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So, when she went to the cast by car, she sent a text message to Zhou Mei, asking her to fulfill her promise. When Zhou Mei sees the message, she is angry. She is also greedy for money. Asking her to give Cheng Qingqing money is like cutting flesh.

But if you don’t promise her, will Cheng Qingqing make trouble? At that time, everyone is not very good-looking.

Cheng Qingqing sees Zhou Mei’s delay in replying. She directly writes down Ma Wei to her and tells her that her mobile phone has recorded the sound. If Zhou Mei dares to go back, she will expose the recording so that she can’t be a human being.

As soon as Zhou Mei saw it, she immediately scolded Cheng Qingqing’s mother and daughter. In the morning, she put the money into Cheng Qingqing’s account. As for the letter of guarantee, Zhou mei just wrote a few lines on her mobile phone and wanted to kill Cheng Qingqing casually.

Cheng Qingqing refused to give up. She made it clear that she would go to Zhang Jia in the afternoon and ask her to press her fingerprints. Both mother and daughter would press them.

Zhou Mei’s teeth are itching. This cheap girl is so serious. It can be seen that Li Qingyan is so good that she is not willing to let go.

Zhou Mei has no choice but to go to her daughter Zhang Yu to discuss countermeasures. 𝒾𝗻𝓃𝐫eα𝚍. 𝒄𝐨m

"What? Mom, are you getting old? How can you promise her such unreasonable request? What do you want me to do? " As soon as Zhang Yu heard her mother’s words, she suddenly blew up.

Zhou Mei also knew that she was stupid in this matter. In the face of her daughter’s anger, she could only bow her head and worry: "I only agreed to these requests because I saw your father was too anxious. My mother didn’t mean to embarrass you."

"Mom, if I sign the guarantee, there is no possibility for me and Li Qingyan. Have you really considered it for me?" Zhang Yuqi’s eyes are red, almost to cry.

"Well, Xiaoyu, it’s mother’s thoughtlessness. Don’t cry, just a piece of paper. What’s the power of it? Can’t you compete openly or attract Li Qingyan secretly? As long as Li Qingyan likes you, every guarantee is a piece of waste paper. Does Cheng Qingqing dare to kill us? " Zhou Mei quickly comforted her daughter. What she said was shameless.

Zhang Yu is going to collapse. She really doesn’t know what to do with such a brainy mother.

"Now that you have promised her, what else can you do?" Zhang Yu is very angry. At present, he can only cooperate with his mother to solve the problem.

"Daughter, don’t be angry. Mother believes you. You are better than that cheap girl. If Li Qingyan is not blind, he will definitely choose you. You have a destiny with him." Zhou Mei see daughter no longer care, quickly smile coax her.

Zhang Yu bit her lip and looked at her mother’s flattering smile. She felt annoyed.

"I heard that Li Qingyan was going to go abroad to attend the school celebration in a few days. It happened that I had a friend who was an alumnus with him. This time I went secretly to meet him by chance." Zhang Yu has found a breakthrough. "Really? That’s great. That cheap girl won’t follow, will she When Zhou Mei heard that her daughter had started to prepare, she was immediately happy.

"Oh, an illiterate who didn’t even graduate from high school, does she want to go to that kind of high school party? I’m afraid she can’t even speak English. If she goes, she will lose face. " Zhang Yu sneered. "Yes, she certainly has no face to go, and Li Qingyan doesn’t want to take her to shame. Daughter, your opportunity has come. You should hold it well. If it doesn’t work, you should play some tricks and take Li Qingyan first. As long as you have a relationship, Li Qingyan will choose between you and Cheng Qingqing, and he will choose you 100 percent." Zhou Mei quickly gives her daughter some advice, for fear that she will not seize this good opportunity.

"Don’t worry. I’ll give up. I won’t let Cheng Qingqing be proud." Zhang yuhen clenches her fist. When she thinks of Cheng Qingqing’s T-shirt last time, she doesn’t want to care about Jin any more. We are all adults. The competition of adults is cruel. She sleeps Li Qingyan. Cheng Qingqing’s expression must be very rich, right?

After Zhou Mei got the letter of guarantee, Cheng Qingqing came to find her in the afternoon. Zhou Mei threw the paper in front of her: "take it, look, I’ll give you something rare."

Cheng Qingqing’s eyes swept around. What she wrote on the paper was sincere. She had all the signature and fingerprints on it. She asked with satisfaction: "in the future, don’t ask me to help anything. I won’t help you any more."

After hearing this, Zhou Mei glared at her back angrily: "when my daughter follows Li Qingyan, what else do you have? We’ll see. "

Because of this, Cheng Qingqing got something. She went to see her mother at the first time and gave her all the money.

"This card has three million yuan. How can you get so much money?" Cheng Ling took the card in disbelief.

"Mom, you keep the money. We deserve it. Don’t be reluctant to spend it." Cheng Qingqing is finally relieved that her mother has been wronged for many years and finally takes part of what she should take.

"All right, Ma believes you." Cheng Ling’s face is very happy. If she has money, she must take it.

Cheng Qingqing sighed and asked with sadness in her eyes, "Mom, tell me honestly, do you still like Zhang Chengwen?"

Cheng Ling’s expression was stunned. She did not dare to look her daughter’s eyes directly. She faltered and said, "why did you mention this all of a sudden?"

"Ma, answer me honestly. "As soon as Cheng Qingqing saw her mother’s reaction, her heart began to thump. As expected, she was correctly guessed by Li Qingyan, and her mother even held hope for him."Qingqing, this is the grudge of the previous generation. Don’t hold on to it. I have no hope for him." Cheng Ling said, but also shy.

"So, you always refuse to marry because you always like him. No wonder you never complain about him." Cheng Qingqing said sadly.

"Qingqing, are you angry?" Seeing her daughter’s sad expression, Cheng Ling suddenly became nervous, like a child who has done something wrong.

Cheng Qingqing took a deep breath, shook her head and said, "I’m not angry. I just feel unworthy for you. If he was really interested in you, he shouldn’t have concealed the fact that he was married. No matter what you don’t ask, what do you love him?"

Cheng Ling seems to have been promoted to a painful place, and her face is also sad: "Qingqing, there is no way to explain the feelings. You also love Qingyan now. You should understand that if you like it, you will like it. No matter how many years have passed and whether he has hurt your heart or not, some feelings can’t be let go."

The first time Cheng Qingqing heard her mother explain this matter so seriously, she was stunned, but she was speechless.

"Mom, I still have a play in the evening. I’ll leave first. You put away the money. I’ll come back to see you in a few days. Take care of yourself." When Cheng Qingqing left her mother’s house, she felt as if she had been beaten by a stick. She leaned against the elevator wall in despair. Is it so complicated and unreasonable about her feelings?

If she and Li Qingyan are separated, will she have the courage to love others again? Will she hold her love for him and stick to it all her life like her mother?

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