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President Daddy's Excessive Love
Chapter 12 Kung bao is about to go to school

Tang Youyou helped her son put on his clothes and cleaned his face with a wet towel.

When the towel wet his little son"s black bangs and inadvertently combed them up, revealing his full and pure white forehead, Tang Youyou"s gaze froze.

Then she turned around, ran into the bathroom and came out with a comb.

She combed all of her son"s wet bangs up, and revealed his entire face, exquisite and beautiful.

"This is impossible…"

They looked so alike!

The scumbag who helped Tang Xuerou yesterday also had such hairstyle. In the same hairstyle, it almost seemed that her son and that scumbag were the same person.

"No…" Tang Youyou held a comb in one hand, and a towel in the other. Her eyes stared at his son"s little face, and she subconsciously shook her head.

Tang Xiaorui, having his face washed, became much more clear-headed. He raised his big black eyes and looked at his Mommy, who seemed absent-minded, then immediately raised his little hands and shook them in front of Mommy"s eyes.

"Mommy, what are you thinking about?"

Tang Youyou immediately woke up from her stupor with a shivering and covered up the panic in her heart. She said with a smile, "Nothing, hurry up and go out for breakfast. I"ll wake up your sister."

Tang Youyou"s heart was filled with unease and worry. She must have got too much mental stress.

She had nothing to do with that scumbag.

Tang Xiaonai was much more delicate than her brother, Tang Xiaorui. She laid on the bed without moving, and continued to sleep.

"Nainai, wake up and have breakfast...There"s milk and bread!"

"No…" The little girl muttered in a determined tone.

"And your favorite lollipop…The flavor is green apple…"

"No, no, Mommy is so a

oying...I want to sleep!"

Tang Xiaonai was immediately a

oyed by her mom, and her little mouth also immediately became flat, as though she was about to cry at any time.

Tang Youyou could only sigh helplessly. Holding a small skirt, she let the little kid lie on the bed and helped her dress up.

"Baby, let"s get up, okay? Mommy will take you out to play…" Seeing that there was not much time left, Tang Youyou picked up her daughter and carried her out of the bedroom.

Tang Xiaorui, who was already seated at the dining table drinking milk and having porridge, was full of energy. Seeing his little sister, who was still sleeping soundly on her mother"s shoulder, he immediately shouted, "Tang Xiaonai, you are really a slob…"

Tang Xiaonai, who was sleeping soundly on Mummy"s shoulder, immediately kicked her two legs in anger and grievance, expressing her protest.

"Xiaorui, stop talking." Tang Youyou immediately glared at his son in feigned anger, using her eyes to warn him not to mess around anymore.

Tang Xiaorui was afraid of his mother’s glare most. His small mouth squashed with unwillingness, and silently continued with his breakfast.

"Nainai, wake up. Mom will give you some milk, okay?" Tang Youyou patiently consoled her daughter. This little kid was born to be attached to others. She didn"t have the natural independence that her brother had.

But Tang Youyou believed that it was normal for her daughter to be unwilling to leave her.

Tang Xiaonai was so angry that she had already woken up, staring at her brother with a pair of watery eyes. Tang Youyou took the chance to place the cup of milk next to her mouth, and she started to drink.

To feed the children was absolutely every mother"s greatest wish.

With Tang Youyou"s efforts, the two little kids were both stuffed.

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President Daddy's Excessive Love Chapter 12 Kung bao is about to go to school