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Chapter 21: Hunting the blade demon! Improving blade technique

[ You have entered the mythical advancement mission’s secret dungeon! ]

[ You have arrived at the blade spirit’s valley! ]

[ The experience gained from killing in the promotion mission will be automatically released after the mission is completed! ]

[ After the promotion mission is completed, you will be automatically sent out of the secret dungeon! ]

[ During the mission process, you can leave the secret dungeon anytime. Once you leave, you will fail the promotion mission! ]


[ Your arrival has attracted the attention of the blade demons! ]


After confirming the mythical advancement mission.

Su Yang’s eyes flashed with an illusionary scene.

Then, he was teleported to the blade spirit’s valley, the mythical quest’s secret dungeon!

“The experience points will only be given after the quest is completed. By then, I might even level up a few times!”

“But the prerequisite is to complete the mission!”

“However, I can actually quit this mission at any time ...”

“You can’t back out unless you’re in a life-threatening situation!”

“Otherwise, if I fail the mythical advancement mission, I’ll have nothing left! ”

Su Yang thought to himself.

Then, he didn’t continue to pay attention to this but looked around.

This was a piece of land.

There were all sorts of mountain peaks.

The shape and environment of each mountain peak were different.

‘But ...’

The killing intent that filled the air was already about to condense!

Su Yang looked around vigilantly, holding the Heart Slayer that had already turned into a tang sword.


The crisp sound of a blade cutting through the air came from the right.

Su Yang held Heart Slayer and quickly adjusted his body, blocking with his backhand as if it was his instinct.

It blocked a long knife that suddenly attacked.

At this time, Su Yang also clearly saw the attacker’s appearance.

Blade demon!

A soul monster that wields a long blade and has the form of a human-like soul.

“Is this the blade spirit contaminated by demonic Qi?”

Su Yang said with emotion.

This blade demon should have been hiding nearby.

He suddenly saw Su Yang’s figure and wanted to take advantage of Su Yang’s unguarded state to launch a sneak attack.

However, for Su Yang, who had always used a knife, the sound of the blade cutting through the air was all too familiar.

Therefore, Su Yang reacted the moment he heard the sound.

He had blocked the blade demon’s attack in time!

It was a good thing he reacted quickly. Otherwise, it would be too dangerous if he was injured at the beginning of the myth advancement mission!


This blade demon did not expect Su Yang to be able to block its attack so quickly.

Especially when he saw that Su Yang’s weapon was a knife and had a spirit.

The blade demon’s dark red eyes suddenly lit up with excitement.

The long arm holding the long knife waved quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it swung dozens of times.

Su Yang responded quickly.

He used Heart Slayer to block the blade demon’s attack.

He would look for an opportunity to attack the blade demon.

Su Yang used the gap between the block and used [ probe ] to look at the blade demon’s information.


[ Blade demon level 13 ]

[ Health: 800 ]

[ Defense: 240 ]

[ Attack 1000 ]

[ Introduction: transformed from a blade spirit contaminated by demonic qi. Highly skilled in using blades! ]



High attack but low defense!

From the looks of it, this blade demon was the most typical monster with a high attack but low defense!

“No wonder this long blade is so sharp, so it’s like this!”

Looking at the excited blade demon, Su Yang’s eyes flashed with a hint of understanding.

In the short confrontation with the blade demon just now, he had almost been cut by the blade demon’s attacks several times.

Fortunately, swift adjusted his body in time and dodged the attack.

He had barely dodged a few of them.

From those attacks, Su Yang could feel the sharp edge!


Since its defense is so low, I need to find an excellent opportunity to finish it in one go!


Su Yang’s eyes lit up as he thought about it, waiting for a good opportunity.

After that, he secretly sought an opportunity to attack while fighting against the blade demon.

The blade demon’s blocking ability was indeed powerful.

But it was not an absolute block!

A fleeting opportunity appeared.

Su Yang didn’t waste the long wait and grabbed it instantly.

A mighty gale slash was unleashed.

In an instant, it struck the blade demon’s soul.

In an instant, 30% actual damage, bloodlust, heavy injury ...

Some other effects came with the gale slash.

He had ended the life of the blade demon in front of him!

“Uh ...”

The blade demon stopped waving his long blade and looked at his body, which was constantly dissipating in disbelief.

Then, after a moment of surprise, he disappeared.

All that was left was a rusty saber.

“After suffering from the torture of demonic qi for a long time, death should be a happy thing, right?”

Looking at the remaining long knife, Su Yang sighed in a low voice.

[ You killed the blade demon ]

[ Gained 36 experience points ]

[ Your blade skill talent has been upgraded! ]


“Blade technique?”

He saw that he had obtained a saber technique attribute.

Su Yang’s eyes burst with an intense light!

To him, who used sabers as his weapon, the existence of saber techniques had directly brought his strength to a whole new world!

He thought about the requirements of this mythical advancement mission.

You need to kill 100000 blade demons.

It was even more in line with his thoughts!

Even if there were no mission requirements, he would continue to hunt down blade demons to improve his blade technique!

Su Yang held the Heart Slayer in his hand in an excited mood and began actively searching for traces of the blade demon.

Not long after.

Three blade demons appeared in front of him.

Facing the three-blade demons, Su Yang thought for a moment.

Then, he held Heart Slayer and instantly attacked.

Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of a blade demon first!

Swish swish swish-

The sound of the blade cutting through the air rang out, and a blade demon was the first to be killed.

Su Yang also killed the remaining blade demon within 15 minutes!

[ You have killed the blade demon ]

[ Received 32 experience points ]

[ Bladee skill attributes increased! ]



After the battle, Su Yang let out a breath of air.

Then, he removed a cloth and wiped off the marks left on Heart Slayer.

Then, he took out some food and water to replenish his energy.

Su Yang had prepared a month’s worth of food in his space ring for the mythical advancement mission.

After resting for a while, Su Yang continued to look for other blade demons.

As he went deeper ...

Not long after.

In a mountain range where strong winds were blowing.

He had encountered a blade demon slightly different from the one he had experienced before.

Su Yang used [ Inspect ] and obtained information about this blade demon.


[ Wind blade demon level 19 ]

[ 1800 HP ]

[ Defense 400 ]

[ Attack: 2000 ]

[ Skill: wind blade slash ... ]


Wind element blade demon?

It was of a higher level than ordinary blade demons, and its strength was greater!

“Wind element blade demon!”

“Would the attributes obtained from killing it be any different from that of ordinary blade demons?”

Su Yang muttered as he looked at the wind element blade demon in front of him.

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