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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!
Chapter 1765 - 1765 The Future Generation Is Formidable

1765 The Future Generation Is Formidable

The superhumans were the blades of human civilization.

The blood of the strong had to flow for the weak.

Superhumans would always protect the ordinary people unconditionally.

The ordinary folk would always support the superhumans too.

Unfortunately, the above four were merely slogans.

In other words, they could only be established temporarily in conditions where the civilization was facing a life-and-death situation, such as during the Monster War.

Most of the time, it was impossible for superhumans to protect ordinary people unconditionally.

Common folk might not be like the NPCs in a game, always supporting the superhumans either.

This was human nature, complicated human nature that could not stand certain tests.

Fortunately, Meng Chao was not a dragon-slaying teen who had become headstrong, arrogant, and extremely ambitious just because he had obtained the ability to understand the heavens and earth in his early twenties.

Having decades of painful memories from his apocalyptic nightmare, he recognized the truth in “never testing human nature.”

Therefore, he did not intend to let the superhumans from the humble class in the nine mega corporations and their families make the “extremely difficult choice.”

The scene of him and Shen Yuanbao shaking hands and hugging in front of tens of millions made almost all the superhumans and their families heave a sigh of relief.

Since Meng Chao did not plan on monopolizing the big pie, which was developing Picturesque Orchid Lake and taking advantage of the situation to kill off the nine mega corporations, things would be easy.

The next question was how to split the pie.

‘You can have an extra piece, and I’ll eat a few mouthfuls less. It’s not a matter of principle. We can talk about it slowly. We can talk about it while we eat.’

In a secret high-end club not far away from the site of the explosion, the atmosphere that was as cold as the Arctic glaciers had warmed up a little.

Aside from Shen Yuanbao and Yun Feidian, the leaders of the other seven mega corporations and the seven first-generation Deity Realm warriors with outstanding contributions had gathered there to discuss how to deal with Meng Chao’s powerful return, the Turan civilization’s strength that far exceeded their expectations, and a series of tricky problems such as the Golden Roc’s explosion.

The average age of the first-generation Deity Realm warriors was over seventy years old, and they had been through mountains of corpses and seas of blood for decades. Meanwhile, the high-spirited Meng Chao looked like a divine soldier descending from the sky, and his every cell was shining like a searchlight. When they saw him, they truly felt that they were old for the first time.

Even if they maintained themselves well, they still looked like middle-aged men past their prime.

Their minds, which had been exhausted after countless battles of wits and courage with monsters, had started to slow down and become stiff for a long time.

Their shriveling brains could not project the future three to five years down the line or even longer like when they were young. They could not imagine the social form, military structure, and combat ability of the Other World’s indigenous civilizations that were different from human civilization either.

Their bodies had been heavily wounded, and they had gone crazy countless of times. The thousands of holes in their thin bodies had barely recovered, and they were like old engines that had not been maintained for a long time. However much and how high-energy the fuel was, air was leaking everywhere, and the tank could explode at any time. They could not stand upright and get ready to unleash the most powerful horsepower at any time as they had in the past.

If Meng Chao, who had returned with strong momentum, became determined to take everything for himself and even annihilate the nine mega corporations…

The first-generation Deity Realm experts could still fight him.

Now, however, looking at the olive branch and the big pie that Meng Chao had thrown out, all the company helmsmen could not make up their minds to risk their lives and even their glory to fight Meng Chao and the Azure Alliance to the end.

The most crucial problem was that the nine mega corporations were not united.

These first-generation Deity Realm powerhouses were far from being of one heart.

Before the rise of the Azure Alliance, their biggest opponent had been the two people who had sat on both sides of the long table, squinting and sizing each other up.

Let’s make it clearer.

Even Shen Yuanbao, who was known for his bad temper and courage to fight, but not his “intelligence,” could reach a secret agreement with Meng Chao, catching everyone off guard.

Who could guarantee that there was no “other Shen Yuanbao” among the helmsmen of the seven great families who had already secretly contacted or even formed an alliance with Meng Chao?

The situation was so delicate, and Meng Chao seemed to be in the right. Whoever dared to stand up and reject Meng Chao’s suggestion at this time would be going against the surging public opinion of several million Dragon City citizens.

Even if they succeeded in the end, they would probably be “killing a thousand enemies, but suffering eight hundred in losses.”

Once that happened, other than suffering public backlash and causing their own companies to suffer heavy losses in the financial market, what other benefits would they have?

The seven first-generation Deity Realm experts who were silently calculating the gains and losses in their hearts sighed and realized that from the moment they started “calculating,” they had subconsciously prepared to compromise.

Sugar cane was not sweet on both ends.

In the past, the dozens of first-generation Deity Realm experts in Dragon City had taken two completely different paths.

Some had established their own family businesses and relied on their unparalleled super martial strength to protect the family businesses. Their businesses grew increasingly big and finally formed the nine great families or nine mega corporations.

Others, on the other hand, had focused on martial arts and fighting. They did not care about “trivial” matters such as family, business, business operations, and personal image maintenance.

The former had once mocked the latter for being inflexible.

Since they relied on their family businesses to spread their tentacles like an octopus, the cultivation resources they managed to obtain were often several times or even dozens of times more than the latter.

Nevertheless, with such big families and businesses, there were more things to worry about. They had to scheme against each other in all aspects and be overly cautious about their overall situation. The former’s mind and even power became less pure as time went on. 𝐢n𝒏𝘳𝙚𝒶𝘥. 𝗰𝚘𝓂

Their lives no longer belonged to them.

Instead, their lives belonged to their families and mega corporations.

They could risk their lives, but how could they casually fight for the lives of their entire family and business empire?

Merchants and warriors were two completely incompatible professions.

The leaders of these mega corporations had contemplated and solved problems that they faced for decades as businessmen. Suddenly, they realized that it was incredibly difficult for them to solve the new problem of Meng Chao with the firm, pure, and even simple and crude way of thinking that warriors had.

Fighting and killing were not the styles of a businessman.

Peace breeds wealth. Everyone sat down and slowly discussed how to make the pie bigger or at least boast about it. This was the true nature of a businessman.

In the end, Lu Zhongqi, Shen Yuanbao’s rival, Lu Siya’s grandfather, the president of the Dragon City Mine Explorer Association and Crystal Association, as well as the head of Sky Pillar Corporation, unified the seven mega corporations’ attitude toward Meng Chao with a sigh.

“The future generation is formidable!”

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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! Chapter 1765 - 1765 The Future Generation Is Formidable