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Love is pure, does not dye a trace of miscellaneous stains, mother’s road, as if also gave her a heavy shackles, she has a bad premonition, as if she will repeat the same mistakes, like her mother so silly waiting for a hopeless result.

Tears, wet the eyes, Cheng Qingqing bow, the tears fell down.

"No, I don’t want to go this way, I don’t want to." She murmured to tell herself that she wanted to have an ordinary and real marriage life like all women. She didn’t want to live like a disgrace and struggle in the shadow for half a life.

Jiang rouyue shakes her red wine glass and stands on the top floor of a high-rise building. The life she is enjoying now is the dream of all women. Money potential is no longer a word, but the fullness of her character makes her spiritual world more empty.

Li Jie took a bath and came out. Looking at her back, he came over and hugged her lovingly: "rouyue, I’ll ask the doctor to prescribe some medicine tomorrow. We still have to have a child."

Jiang rouyue’s back suddenly stiffens. She doesn’t look back at her old face. She still stares out of the window. She and Li Jie have been married for many years and have no children. In fact, Li Jie always thinks it’s his problem, but in fact, Jiang rouyue doesn’t want to have children at all.

"Lao Li, don’t force yourself too much. Your health matters. Let’s talk about children." Jiang rouyue drinks the wine and turns to Li Jie. Her eyes are full of concern.

"But I really want to have our children. If it were a boy, the company would have an heir." The older Li Jie is, the more eager he is to have an heir. Although he has a daughter, he is not his ideal candidate after all.

Of course, Jiang rouyue also hopes to have a son, so her position will be stable. However, when she thinks that her son’s father is not Li Qingyan, she suddenly feels disgusted. She doesn’t want to have Li Jie’s child. In this way, she really can’t follow Li Qingyan any more.

"If you think too much, your health will get worse and worse. If you don’t have a son, you still have a daughter. I will stay with you and take good care of you in the future." Jiang rouyue quickly comforted him and pretended to be very generous.

Li Jie looked at her, gently smile, then nodded: "well, with you, this life is not in vain, time is not early, let’s have a rest early."

Jiang rouyue closes her eyes. To tell the truth, she doesn’t want to sleep with Li Jie now. Li Jie is old, and there is always a pungent smell on him. Jiang rouyue always wakes up in the middle of the night, and then sleeps. As for physical contact, Jiang rouyue is extremely disgusted, but she can’t show it. She still pretends to be happy.

"Well." Jiang rouyue nodded, then lay down and said, "Lao Li, I have a friend’s birthday in a few days. I have to go abroad. When I come back, I’ll buy you a gift."

"Yes? Shall I go with you? " Li Jie asked curiously.

"No, it’s all women. If you want to go together, people will tell you about me." Jiang rouyue said immediately.

"Well, you have fun. Have a good time." Li Jie did not doubt her, only gently doting on her.

Jiang rouyue is relieved. In fact, she doesn’t go abroad to attend a friend’s birthday party. She just hears that the school is going to hold a class celebration. Li Qingyan is the best guest on the list. She wants to go there secretly because she is also a graduate of that school. If she can meet her by chance, she must not miss such a good opportunity.

In fact, she is very willing to have a child, but what she wants to have is not Li Jie’s child. What she wants to have is Li Qingyan’s. even if she has to take great risks in the end, she is not afraid. If she has the opportunity to make such an opportunity, she is really willing to go abroad this time.

Li Qing received the invitation of the school celebration, because he had a respected tutor teaching, this invitation was sincere, he could not refuse.

He decided to go, but he didn’t know if the woman would go with him.

When she comes home at night, Li Qingyan looks at the empty bedroom. She has a play to shoot at night, and she can’t come back until at least early in the morning.

The man sat on the sofa, fingers gently knock a few times, but the depression in the heart is still unable to ease.

He has been used to the feeling that she is at home. If she is not, he will feel that the home is colder and warmer.

Li Qingyan took a look at the time. It was just after seven o’clock. He got up and told uncle Gu, "I’m not eating dinner at home."

Uncle Gu looked at the dinner to be ready, and asked in amazement, "then I’ll make another one later."

"No, you’ll have an early rest after eating. Don’t wait for us." With that, Li Qingyan took the car key and went out.

Looking at Gu Shu’s figure, he couldn’t help shaking his head.

Since Miss Cheng came in, Mr. Li’s whole life has changed. He used to enjoy the peace of returning home. Now, Miss Cheng is not at home, and he doesn’t want to stay at home.

Li Qingyan is driving along the street aimlessly. A lyric ballad is playing in the car. It tells that when a man falls in love with a woman and the woman wants to go to a distant place, the man’s heart is very flustered. Every sentence of the lyrics strikes Li Qingyan’s heart, as if he has become the hero in the ballad.He was even more bored. He turned the steering wheel and drove to the theater where Cheng Qingqing was acting. Arriving at the gate of the movie and TV series, his car was stopped. He was not angry, so he put the car aside. After opening half the window, he silently lit a cigarette for himself.

Smoke misty open, outlines the man’s mature cold face, his eyes looking at the door, heart gradually calm down.

As long as he was closer to her, the sense of security he wanted seemed to come back.

Li Qing yanjue’s own some cheap, cheap want to get that woman gentle smile and response.

How did this happen?

Think about the past is so proud of himself, to love this kind of thing, feel a waste of time and energy, but now, what is he doing?

Waste time sitting in the car, dare not call her, afraid to disturb her work, silently watching, waiting, but the mood is very calm, even a little satisfaction.

Love is really a terrible storm. Once it comes, it will make a person’s inner world change dramatically.

As time goes by, it’s early in the morning. Li Qingyan looks at the cigarette ends he has smoked. He suddenly feels that his behavior is very bad. He is not a man who will indulge in alcohol and tobacco. He has strong self-control, but in the waiting time, his self-control becomes weak. He looked down at his watch. There was only half an hour left for Cheng Qingqing to finish shooting. Li Qingyan had more expectation in his heart.

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