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Chapter 28: Splitting the sky with a single strike! The fearful King of blade demons!

In the depths of the blade spirit’s valley.

In a quiet place.

Su Yang, resting with his eyes closed and gathering his strength to draw his sword, slowly opened his eyes.

A bright light flashed in his eyes, but it disappeared instantly.

After 10,000 Sword Slashes.

At this moment, Su Yang could feel that while the Sword Slash was accumulating power, the Heart Slayer had also accumulated a terrifying power that was ready to be unleashed!

The carrier that contained this terrifying power.

At this moment, Heart Slayer could also feel the terrifying power accumulated on his blade.

She was extremely shocked.

She had never thought that, as an artifact spirit, she would have such terrifying power at the initial stage!

I definitely can’t use this move unless I encounter the king of blade demons!

He felt the accumulated power of the Sword Slash that he had been accumulating for an entire night.

Su Yang’s eyes narrowed as he was filled with confidence.

Then, he got up and walked towards the deepest part of the valley where the gold boss, the Blade Demon King, was sleeping.

But now, he had been maintaining the charged-up state of Sword Slash.

Su Yang couldn’t act casually.

That was because as long as he pulled it even a little, that alarming increase in power would pour out in the blink of an eye!

To prevent this kind of thing from being exposed, Su Yang used Heart Slayer to kill all the blade demons he could encounter in the depths of the blade spirit valley last night!

His goal was not to let them affect him today.

His footsteps were light and slow.

Su Yang’s figure slowly entered the blade spirit’s valley.

We are about to enter the slumbering grounds of the gold boss, Blade Demon King.

Here, there were a few monsters that had luckily escaped last night.

Su Yang took the initiative to exude the aura that had been accumulated over a long time of the killing.

In an instant.

The scattered blade demons in the surroundings were immediately intimidated.

They were terrified and didn’t dare to get close to Su Yang.

Su Yang heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this.

If these blade demons were to charge at him brainlessly, he didn’t have the confidence to kill them all while ensuring that the charged state of Sword Slash wouldn’t be interrupted.

Even if he could do it, he would have to spend a lot of effort.

However, it was still alright.

These blade demons were too weak and were affected by the aura.

Without the disturbance of these blade demons ...

Su Yang quickly stepped into the sleeping range of the gold boss, Blade Demon King.

Smoke filled the air.

The aura of killing and the aura of resentment intertwined.

A black aura was floating around.

In the depths of the fog.

On the throne.

There was a figure sleeping with his eyes closed.

As Su Yang’s figure entered, he slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes were still blood red.

In an instant, it emitted two rays of red light and looked at Su Yang.

“Challenger ...”

“This is ... Is the general already dead?”

The Blade Demon King woke up from a long sleep and murmured.

When it was woken up, it wasn’t as irritable as the blade demon general.

On the contrary, he was extremely calm.

Perhaps, Su Yang’s arrival ...

To him, it was just an insignificant matter.

It didn’t care about an annoying level 10 player at all.

This was the pride and confidence of a yellow-gold boss!

The blade spirit’s valley was his territory.

It had enough qualifications to look down on anyone.



He sat on the throne calmly.

The king of blade demons just looked at Su Yang walking towards him.

Relying on the mighty king of blade demons, he thought that Su Yang was not qualified to make him stand up and personally take action.

When Su Yang got closer, it could just kill him.

He could not remember how many times he had done this.

In the past, many challengers had defeated the general who guarded the gate and reached the throne where it was.

However, the final result was that these challengers had all failed.

Some people who didn’t escape in time died under his throne.

Every once in a while, there would be some nasty bugs that would disturb his sleep.

It was already used to it.



Su Yang looked at the figure sitting on the throne not far away.

He knew that this was the final challenge he was about to face, the gold boss, the king of blade demons.

Su Yang’s heart tightened when the Blade Demon King’s blood-red eyes swept over him.

His expression was grave.

He was already prepared to draw his saber!

However, the Blade Demon King only looked at him and said a few words, then continued to sit on the throne.

He seemed to be waiting for Su Yang to take the initiative to go over.

“This fellow ...”

Looking at the figure on the throne, Su Yang understood that he had been underestimated.

However, this was good news for him.

He could take advantage of the king of blade demons ‘underestimation of him!

Therefore, Su Yang took time to use the Sword Slashing art. Instead, he slowly walked toward the throne.

With every passing second, the power of the Sword Slash would double.

The longer it dragged on, the better it was for Su Yang!


On the throne, the king of blade demons looked at Su Yang, who was walking towards him unhurriedly.

He couldn’t help but feel curious.

The challenger this time seemed to be a little different from the previous challengers, who would rush to him excitedly when they saw him.

He seemed to be calmer.

However, it only felt a little curious.

He didn’t care much about Su Yang.

Time passed by slowly.

Su Yang felt that his Sword Slash had already accumulated more than 50000 times the damage!

At this moment, he was almost at the boss!

“You’re very calm, different from the previous challengers ...”

“However, an ant is still an ant. No matter how special it is, the outcome is no different.”

The king of blade demons looked at Su Yang, who was gradually approaching him and sneered.

At the same time, he casually raised his arm and slashed at Su Yang as if he was dealing with a bug.

At this moment!

Su Yang also understood!

Sword Slash!

Su Yang instantly pulled out the Heart Slayer, and the blade directly slashed toward the Blade Demon King.

One slash!

In an instant, the initially calm expression of the desert king changed.

Fear, disbelief, and other emotions surged into his heart.

The surroundings were filled with thick smoke.

This slash swept up a blade wave that broke through the sky and instantly exploded.

It was a sword slash that was condensed with terrifying power.

In an instant, it went through the body of the Blade Demon King.

At this moment, the sky seemed to have been split open.

The earth seemed to have been split open.

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