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Chapter 6: Blade spirit heart slash — full magic resistance!

“Is someone coming ...”

An illusory voice came.

It was as if he had just woken up from a long sleep.

“You ... are you sure you want to choose me?”

A weak and somewhat unexpected female voice appeared and echoed in Su Yang’s heart.

Su Yang was stunned when he heard the voice. Then, he nodded his head with certainty.”En!”

Su Yang’s reply came in.

A piece of information suddenly appeared in Su Yang’s mind.

It was a description of the contract.

“Then ... let’s make an oath, master!”

Su Yang nodded.

Then, he felt a slight pain in his palm.

A drop of blood flowed into the starlight.

The Starlight was quickly dyed blood red.

Slowly, as the color of the blood changed, Su Yang’s voice sounded.

“My name is Su Yang, and with blood as a contract, I now sign the heaven’s Natal contract with you!”

As his voice fell ...

An ethereal sound rang out.

“My name is Heart Slayer, and I accept the blood contract. The heaven’s life contract has been signed!”

The oath was signed!


Su Yang saw an illusory space filled with stars.

The stars around him began to dim or leave one by one.

The starlight in his hand bloomed even more.

Su Yang, who was forced to close his eyes, felt the warm starlight in his hand quickly turn cold.

When he opened his eyes, a weapon in the shape of a Tang sword was shrouded in Starlight.

“The saber’s name is Heart Slayer. Nice to meet you!”

After signing the contract, Su Yang was connected to the weapon in his hand. The voice from the knife came from his heart.

“Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you!”

“In the future, please take care of me!”

Su Yang replied with a smile.

[ Ding! Successful contract with the weapon spirit clan! ]

“Type of contract: saber.”

[ You have obtained some information about the swordsman profession ]

[ The next time you advance, you will get more profession choices! ]

As Su Yang successfully formed a contract with the heart cutter, the system’s notification sounded again.

“Blade Master! Very good, not bad ...”


[ Tang sword-Heart Slayer ]

[ Type: life weapon spirit ]

[ Growth potential: ∞ ]

[ Effect 1: eternal! ]

[ Effect 2: devouring (increase attributes by devouring other weapons ]

[ Effect 3: shadow of Spell Breaker (reduces the target’s magic resistance and mana by 10%) ]

As the contract was successfully formed, a message about the Heart Slayer appeared in Su Yang’s vision.

After a weapon spirit was contracted, its level would grow with its master.

At the moment, Su Yang was at level 8, belonging to the iron tier.

Therefore, the heart sword was also iron-level.

However, as a weapon spirit, even if it were an iron-grade existence, if it devoured enough weapons, its damage would be comparable to higher-grade weapons.

Not only that, but she also had unlimited growth potential.

Moreover, although the current Heart Slayer was an iron-level skill, it already had three effects.

[ Effect 1: eternal! ]

This effect could only be obtained after signing a life contract.

Even if the saber was destroyed, it could be restored as long as the weapon spirit was still there.


Even if Su Yang accidentally died, the artifact spirit could still be resurrected and would still reside in its master’s body, waiting to be resurrected.

Only by eliminating the existence of Su Yang and the artifact Spirit simultaneously could he kill Su Yang completely.

This method instantly strengthened Su Yang’s ability to survive!

[ Effect 2: devour ]

As its name suggested, Heart Slayer could quickly level up by devouring a large number of weapons.

[ Effect 3: shadow of Spell Breaker! ]

This effect could be said to be extremely powerful against mages.

Not only could it reduce magic resistance, but it could also reduce the opponent’s mana.

Seeing this effect, Su Yang couldn’t help but laugh.

” First, it’s magic resistance, and now it’s this effect. I’m going to become the public enemy of all mages! ”

Just as Su Yang was playing with the heart cutter in his hand, it broke free of his hand and fell to the ground.


When she was close to the ground, the blade disappeared.

A girl in a light red dress suddenly appeared.

The young girl’s face was delicate and pretty, and her eyes were bright and attractive like the stars in the sky.

He was about 1.6 meters tall.

The golden ratio of her figure matched with a face that could make people sink into oblivion at a glance; it could be said to be very pleasing to the eye.


After landing, the young girl bent down slightly and saluted Su Yang with a faint smile.

Su Yang, who witnessed this scene, was extremely shocked.

The weapon spirit of this contract could actually transform into a human!

This was too strange!

The moment he saw the Heart Slayer, Su Yang was attracted to it.

It only lasted for a second. After a second, Su Yang maintained an indifferent expression and said calmly.

“Oh? You actually have such a form?”

Because of the contract, the Heart Slayer knew that Su Yang’s heart was not as calm as it seemed on the surface, so he smiled and said.

“Yes, Master. As a member of the artifact Spirit race, I have a total of three forms.”

The first method is to use it as a weapon to attack!

” The second type is an artifact spirit that can transform into human form. ”

” The third type is to possess the owner’s body. It’s similar to a totem and can increase the owner’s strength while also being convenient to carry around. ”

As she spoke, the maiden’s heart grabbed Su Yang’s right hand.

Then, his entire body turned into a beam of light and merged into the back of Su Yang’s hand, forming a round totem.

“If the master is injured, I can quickly heal the master in this form!”

The voice of Heart Slayer rang out in Su Yang’s heart.

“It’s very convenient!”

After listening to the introduction of the Heart Slayer, Su Yang gradually understood the power of the Heart Slayer.

Su Yang suddenly thought of something and said.

“Heartsword, it feels a little weird that you keep calling me master.”

“The leaf we signed is only a natal contract. It doesn’t seem to have any primary or secondary importance.”

“You can call me big brother from now on.”

“You’re going to change the way you address me to big brother?”

“Mm! Alright ... Big brother!”

Hearing Su Yang asking him to call him big brother, Heart Slayer felt inexplicably happy and smiled.

“Let’s go. We’ll leave this place first.”

Looking at heartbreak’s cute little face, Su Yang patted her head.

Then, he left with a Heart Slayer.


The artifact spirit space was the existence of Su Yang’s lucky event.

When Su Yang and Heart Slayer formed a contract, the space of the weapon spirit had already disappeared into the void.

Su Yang was very satisfied with the lucky hairband’s lucky event!


In the secret realm of the wasteland.

Su Yang and Heart Slayer were constantly killing magic bugs in the ruined city.

With the Heart Slayer, it was much easier for Su Yang to kill these magic bugs.

As the magic bugs died one by one under the heart cutter, Su Yang’s magic resistance attribute reached 100%.

After wiping the Heart Slayer with a cloth, Su Yang was ready to leave the wasteland.

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