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"Maybe you are under too much pressure. It doesn’t matter. It’s not urgent." In fact, Li Qingyan is not in a hurry. He wants to live a good life with her. With a child, he may face the risk of falling out of favor in front of her.

"Well." Cheng Qingqing’s heart is calmed.

Li Qingyan started the car, and the black car drove out of the road towards home.

Shortly after Li Qingyan left, a black business car slowly came out from a corner.

Qin he was so lost that she sat on the chair. Cui ling’er looked at him with disgust: "don’t be so unpromising. Where is this? You will lose your fighting spirit."

"You see, his car is worth more than 10 million yuan. I’m nothing. I’m like a clown now." Qin he covered his face and said bitterly.

"You have to remember that you are very young. He is ten years older than you. In the past ten years, you can have such a luxury car as long as you are willing to work hard." Cui ling’er cheers him on.

"May I?" There was a glimmer of hope on Qin he’s face.

"Yes, you work hard and once you become a big star, Cheng Qingqing will definitely come back to you." Cui ling’er laughs darkly. She is jealous that Cheng Qingqing has found a new man to rely on. She is even more jealous that Qin he never forgets her. How can Cheng Qingqing pick up all the benefits?

Cui ling’er also tried Qin he at the beginning. Intentionally or unintentionally, she reached for his shoulder and touched his leg. But all these little movements were coldly pushed away by Qin he. Cui ling’er then realized that Qin he had true feelings for Cheng Qingqing.

That’s better. True love is crazy.

Back home, it’s more than three o’clock in the morning. Li Qingyan doesn’t bother her any more, and asks her to sleep directly“ Li Qingyan... "He wanted to get up and leave, but when he turned around, there was a soft call from behind.

Li Qingyan turns her head to look at the woman on the bed. She only looks at him with a snow-white face and a pair of clear eyes.

"What’s the matter?" Li Qingyan thought that she was not feeling well, and then he sat back beside the bed and reached for her forehead.

"Can you... Don’t go." Cheng Qingqing’s eyes are full of pleading color. She really needs him to be with her. Although she is so hypocritical, she doesn’t care. She really wants him to be with her.

Li Qingyan frowned. Her request is not excessive, it’s just

He still can’t pass that pass in his heart. Since she is perfect in his eyes, how dare he show her his imperfection?

"I’ll talk about it later. You can sleep well and don’t think about it." Li Qingyan finally turned her down and left.

Cheng Qingqing’s loss at the bottom of her eyes is like the tide. She shrinks into the quilt.

He obviously likes himself, but why doesn’t he want to stay?

Is it so difficult to get warm and sleep with each other? 𝙞𝑛𝓷𝓇𝒆a𝑑. 𝙘૦𝗺

The next morning, Cheng Qingqing didn’t have a good rest. She was still very tired, but she had a play this morning. She couldn’t be late.

"Are you busy these days?" Li Qingyan looked up at her and asked.

"It’s very busy. The director shortened the shooting time, and the whole crew was busy." Cheng Qingqing answered softly as she drank porridge.

"Can I ask for leave?" Li Qingyan is still looking forward to taking her abroad.

"Why? Is there anything important? " Cheng Qingqing Leng for a moment, immediately raised a smile asked“ It’s not very important. I may go abroad for two days. If you are free, you can go together. " Li Qingyan said lightly.

"Are you going to work?" Cheng Qingqing asked in surprise.

"No, I was invited to a celebration at my alma mater." Li Qingyan said directly.

Cheng Qingqing’s eyes are stunned. Li Qingyan’s alma mater is an institution of higher learning. She is a person who hasn’t even gone to university. She can’t imagine the existence at all. Cheng Qingqing instinctively shrinks.

"Well, I just asked for leave two days ago. The director seems not very happy. I also let the crew complain. Otherwise, I won’t go." Cheng Qingqing bit the lip piece and refused him in a dilemma.

"Well, I can’t help but force you. When I come back, I’ll bring you a present." Seeing that she was careful, Li Qingyan stopped talking about it.

Cheng Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t have the courage to follow him. She didn’t want to go.

In the twinkling of an eye, it’s time for Li Qingyan to go abroad. Cheng Qingqing runs to his room early in the morning to pick his clothes.

Li Qingyan looked at the woman’s serious look, he gave her his tie: "can you tie it?"Cheng Qingqing doesn’t wear high-heeled shoes, and her slender body only reaches his shoulder. She weighs the dust of her feet in some embarrassment, but when she is tying a bow tie, she is embarrassed.

She clearly remembers to tie the knot like this, but she can’t think at all. She can’t do it well.

Li Qingyan took her hand and taught her to tie her tie slowly and patiently.

Cheng Qingqing blushes with shame. She doesn’t dare to look at the man’s deep eyes for fear of seeing the clumsy self.

"I’m going to leave for two days, don’t you mean it?" Li Qingyan looks at her blush and is shy, and can’t help trying to tease her.

Cheng Qingqing immediately understood, picked up her toes and gave him a kiss on the face.

"That’s it?" Li Qingyan showed some dissatisfaction.

Cheng Qingqing looked at him dressed neatly and said shyly, "what else? You can’t do anything else when you’re dressed. "

When Li Qingyan heard this, she almost didn’t laugh. What was in her mind.

Big palm caresses her head, he lowers his head, kiss her lip piece.

Cheng Qingqing can’t help shivering. Soon, she is lost in the man’s kiss.

After the kiss, Cheng Qingqing takes the man downstairs, watches his car and leaves.

At the same time, there are two women who can’t wait to go abroad.

Zhang Yu has already contacted her friends. She arrived abroad one day ahead of time. Her friends arranged a warm welcome ceremony for her and found several tall foreign handsome men to accompany her. But Zhang Yugen was not in the mood to appreciate these men. She saw many good-looking foreign male models and had no idea at all.

"Xiaoyu, what’s the matter with you? This time, I’m very worried. " Zhang Yu’s good friend Linda patted her on the shoulder and asked.

"I like someone, but he doesn’t know what I want. How can I make him express himself? He is very important in my heart." Zhang Yu took a sip of wine and said wistfully.

"Tell him directly. If he likes you, he will give you an answer."

"I had the chance to tell him face to face, but for various reasons, my fate with him was broken. He must have a bad impression on me. I’m afraid that if I say it, I’ll embarrass myself. But if I don’t say it, it’s my heart disease again." When Zhang Yu thought of his refusal to marry Li Qingyan, he regretted it. Now he slapped himself in the face< br>

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