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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!
Chapter 65: Three Days Till the National College Examination!

Chapter 65: Three Days Till the National College Examination!

At Construction High’s exam area, Jin Zhanpeng swung his fist. He felt incredibly gloomy. Naturally, he got through the m

ental strength test, but he did not manage to get into the top one hundred in the region.

He was ranked 255th. For others, this would be something worth celebrating, but to him, it was a miserable loss.

“Zhanpeng, what happened to you today? This was something easy, so how in the world did you manage to fail so miserably?” The aristocratic children ranked among the top ten and who also happened to be from Construction High walked over.

Jin Zhanpeng had always been arrogant, but when he faced the elites among elites, he did not dare to show even the slightest bit of his resentment.

There was always someone better. Even though his father was a sniping type superhuman and his family had opened a gun club, the others’ backgrounds were even more inscrutable than his.

Their leader, Luo Hai, was the student council president of Construction High. His father was the six-star superhuman Soul Breaking Saber Luo Wu!

Jin Zhanpeng could not afford to offend him!

“I had placed a lot of hopes on you, and I wanted you to be able to fight against the people from First High School and Second High School during the practical test. I didn’t expect that your mental strength would not be able to reach the standards. You really wasted all the resources I fought for you!” Luo Hai rebuked him gently.

“It’s all because of that guy...” Jin Zhanpeng’s face turned red, and he did not dare go into detail.


Luo Hai cast a glance at the ranking board. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. “What’s with that kid? He’s from Ninth High School, and he managed to get into the top thirty in the region?” 𝓲𝗻𝚗𝑟𝑒𝓪𝑑. 𝘤𝚘𝚖

“He actually...?” Jin Zhanpeng was shocked.

“Is that Meng Chao born with a thick head? Or does he have his brain mutated? He might be missing his amygdala, you know, the place in the brain that controls fear? He can’t sense fear, and it’s no wonder why Big Brother Peng couldn’t scare him just now.”

The students who had followed Jin Zhanpeng for a show of force just now said, “This sort of people are like those born with pain insensitivity. They might look calm, but they’re completely useless. They’re the ones who are going to die at any moment in the battlefield.”

“He’s Meng Chao? The one who defeated... what’s his name?” Luo Hai cast Jin Zhanpeng a glance.

“Zuo Haoran, my disciple,” Jin Zhanpeng quickly said.

“Oh, I saw him in your club last time. He’s the pretty boy whose gun technique is normal but whose flattery skills are really good? Zhanpeng, I have to say, you’re an elite from Construction High. Can’t you raise your standards a little when it comes to taking in disciples?” Luo Hai pursed his lips. “That guy’s born slow in the head? Heh, let’s go and take a look.”

When the elites from Construction High walked over, the students from Ninth High School were coincidentally walking out while surrounding Meng Chao.

Their presences clashed. Ninth High School might be slightly weaker, but since their results this year were good, they managed to withstand the pressure.

Meng Chao immediately saw Jin Zhanpeng, since he was nearly two meters tall. He thought that he was still feeling loathful, so he thought for a moment before he asked for his schoolmates to make way. He walked over.

“Mr. Jin, we might have some misunderstandings between us.”

He extended his hand on his own. “We’re all hot-blooded youngsters, it’s normal that we have slight conflicts and are competitive with each other.

“But Dragon City is a lone army in the Other World. Soon, we’re going to face incredibly fierce and cruel monsters in the same battlefield. You saw just how difficult the mental strength test is this year. If it weren’t because the war is about to become even more difficult, the education department wouldn’t do something so insane in such a short notice.

“War is coming, it’s pretty meaningless if we continue fighting against our own, where you threaten me and I humiliate you. What do you think?”

His words caused Jin Zhanpeng to blush red.

The students from Construction High and Ninth High School put on contemplative expressions.

The atmosphere gradually turned more amicable, and Meng Chao felt happy that he managed to make a small contribution when it came to increasing the harmony between the high school students in Dragon City.


Ning Xueshi and Yan Feirou came over together while they smiled beautifully. They said, “Meng Chao, congrats on scoring so well for the mental strength test! Let’s go and eat!”

In an instant, the high school students’ young, youthful, and terribly wounded hearts were dealt a heavy blow again.

Jin Zhanpeng’s face was full of envy, jealousy, and hate. ‘Brat, how dare you say that it’s meaningless to humiliate me? If it’s meaningless, why are you still humiliating me in different ways?!

Meng Chao found himself feeling depressed. These two seniors were just too good at making people hate him. They were basically affecting the unity among the students.

Luo Hai chuckled softly. He went up to shake Meng Chao’s outstretched hand. “Construction High, Luo Hai.”

Meng Chao blinked. “Ninth High School, Meng Chao.”

He was originally thinking about only giving a cursory shake, but Luo Hai’s grip was pretty strong. A wave of heat came from his palm, and he held Meng Chao’s hand seriously for three seconds.

“From today onwards, your name will be known in Tiger Forest Region, Meng Chao of Ninth High School,” Luo Hai said sincerely, “I hope that you’ll be able to get a good result during your national college examination. If that happens, we’ll have a chance to meet again.”

Meng Chao thought about it and nodded, “Luo Hai, I hope that you’ll succeed in the exam, same to you too, Jin Zhanpeng, and everyone from Construction High. You don’t know me yet, but once you get a deeper understanding of me, you’ll find that I’m actually an easy-going person who likes to keep to a low-profile. I don’t really care for fame and personal interests, and I don’t like putting up a show to humiliate others. I just like contributing to society. We’ll definitely be able to become friends.”

Before his voice even faded away, Ning Xueshi and Yan Feirou came to his sides, and like female bodyguards, held his arms and dragged him away.

Luo Hai wrapped his arms around his chest and watched as he left. He smiled faintly. “Meng Chao? He’s pretty interesting.”

“Big Brother Hai, that brat is too arrogant. Should we do something to him?” Jin Zhanpeng’s face was gloomy as he asked this question softly.

Luo Hai cast Jin Zhanpeng a surprised look.

“Zhanpeng, honestly speaking, there’s something Meng Chao said just now that is pretty logical. You’d best remember it.”

He frowned and said, “We’re competitors in school, because everyone has to fight for resources, and we can even fight until we draw blood from it. But once we step out of the gates of Construction High and are in the region, we’re all comrades fighting in the same battlefield, and we can entrust each other with our backs.

“Similarly, in Tiger Forest Region, we’re competitors with Ninth High School and the other key high schools in the city. We can use every method in our disposal to suppress them, but once we look beyond Tiger Forest Region and look at the whole city, you’ll find that we’re brothers who can fight together to the death. We have to fight against famous schools like First High School and Second High School.

“If we look at an even larger scale, we’ll still be applying the same logic. We might be mortal enemies with First High School and Second High School in all sorts of competitions and the battlefield that will be used for the national college examination, but when it comes to the Monster War and our journey to conquer the Other World, we’ll still turn into comrades who will live and die together. We have to fuse our blood together and fight until our blood runs dry.

“Dragon City martyrs came to realize a brutal truth over the past years, and that truth can be summarized into two words—competition and unity. You’d best think about it seriously and carefully. If you don’t come to understand something from it, you won’t be able to achieve great things in your life.”

Jin Zhanpeng did not expect that Luo Hai would lecture him so mercilessly. He could not help but have his face turn red in embarrassment.

“You refuse to accept what I said?” Luo Hai gave a ghost of a smile. “If you’re not, go on and attack him on your own. I don’t know how high Meng Chao’s maximum punching strength or his results in his one-hundred meter dash are, and I never learned what sort of force execution technique, meditation technique, stances, or strategies he practiced. These are just data on paper, and I don’t care about it, but I can bet you one buck that if I throw you and him into the fog, even if you’re covered head to toe in armor and he’s barehanded, in the end, the one who will die is you!”

In the end, Meng Chao did not go out to eat with the seniors.

The main reason behind it was because everyone had to take the school bus back to Ninth High School, and Demon Yan still had his expression looking as sour as ever.

If he went out to eat with ning Xueshi and Yan Feirou, he would not be adhering to the code of brotherhood at all. Besides, if he went back to school, hundreds of boys would be vying to beat him to a pulp.

But he did look through the information pamphlets from the university the seniors brought him.

Dragon City University was already famous while it was still on Earth, and Agricultural University was known as Monster University.

Their overall strength was among the top two among all the universities in Dragon City.

Meng Chao’s goal was to get into either of these two famous universities.

He made multiple copies of this information and gave them to many students.

He even shamelessly asked the two seniors to come to Ninth High School to share their experiences on how they should fill in their aspiration forms. The two girls agreed to it happily.

When he said this to Demon Yan, it traveled so fast that even Principal Sun heard about it. He used his connections and asked some of the top graduates of Ninth High School who had gotten into famous universities to come over, causing a spectacle so great that it was much livelier than many of the key high schools in the city. Many of the students were inspired, and Meng Chao happily obtained a lot of contribution points.

These two things helped him repair his friendship with the boys. The sounds of laughter came from the dorms again, and Meng Chao no longer had to live in fear when he went to sleep at night.

But now, every time they trained, there were always a lot of boys who could cry out that they wanted to spar with him, and the one who led this whole entire thing was Chu Feixiong.

He did not mind sparring. Right now, the school paid great attention to him, and they stuffed all sorts of cultivation resources down his throat. Every night, he would feel a terrifying amount of power burning in him, and he had no place to use it. There were basically billions of sparks in him that were waiting to be ignited right now.

He had the help from future martial arts, and his pain senses were already refined by the memories from his previous life. Even the outstanding students from the rocket classes were not his opponent. Everyone said that their focus was no longer on winning against Meng Chao. Instead, their focus was on Meng Chao when he started fighting. When he did, he would instantly turn into someone else. His eyes shone fiercely, but there was cold sneer on his lips. All the moves he used were all moves that would cause him to end up dying together with his enemy. He looked as if he was about to dig out his intestines at any moment to choke his opponent to death.

Meng Chao was clearly not a high school student, it was obvious that he was a veteran who had been fighting for decades in an ocean of blood and piles of corpses.

Many of the students’ data on paper was about the same as Meng Chao, but when they were enveloped by the fierce aura, they immediately had their hearts race, and their legs grew weak. How could they even fight against him?

Besides, Meng Chao looked as if he was not afraid of pain in the slightest. Even if the others punched him ten times and covered his face in so many bruises that he looked like an alien, he would still go to the canteen as if nothing happened and eat half a Demonic Halberd Pig.

When he punched others three times, they would be hissing in pain for a long time, and they would even vomit their supper from last night.

The disparity was so great. How could they possibly still continue to have fun together?

Jiang Lei, whose data on paper made him rank at the top of the school, fought against Meng Chao once, and after that, he had to continue increasing the number of people to fight with him against Meng Chao.

In the beginning, Jiang Lei and Chu Feixiong attacked him together, so it was a two against one fight.

Slowly, it was upgraded to three against one, then four against one, and even five against one.

Honestly, if the place was big enough, Meng Chao would not be afraid even if one hundred people fought against him.

No matter how many enemies he had, they needed to be able to land a punch on him for the fight to be effective, right?

As long as they did not use guns and just used their fists and cold weapons, he could move around as much as he wanted in the whole training room and even the whole school. These inexperienced high school students could not even touch a single strand of his hair.

Of course, this would just cause them to lose the meaning of training, and it would also demotivate the students in their learning.

Hence, Meng Chao would sometimes let himself be caught, and he would have to fight against three to five built boys.

In any case, whenever his contribution points increased by a large portion, the miniscule wounds in his body would recover a little. If things were really bad, he could exchange his points for an Initial Stage Healing Skill. Hence, his ability to continue fighting nonstop was insanely good.

When he fought against the students wildly, he could subtly influence their force execution methods. He could also master the three great force execution methods. His contribution points just kept increasing, so there was no reason for him to not do this.

Just like that, three days before the national college examination, Chu Feixiong and the other students recalled their final push over the past half a month. Then, they discovered gloomily that they seemed to have been beaten up by Meng Chao, even though their plan was to beat up Meng Chao.

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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! Chapter 65: Three Days Till the National College Examination!