girl’s face still has make-up, and it’s very rich, with smoky eyebrows and attractive red lips, giving people a kind of seductive feeling.

Li Qingyan’s chest suddenly turned, and her delicate and delicate appearance appeared in her calm brain.

"Husband..." Cheng Qingqing smiles at him and shouts in a low voice.

Li Qing Yan sees her head is wearing charming pretty face, shout him with such clever tone, the satisfaction in his heart rises instantly.

"Did you do something wrong and behave so well?" Li Qingyan was originally a serious man, but when he met this woman, he was inspired to be serious.

Always trying to make fun of her, to see her blush and shy.

"No? I dare not Cheng Qingqing was startled, but she still felt guilty. In today’s play, she and the man had a hug scene. Although there was a misplaced kiss scene, she didn’t really kiss.

"I’m afraid it’s the best. Do you miss me?" Li Qingyan is in a better mood. 𝓲𝐧n𝚛𝐞𝒂d. 𝑐𝗼m

"I’ll tell you when you come back this time." Cheng Qingqing has been ashamed of not, so direct to his heart, she still can’t do, show himself very frivolous.

Li Qing Yan light ha, eyes still can’t move away from her pretty face, so straight stare at her.

"The director is calling me. I have to go out to work." Cheng Qingqing was so evil that she felt as if she were on fire. From her heart, she felt very hot all the way to her face. She thought she was a serious woman, but as soon as the man’s eyes came, she didn’t want to be so serious. She just wanted to jump into his arms.

"Go ahead." Li Qingyan doesn’t embarrass her, just waiting for her to hang up< br>

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