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Last time Qin he attacked him in the banquet hall, she stood up to defend herself. Now, she doesn’t let him take charge of Zhang Wenwen’s affairs. It turns out that she has always stood beside her.

"Well." Cheng Qingqing nodded, sour heart, also got warm meaning.

Li Qingyan took her as his wife and a member of the family. She was very moved.

Zhang Jia.

After Zhang Chengwen won the project happily, he was so excited that he immediately invited the qiao’an family to dinner.

During the dinner, Qiao Dawei also came. He lost a lot of weight and became more and more old-fashioned, but his spirit was much better than before. Zhang Xiuzhu saw him with a bad expression, but she didn’t object to his appearance.

Qiao an an didn’t know what happened to her uncle. She just came to dinner with her mother. At the dinner table, Zhang Xue turned a blind eye to her because she refused the pen. She always felt that Qiao an was like a needle in her heart.

"If there’s anything good in writing, say it and let everyone be happy for you." Zhang Xiuzhu said to her brother.

Zhang Chengwen chuckled twice: "naturally, it’s a good thing. The project I couldn’t win all the time has finally arrived. It’s enough for me to eat for two years. Is it a good thing?"

"That’s a good thing. It’s time to celebrate." Zhang Xiuzhu also smiles and is happy for her younger brother.

Qiao Dawei has no right to speak on the table. She just enjoys it together. Qiao an an is actually very happy when she sees her parents together in this way. Is this the case in her marriage? If one is strong, one side will not be weak and both sides will not be strong.

What about her and luobeiyuan?

She must be strong, but when two people get along alone, he is accommodating her everywhere, everything is based on her, is this way of getting along well?

He is strong on the outside, but gentle on the inside. Is this treasure she has found?

Think of this, Cheng Qingqing silly also laugh.

"An’an, Xiaoxue has found a satisfactory job. Thanks to you, eat more today." Zhang Chengwen can’t ignore this little niece now, let alone treat her as a girl. Her every move now may make the whole family jump up.

When it comes to this, Qiao an looks at her mother, and Zhang Xiuzhu smiles awkwardly. Qiao an doesn’t blame her mother for making her own opinion. After all, Zhang Jia is her mother’s family, and Zhang Xue is her niece. She can’t refuse this kind of busyness.

"She just likes the job." Qiao an said lightly.

Zhang Xue snorted: "of course I like it. I will definitely make achievements in the company. I also want to go to Roche headquarters to work. That’s the paradise I yearn for."

"Then I wish you success." Joanna said with a smile.

Next to Zhou Mei, she looks at Qiao An’an strangely. The girl doesn’t seem to be happy that her daughter has entered Roche. She snorts coldly in her heart. Isn’t Qiao An’an jealous of her daughter’s excellence.

Zhang Yuxian’s extra quiet, she did not integrate into the happy atmosphere, her heart is still rainy, Cheng Qingqing pick shirt, let her like a needle.

"This time, thanks to Qingqing’s help, if it wasn’t for her help in front of Li Qingyan, I couldn’t win this project. I invited her to have dinner with me. She said she was busy. Now she’s really busy filming, and she will definitely become a big star in the future." After drinking some wine, Zhang Chengwen began to boast, and his face was red when he mentioned his daughter.

On hearing this, Qiao an’s expression stops. It turns out that Li Qingyan helped her uncle get the project. She frowns. With her understanding of Qingqing, Qingqing should not be in charge of Zhang Jia. What’s the matter? 𝘪n𝐧𝓻eа𝒅. 𝘤o𝘮

Zhou Mei’s face is very ugly. Both inside and outside of her husband’s words, she praises that cheap girl, but she ignores her two daughters. She is really angry.

Zhang Yu’s face is also gloomy. If she marries Li Qingyan today, her father needs help. She doesn’t need anything from him at all. She will take the initiative to help. Unfortunately, all the credit now goes to Cheng Qingqing. If her father is so kind to her, will her mother’s position be unstable in the future?

Zhang Chengwen left drunk. Qiao Dawei was not drunk. When he came out of the restaurant, he went to his car door to open the door for Zhang Xiuzhu: "Xiuzhu, let me take you and An’an home."

"No, Ann drove here." Zhang Xiuzhu said coldly.

Joan nodded: "Dad, you’ve been drinking too. Go home and have a rest."

Qiao Dawei’s face was a little disappointed, but he didn’t say anything. He told his daughter a few words and left by car.

Zhang Xiuzhu snorted: "it’s ridiculous for your father to do such useless work now. If he had half the initiative before, I would not divorce him."

"Well, mom, dad also repented. He is so pitiful, but it’s not worthy of sympathy. You should cool him and let him know that some mistakes can’t be undone." Joan took her mother’s arm and comforted her in a soft voice.

"Or you know me, anyway, I will not forgive him, unless he really gives you the company, I will give him a good look." Zhang Xiuzhu complacently raised her chin and said."Mom, do you really want me to take over the company?" Joan was a little nervous. She didn’t have the ability.

"Of course, you are his only daughter. He should give you what he has laid down. Don’t give me any advice. He has shown his attitude to the outside world and said that this company will be yours in the future. You should be angry with me and don’t be so worthless." Zhang Xiuzhu stares at her daughter and forbids her to make mistakes.

Qiao an can’t laugh or cry, had to coax his mother: "don’t worry, who said I counseled, I now so hard to read, just don’t let you down."

"It’s really my good daughter. My mother didn’t hurt you in vain. You are my mother’s hope." Zhang Xiuzhu said with a happy face.

Joanne let out her breath. I hope she can become a mother.

Zhou Mei threw her husband on the bed and looked at his drunken face angrily, biting her teeth angrily.

"It’s bad luck to mention that girl’s name all night. I haven’t thought about the mood of your two daughters?"

Zhou Mei takes out her mobile phone. All night, she is waiting for Cheng Qingqing to call her.

Help already helped, next, Cheng Qingqing should ask her for money and guarantee.

Zhou Mei really wants to go back on her promise. She doesn’t want to give money or any guarantee. Isn’t it natural for her daughter to help her father?

Cheng Qingqing can’t sleep because of this. Should she ask Zhou Mei for money? Should their mother and daughter write a guarantee?

If she takes the money, it’s like a trade. It will show that she is greedy and selfish. But if she doesn’t get the benefit, Zhou Mei will think that she is easy to bully. Maybe there will be something to embarrass her in the future. The next morning, Cheng Qingqing decided that she should not lose a cent of her benefits.

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