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Chapter 31: “Heaven” upheaval! Switch to a special profession!

The announcement of the gold boss’s first kill was global.

Not only did Shangguan Cheng receive it.

On the other side of the blue planet, the God’s Chosen had also heard about Su Yang’s first kill of a gold boss.


“Damn it, did he complete the mythical advancement mission?”

“This is impossible!”

“Why ... How did he become so strong?”

At this moment, the God’s Chosen, whose entire body was covered in burns and was currently recuperating, revealed an extremely shocked expression in his eyes.

As someone who had participated in the advanced mission of myth, he was very clear about the mission’s difficulty!

Previously, he was full of confidence in his strength and thought he was God’s Chosen, so he challenged the advanced mythical mission.

His advanced mythical mission was:

Kill 100,000 demons of hell.

Kill the gray-silver Hell’s Gatekeeper.

Kill the gold Hell’s Demon Lord.

However, he couldn’t even complete the mission’s first phase, which was to kill 100,000 hell demons.

He might have died in the secret hell dungeon if not for his good luck.

Therefore, after hearing about the first clear of the silver boss yesterday, God’s Chosen knew better than anyone else that Heavenly Sun was challenging the mythical advancement mission.

However, he didn’t expect that only one day had passed.

Su Yang had achieved the first kill of a gold boss!

This also meant that Heavenly Sun had already completed the mythical advancement mission!

At this thought, God’s Chosen’s eyes were filled with crazy jealousy.


Suddenly, God’s Chosen laughed like a mad person and muttered.

“Very good. I didn’t expect you to really be able to complete the advanced mythical mission. Everyone has underestimated you.”

“However, Heavenly Sun, your existence is already a potential threat to those professionals from the other world. They will try their best to assassinate you!”

“I’m looking forward to the day I hear of your death!”


Professionals of different forms from the other world gathered together.

At this moment, they were all in shock because of the gold boss’s first clear announcement.

“WTF! A gold boss! How is that possible? It’s only been a day!”

“Heavenly Sun must die!”

“Since Heavenly Sun has achieved the first kill of a gold boss, does that mean that he has already completed the mythical advancement mission? ”

“This is too terrifying. This Heavenly Sun’s potential is even greater than the talents of those divines!”

Among them, a professional with a snake head stood up and said.

“Everyone knows about the mythical advancement. Since Heavenly Sun has completed the mythical advancement mission, we must arrange for special measures as soon as possible!”

“Yup! As the level of the advanced myth mission increases, the increase in strength will also become more and more terrifying!”

“I agree!”

“I also agree! We can’t let Heavenly Sun continue to grow!”

At this moment, they truly felt the threat of Heavenly Sun.

At the same time, the few people with the same opinion quickly formulated a plan to assassinate Heavenly Sun!

“Platinum forbidden magic scroll-destructive famine!”

“After it is released, its power is enough to destroy a city. For Heavenly Sun to die under this scroll is already giving him some face!”

“That’s right. You can take out the forbidden scroll immediately. Its power and range are both terrifying. We can’t give Heavenly Sun any chance of survival!”

“Hmph, hmph! Even if Heavenly Sun completes his mythical advancement, I’m afraid he’s only a bronze-grade existence now. He can’t withstand the power of the platinum forbidden scroll!”

“This time, Heavenly Sun will die!”

Looking at the platinum-grade forbidden magic scroll, the other world’s professionals were highly excited.


After Su Yang completed the myth advancement mission.

“Heaven” seemed to tremble.

An extremely mysterious and profound aura was born, like a cloud emitting endless light.

Then, the cloud slowly dissipated, emitting a mysterious aura of endless light.

At the same time.

Blue Planet, Heavenly Saints City, Hell, Abyss, Machine City ...

The worlds and all the regions that “Heaven” was connected to at this moment were all emitting endless vast golden light.


The light surging within was mysterious and complex.

It was difficult for ordinary people to sense its existence. They would only feel that there seemed to be some subtle changes in the place they were in.

As for the powerhouses, they had all noticed this strange light.

He looked at the light that suddenly appeared.

The highly ranked players in “Heaven” all revealed thoughtful expressions.

Then, they all showed surprise, shock, and disbelief.

If there was no need, they could notify and make announcements.

They knew very well that the aura was shimmering with a strange light.

This was ... Someone who had completed the mythical advancement mission!

“Heaven” took the initiative to celebrate with him!

Heavenly Saints City, the sky was filled with happy angels.


A figure shining with white and soft light in the grand hall of a luxurious building looked up.

The eyes with divinity seemed to be able to see through all the areas in Heaven at this moment.

“Several hundred years ... No, it’s been a thousand years. I didn’t expect someone to complete the mythical advancement mission again ...”

“This is a natural disaster or a blessing from the divine ...?”

He murmured in a low voice.

Then, the shining figure said in a dignified voice.

“Send down the divine order. Let the priests of all churches take action and investigate who completed the mythical advancement mission!”


“Mythical advancement mission ... I didn’t expect someone else to complete it after a few thousand years...”

“Inform everyone to action and find out who has completed the mythical advancement mission!”

In the land of the ancient death, a creature wrapped in black flames spoke.


“Someone has completed the mythical advancement mission!?”

“Eh? I’m related to this person ...”

In the Nation of Luck, the lucky girl blinked her lively eyes and murmured in confusion.


“Hahaha, after waiting for thousands of years, new talent has finally been born!”

“Tsk tsk, I wonder if he’ll be able to survive through ...”

“I hope that he won’t die halfway. It won’t be fun then ...”

A rotten stone statue suddenly burst into light in the endless void and laughed.


The Abyss, the Holy Land, the Machine City ...

In the thousands of worlds connected to “Heaven”, countless strong men were alarmed, and some strong men with great forces gave orders.


At this moment, Su Yang, who caused the thousands of worlds in “Heaven” to tremble, was shocked.

His eyes were filled with surprise.

The reward for completing the mythical advancement mission had yet to end!


[ You have completed the advanced mythical mission ]

[ You have received a chance to enter the Supreme Divine Spring to conduct a special profession switch! ]

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