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Chapter 13: Overbearing kill! Innate ability activated!

The few professional players who had managed to escape were lying on the ground, gasping for air.

When he saw that Su Yang dared to step into the territory of the lava monster at this time, he was stunned.

He was extremely shocked.

Some people felt it was a pity, while others thought it was a joke.

Almost no one was optimistic about Su Yang’s chances.

“This guy, is he crazy?”

“He dares to step into the territory of the lava monster at this time. He’s simply courting death!”

“Can’t you see how miserable we are? You still dare to go up!”

“We are the only ones who survived out of a group of twelve ...”

“He’s still young. He’s quite bold!”


When the person beside him saw that Su Yang had entered the lava monster’s territory without hesitation, he was also stunned.

“He’s too confident. I hope he can survive!”

The soldier shook his head.


[ Lava monster (bronze boss) ]

[ HP: 8000 ]

[ Defense: 304 ]

[ Attack 612 ]

Skills: bursting flames fireball, giant rock strike, flame charge ...

After entering the territory of the lava monster.

Su Yang activated his detection skill and obtained the boss’s panel information.



The angry lava monster became even more furious when it saw Su Yang entering its territory.

His entire body was burning with intense flames, and his figure instantly doubled in size.

With a roar, he jumped straight at Su Yang.

At this moment, Su Yang’s aura had also reached its peak.

His physical and mental state had also reached its peak.

He held the Heart Slayer in his hand and seemed to be ready.

A sharp chill was emitted from the blade.

The moment the lava monster jumped over ...

Su Yang waved his Heart Slayer.

For an instance..

The gale slash brought cold air condensed into a vast illusionary blade.

It slashed toward the lava monster.

At the same time.

Su Yang did not move, but his body moved quickly.

In the blink of an eye, he had left his original position.

This process took one second.

The lava monster that had jumped over could not dodge the incoming gale slash in time.

He could only use his body to resist it.

He had wanted to take this attack head-on and pounce on Su Yang.

However, as Su Yang’s figure disappeared, the lava monster’s idea fell through.


The giant lava monster fell from the sky.

Due to the attack of the gale slash, it could not control its body at all and could only fall to the ground.


The giant lava monster let out a painful roar.

It struggled, trying to get up from the ground.

The rock fragments in front of his chest began to shatter.

After a short while, the lava monster’s body was covered in blade marks.

It was also seriously injured!



“God! This ...”

The lava monster is actually injured!!

“Who is that person? It’s actually so strong that it can cause damage to the lava monster!”

“An expert on the level rankings?”

“I don’t ... I don’t think anyone from rock city has entered the level rankings!”

When Su Yang entered the lava monster’s territory, the professionals lying on the ground gloated at Su Yang’s misfortune.

After all, they had just survived the lava monster.

However, what they didn’t expect was the scene that happened in front of them.

They were dumbfounded and shocked.

Not only did Su Yang not end up in a sorry state like them, but he also severely injured the lava monster in one move!

After all, the dozen of them had attacked the lava monster together, but they had not dealt any damage to it at all!


“Is this his true strength?”

“No wonder he’s so confident!”

“What is he ... Who is it?”

The soldiers on the other side witnessed this scene with their own eyes.

Sighing softly, he recalled the advice he had given him earlier and could not help but smile bitterly.


Su Yang’s side.

After the attack, he felt a faint warm current flowing into his body.

“This is ...”

“Brother, this is the Bloodthirst effect.”

Heart Slayer’s voice resounded in Su Yang’s mind.

“Bloodthirst effect?”

“This is the Bloodlust effect?”

Su Yang’s eyes instantly lit up.

Not only could it recover hp, but it could also recover stamina!

This would be too useful in battle!

If he had the chance, he would definitely strengthen Bloodlust’s effect!

On the other side.

After the lava monster struggled to get up, it felt pain all over its body.

The flames burning all over his body grew fiercer.

The broken rock bodies were also recovering.

Yes, with the effect of Su Yang’s serious injury, these injured areas would be difficult to recover from.


After understanding this, the giant lava monster roared in anger.

All the energy in his body condensed ...

Then, he threw out a series of bursting flames fireballs.

“So many bursting flames fireballs! It’s too terrifying!”

“We’re finished! No one will survive this!”


Seeing the lava monster’s bursting flames fireball, the professionals were terrified.

They had personally experienced the power of these fireballs!

Therefore, when he saw the lava monster throwing out so many flames and fireballs, he felt he had lost.

Although they felt this guy was strong, they underestimated the boss’s damage!

“Dammit! If I insist on stopping him, he might change his mind!”

The soldiers standing on the side watched the sky full of explosive fireballs flying over, and at this moment, they regretted not stopping Su Yang.




A large number of bursting flames fireballs fell from the sky.

Following that, a series of loud explosions could be heard.

The surrounding flames shot out in all directions.

The entire area where Su Yang was was turned into a sea of fire.


Seeing that the human in front of it was about to be buried in the sea of fire, the lava monster let out a roar.

At this moment.

Su Yang’s figure was like an illusion as he instantly rushed out of the sea of fire.

The gale that came with the blade split the sea of fire.

The lava monster didn’t have time to react.

One after another, storm slashes came at him.

Once again, he slashed at the unhealed wounds.

A dozen storm slashes were cast in a row.

The lava monster’s colossal body began to crack, slowly turning into red rocks.



As a large number of rocks fell to the ground, the lava monster was no longer there.

[ You have killed the lava monster (bronze boss) ]

[ Received 300 experience points ]

[ 7 gold coins acquired ]

[ Unlimited growth talent successfully activated! ]

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