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Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess' Fiance
Chapter 15 Bertia (17 Years Old) [5]

Chapter 15 Bertia (17 Years Old) [5]

“Now then, shall we hear your opinion regarding this matter, Baron Inderon?”

“Y-yes, Your Highness!”

In the royal palace’s audience room.

I stood next to my father, the king.

There were several guards surrounding us, but unlike occasions where a [proper] guest such as an envoy from a foreign country came, only the people absolutely necessary were in attendance. There was a handsome man wearing a slightly haggard face, with his head bowed in terror.

He was Baron Inderon.

That father of Baroness Heronia’s finally left his territory and arrived at the royal palace.

It has already been a few days since the graduation party.

Our days had passed by very quietly.

In the end, the graduation party restarted again afterwards. The academy’s students and the graduate’s guardians raised high-pitched cheers at their relief upon seeing my healthy appearance and the figure of Bertia being escorted by me as though I was supporting her, with her face bright red and clearly showing that ‘something’ had occurred.

That got me wanting to give a bit of ‘service,’ so after apologizing for the commotion at the party, I said, “She is the best partner I could wish for. There surely won’t be any other woman who could love me as much as she does. With what happened this time, I was able to further understand the depth of her love,” and kissed her head. The whole venue showed varying degrees of excitement, and it was said that this was the most touching graduation party in history.

Though in hindsight, the graduation party that we were in charge on achieved a great success, splendidly overwriting the foolish moves done by Baroness Heronia and her light spirit with enjoyable memories, and the truth was hidden in the shadow.

However, it was only a discrepancy between whether the people’s attention was successfully redirected or not, and the problem itself wasn’t yet solved.

It goes without saying, Baroness Heronia dropped out of the Halm Academy.

However, it meant that she couldn’t continue to stay in the academy’s dormitories, and we had to ask that she be placed under supervision.

It was a matter of course, since she has now become an outsider.

Even so, her father, Baron Inderon, couldn’t just deal with everything on his own before he came to the royal capital, and as a result, during the time it took for Baron Inderon to arrive at the royal capital from his territory, the royal palace took care of it.

Of course, it was impossible to treat her as an ordinary guest, given that she was charged for harming the crown prince and for being discourteous to and falsely accusing of crime a member of a marquis house, which had a higher status than her own baron house.

As a result, she was put inside a room reserved for high-ranking nobles under suspicion of crime, which was located in the royal palace, to reflect on everything that had happened and to think about the future.

…Based on what her monitoring knight said, unfortunately, as a lower-ranking noble, the high-ranking nobles pen seemed to her like an ordinary guest room, only that she wasn’t allowed to go outside and had to entertain herself.

Preferably, she would’ve been better put in the jailhouse, but not only was the attack on me her spirit’s voluntary action, she was still a minor. Furthermore, though she clashed with a marquis house, due to the custom that [all students are equal] and since it was something that happened in the academy, it was mostly deemed as a [quarrel between fellow students]. There was a quite a delicate line between where or not to imprison her for a [crime], so we couldn’t do anything else other than give her this sort of a treatment.

Well, even if it wasn’t categorized as a [crime], since the things that she did was known to a lot of nobles, she wouldn’t be able to escape from the societal retribution.

Besides, due to shaming the innocent Bertia in front of so many people and trying to ruin Bertia’s life by painting her out as someone who [must atone for her crimes] for matters completely unrelated to Bertia, Heronia would have to resign herself to receive the anger of the parent of the slandered daughter—Marquis Noches.

In short, even if it wasn’t considered a [crime], there was no doubt that she was in a substantial position to be judged.

However, the person herself—Baroness Heronia couldn’t comprehend such a thing at all.

It was truly disappointing. …Mainly the contents of her head, though.

Now then, I have to decide what to do with her from now on somehow or another, in order to close this chapter.

If it were a discussion just among the related parties, it’d be a discussion among Bertia and Baroness Heronia, and me. However, this time, the matter had gotten bigger to the extent that it couldn’t just end with that.

It was a slander towards not just the crown prince and a marquis’s daughter, but the future crown princess, and in amidst a crowd of onlookers on top of everything else.

Moreover, since she tried to have Marquis Noches take responsibility for a nonexistent crime, it became necessary to have a discussion that involves the parents whether they’re willing or not.

In order for this to not leave a big impact on the country, we have to calmly and convincingly bring this matter to an end.

Even if this were a quarrel among children, if we don’t take appropriate countermeasures and end up setting a strange precedent, it might become a nuisance afterwards, so we still have to properly put an end to it now.

No matter how indiscriminate the actions of someone with power are, they’d have a large influence in general.

Therefore, just like this, though it was troublesome, my father played a leading role, gathering the concerned party including Marquis Noches and me, and also the people who could ascertain the truth, and prepared the place of judgment.

Incidentally, Bertia is the only involved party who isn’t present.

I had a hunch that things would become difficult if she were to intervene, and since there’s the likelihood of her being hurt even further by Baroness Heronia who would be brought to this place later, I consulted my father and Marquis Noches and we decided to settle the punishment on our own without telling her.

Ostensibly, the latter reason was the one that went public, but as for our real feelings… the former reason weighed more, but we will keep this matter to ourselves.

“Th-this time, my daughter has caused much trouble…”

“Let’s skip the introductions. First of all, I’d like to hear your thoughts regarding this matter.”

Marquis Noches completely cut off Baron Inderon as he grovelled, trembling, on the floor.

Marquis Noches leveled a piercing, sub-zero stare at Baron Inderon that he would never have shown to Bertia, and Baron Inderon soundlessly shrieked, “Eek!”

Originally, for better or worse, he had the presence of a kindhearted uncle, and I ended up feeling that his frightened figure was quite pitiful, but… forgiving him here would lighten the punishment of Baroness Heronia who hurt Bertia, so I had no choice but to harden my heart.

In addition, the one who raised Baroness Heronia was none other than him, so it was certain that he also held some responsibility, although it was not entirely his fault.

“With my daughter… with Heronia, I’m going to sever all connections with her.”

After briefly grimacing and showing an anguished expression, Baron Inderon firmly bit his lip, raised his face with a somewhat determined expression and announced that.

At the same time, he received a bundle of papers from his attendant that he brought along, and presented them to us.

Those were the official documents filing the request to sever the parent-and-child relation with Heronia Inderon, and to remove her from the Inderon family register.

As long as these documents were accepted, Heronia Inderon would have no more relation to the Inderon House, and she’d become just Heronia—Heronia, the commoner.

It was the moment when Baron Inderon decided to cut off his relation with his foolish daughter in order to protect his baron house… and also the lives of the many people who were linked with him, as he was the head of the family.

This surely must have been a very difficult decision for a parent.

However, after weighing between his feelings as a parent and his duty to protect the other family members and relatives as the head of the family, he made this decision.

…There was no other decision he could have made.

“Hou. Then, what about your daughter’s punishment afterwards?”

Without even a slight change in expression at that Baron Inderon’s decision, Marquis Noches pushed the matter again.

Marquis Noches being Marquis Noches, was slightly foolish sometimes, but he had to protect the dignity of the Noches Marquis House, and of Bertia whom he dearly cherished.

If we only lightly punished Heronia and chance she by change hurt Bertia again and damaged the Noches family’s honor, it was something that couldn’t be allowed.

The same case applied to the royal family, as she made reckless remarks in front of the public towards me, the crown prince, so there was no one here who’d protect Baron Inderon’s… Baroness Heronia.

It couldn’t be helped, since among the nobility, Baroness Heronia’s conduct this time was extremely foolish, up to that extent.

“I’m considering to send Heronia to the monastery without the protection of the Inderon House. I’m thinking of making her reflect about this time’s incident for the rest of her life, but…”

Without the protection of the Inderon House… Reflecting in the monastery for her whole life, and not having the favorable treatment of a noble.

Though it feels like a severe punishment at first glance, at least she’d be guaranteed of her basic life necessities, and I think it’s a punishment filled with the last of Baron Inderon’s parental love.

If she were to be ostracized just like that after breaking off relations with the Inderon house, even if she were given the freedom, the former-Baroness Heronia won’t have any means of living.

When [breaking relations], the Inderon house can’t offer any sort of support at all afterwards, so they can’t even offer her a place to live or anything to eat, either.

Cutting off just their connection and offering support like supplying life necessities would be just paying lip service to the royal family Noches House while claiming it as [punishment] — it wouldn’t be allowed.

That’s why, it was monastery.

Well, I guess that would also mean we could consistently keep an eye on her.

“Hmm. Well, that’s reasonable.”

In contrast to what I expected, Marquis Noches nodded without any particular change in his expression.

Of course, the baron house won’t get their acquittal with just saying that they’d sever their connections.

However, with removing the related person, Heronia, from their house, the case would be finished with a slight exchange of money afterwards.

There was no real harm this time, and the most important thing now is to let the public know what it meant to insult the royal family and the Noches House.

It was for the sake of making it clear which house was at fault.

“…Father, Marquis Noches, Baron Inderon, I have one request. Can you let me select to which monastery former-Baroness Heronia Inderon is to enter?”

Father consented with a nod, and when I opened my mouth to transition to finessing the details of the topic everyone present turned their gazes to me.

“Please allow me choose the monastery for her destination.”

As the attention was currently turned to me, I repeated myself for clarity.

At that moment, Baron Inderon’s shoulders trembled, and he shifted his frightened gaze towards me.

Marquis Noches peered at me with an amused look, while my father was… wait, why are you making that uneasy expression?

Eh? Am I that untrustworthy?

Please don’t look at me with eyes that seemed to say, “What is this guy scheming?”

I only said that I wanted to choose the destination for former-Baroness Heronia.

Of course, I felt resentment over her the things she said and did to me and Bertia.

But I’m still royalty, okay?

I won’t do anything unreasonable, and I don’t have any interest in sparing any useless efforts towards former-Baroness Heronia.

As long as she disappears from my and Bertia’s sight, I will be satisfied.

“F-feel free… Your Highness.”

Baron Inderon bowed and answered with a forced voice.

“I also don’t have any objections.”

In contrast to Baron Inderon, Marquis Noches answered with a calm voice that contained no hesitation.

Then, the remaining one was…

I flashed a smile showing that [I harbor no evil intentions] towards my father, who was eyeing me with a sour face.

After seeing that, for some reason, the crease on my father’s brows deepend even further, but eventually, he heaved a deep sigh before giving his permission, “Do as you like.”

“Thank you very much. There’s no need to be worried, I won’t do anything bad.”

I just thought about it a bit.

Despite those words meant to reassure them, why is it that nobody looks relieved?

After a bit of silence, my father intentionally cleared his throat, “Ahem!”, and our discussion moved on to the details of this case.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Heronia Inderon has arrived!!”

After our discussion ended, in order to inform the person in question of the verdict, Baroness Heronia Inderon was escorted in by the knights.

Her hands were tied in order to prevent her from escaping, and both of her sides were guarded by knights. Nevertheless, she appeared triumphantly in the audience room.

The uneasy expression on Baron Inderon, the anger-containing smile of Marquis Noches, and the other cold gazes didn’t seem to affect her at all.

…Could it be that since she had always been together with the light spirit, her brain tissues had also been contaminated by the light spirit’s magic?

Her focus is fine, and it doesn’t really feel like she is a substance abuser, though?

“Your Highness, Cecil. I believe in Prince Cecil. If it’s Prince Cecil, you will surely not fall under Bertia Ibil Noches’ devil hand please see the truth I am speaking.”

Yes, I don’t quite understand what she means, but at least, I don’t think that Bertia won’t be able to handle such an advanced thing like a devil’s hand, you know?

She’s never possessed such a thing, and even if she did, Miss Silica would say, “Please throw away such a dirty thing! It will contaminate Bertia-sama!!” and immediately snatching it away and tossing it aside.

“…Hey, you. Do you understand the situation? In the first place, you’re not allowed to speak before His Highness calls on you to. You should have learned that in the academy, shouldn’t you?”

“Yes, of course I understand. I’ve been studying hard at the academy. I’ve certainly learned all about that kind of culture, so please rest assured that I will be able to stand next to his Highness Cecil at any time!”

…Yes. On top of her completely not understanding the situation, it seems that she hadn’t studied much at the academy.

Also, the position next to me is already reserved, so you don’t have to stand there.

Or rather, how about you don’t even think of standing there?

The feeling of anger quickly spread inside me for an instant, but I somehow managed to suppress it with a bitter smile.

Incidentally, at the same time, I felt Marquis Noches’ originally cold smile drop by another 10 degrees in one go.

The expression of Baron Inderon, standing against the opposite wall, deteriorated even further.

It felt like a silent anger had welled up inside him, too, towards his daughter… towards his former daughter.

“……Miss Heronia, do you know why you were called to this place?”

Perhaps sensing a dangerous aura cladding me and Marquis Noches, my father—the king himself asked former-Baroness Heronia.

At those words, she quickly raised her head with a look that said, “I’ve been waiting for this!” and after showing a wide smile, she purposely made some sort of unnatural perplexed expression.

“Yes, of course I know. It’s about the [holy light] enveloping his Highness Cecil at that time… correct?”

Dampening her eyes, she looked at my father with upturned eyes and a helpless face.

Obviously, in front of my father who dealt with two-faced people daily, that kind of obvious acting wouldn’t pass.

Actually, she has been completely laid bare.

“It was also my first time seeing that kind of light… But, certainly that sacred light was…”

“We’ve already finished investigating about that matter. The reason we had you come here yourself wasn’t for that. It’s about the punishment for your crime.”

It completely cut off Baroness Heronia’s words, that were no doubt about to narrate about her [righteousness] and make it seem like the light spirit’s actions were something special.

It’s a waste of time to listen to her words any more, and they gave me a bad feeling, too.

In any case, it is undesirable to mention the incident with the light spirit in this place where there are lower nobles like Baron Inderon who haven’t been informed yet of the existence of spirits and magic.

The way she was saying [holy] and [sacred] indicated that she misunderstood the her light spirit’s actions as a miracle made possible by her or something. She wanted to word it as if it was one of her own achievements, but if she were to talk about it, then not only would we be unable to explain the things about the light spirit running wild, it would be treated as [an attack aimed at the crown prince], and we wouldn’t be able to avoid having to deal with her as a felon who aimed for the life of a royal.

As long as there is a secret to be protected, and an existence that has to be protected, we must do so even if we know that she’s innocent.

If that were to happen, it really wouldn’t sit well with my good conscience, and it would also weigh on Bertia.

Above all, the lengths to which my friends and Bertia’s friends have exerted themselves in order to manipulate the situation would be in vain.

“Eh? My crime? Punishment?”

With his daughter looking confused as if she was thinking, “I don’t understand a thing,” eventually, Baron Inderon’s head began to sink into his hands.

Contempt and embarrassment began to appear in other people’s eyes as well.

“Eh? Why? Prince Cecil? But I’m the saintess who’s recognized by the holy creature…”

“You acted like above your rank and showed contempt towards Miss Bertia who’s my—the crown prince’s, fiancée and towards me, the crown prince, in the presence of others. Furthermore, you tried to frame her for a nonexistent crime. Rightfully speaking, this qualifies as a lèse-majesté among other additional crimes that make you punishable by law. However, since you’re still a student, and also considering that it was an internal, academy-related incident, it was settled by the related parties through discussion, without going through the law.”

“Eh? Lèse-majesté? Among other crimes? What are you talking about…”

“As a consequence, we agreed that along with Baron Inderon severing connections with you, we will be content with sending you to a monastery. Therefore, your life from now on and for your lifetime, you’re going to pass your time in the monastery as Heronia, the commoner, without any connection to the Inderon Baron House. Of course, any attempt to flee will not be tolerated. That is all.”

I finished speaking, having completely disregarded the former Baroness Heronia’s jumbled talk.

When my words sank in for her, her face that was brimming with happiness became warped with anger and bafflement.

“Father!! What in the world is this about?! Even though I’ve always told you that I was a special existence, why is this…?!”


“Baron Inderon, you are permitted to speak.”

Baron Inderon was about to snap angrily at his daughter to the point where his mouth was already open when he seemed to remember the king was present and sought permission with his eyes. My father slowly nodded in return.

“Heronia, are you still going to say such thing this late in the game? That’s enough, please take a look at reality. You’ve brought about such a serious matter. By all rights, under the law, it wouldn’t be strange for you to get a more severe punishment. Since it was a matter within the academy, you are able to get away with a punishment only to this degree. You should be grateful. I will also shoulder the fault of not being able to correct you despite having always having been anxious that things would turn out like this someday, so you should also reflect on your own action in the monastery for the remainder of your life, and this time, pray for the sake of other people every day. …These are my last words to my daughter.”

In response to the words that were slowly strung together former-Baroness Heronia opened her eyes wide.

Perhaps he had never seen that kind of appearance before, as Baron Inderon finished his words, he cast his eyes downward and averted his gaze away from her.

“W, weird. This is weird! Everything had gone smoothly until I entered Halm Academy, so why did things become like this? I thought that my happy harem life would begin the moment I entered the academy, but why?! This kind of conclusion shouldn’t have existed within that game!! Even though I am the heroine!!”

Having been forsaken by her parent, Baron Inderon, former-Baroness Heronia had a complete change in her countenance.

As she raised her voice, the knights stepped forward and held her down.

With her face flushed in fury now, I wonder if Baron Inderon’s final show of love as a parent even managed to reach her?

Nay. She most likely didn’t get it.

“That’s right. What about Pi-chan? Where did Pi-chan go?! If that child were here, everyone would know that I’m a special being. After all, that child was a holy…”

“If it’s about the bird you were keeping, he no longer exists in this world.”


Her gaze flickered around the empty air, looking for a help from the small bird who had continued to protect her by her side, for the special being who would have allowed her to be the [heroine], and then she stiffened.

No matter how much she searched, there was no sign of the bird…There couldn’t be.

The people who weren’t aware of that bird’s existence frowned at her suspicious behavior.

The same was true for the people were aware of the bird’s existence, yet were unaware of that bird’s true identity.

However, a stinging air of tension ran only among those who knew of that bird’s true identity.

With the situation being like this, no matter what she said, if the people here didn’t even acknowledge it, it would just be taken as a lie without anyone believing in the existence of spirits.

Still, if you consider the worst case scenario, you couldn’t help but to be on guard towards her behavior by all means.

“That time, in order to protect you—his master, his life was destroyed.”

“N-no way…”

“That is the result of your action. Also, it’s the future that the two of you chose.”

“W-wrong… N-no way… Lies! Pi-chan!!”

Despite her angrily laying the blame on the others up until now and never repented or lamented for anyone other than herself, on former-Baroness Heronia’s face, remorse and sorrow appeared for the first time.

Apparently, even though it was in a twisted form, there had certainly been a bond between her and her spirit.

I was a bit relieved about it. Could it mean I also possessed the heart to sympathize even if only a little, as I witnessed that light spirit’s last moments right before my eyes?

“Pi-chan! Pi-chan! Pi-chan!!”

The voice of former-Baroness Heronia resounded within the silent room.

However, even if she continued to tearfully call the name of her absent friend, the eyes of everyone watching on were still cold.

That didn’t mean that the hearts of the people in this place were cold, it meant that her actions had made them like that.

…Now then, the punishment has also been mostly settled, so shall I fulfill my promise in the end?

“Aah, that’s right. It might be out of topic, but I was asked to relay a message to you.”

Towards the girl who brokenly kept on calling for “Pi-chan,” I said that in a slow and clear voice.

As a response to my words, she looked at me with a gaze that was similar to a scowl, and I showed her my usual smile.

“[He] wanted me to tell you that [Even if his figure couldn’t be seen, he would always be by your side].”

The eyes of former-Baroness Heronia that were wet with tears were opened very wide.

Even if I didn’t say who, she probably understood from the distinct wording.

The people who didn’t know that the bird was a spirit should be contemplating who could possibly be applicable in this kind of conversation.

Or there might be some people who thought that I was joking or being sarcastic.

Well, at least they wouldn’t take it as the words that the bird said.

“Uu… aa… aah…”

She couldn’t even utter any words before the grief of losing the only friend who unconditionally became her ally and the words that the friend left behind. She only made some sounds that were similar to groans, and then simply cried without being able to even wipe away her tears.

Perhaps, her friend’s death was a more painful reality to her than being accused of her crimes.

If that was the case, then why didn’t she change the route to the calm future where she could spend her days with her friend, before things became this way? Though I was critical of her for it, we can’t do anything about things that have already occurred.

That’s why…

Let me provide you with a choice in light of my [gratitude] for the things that I was able to learn, and for the appeal that he made by risking his life.

I slowly approached her, as she continued to shed tears while staring at the floor in a daze and crouched over like a broken doll.

I commanded the people who tried to stop me out of worry with a light wave of my hand before I kneeled next to her and quietly brought my lips closer to her ears.

If it was the previous her, she would have boisterously made a racket going, “Kya-, kya-!”, but now, she didn’t even have the willpower to do so.

“This is a fragment of his consciousness… his soul. The monastery at the edge of the north believes in the [holy light]. If you continue to offer your prayers there, perhaps life would return once more to this fragment one day.”

I told her in a voice that others couldn’t hear and hung the leather strap of a pocket with a small white gem inside around her neck.

“That is [his] memento.”

What was attached to the undecorated leather strap earlier was a fragment of the light spirit’s core.

When he used up all his power and the thing that became his core was on the verge of shattering, I borrowed Zeno’s power to stop it and that was what was left behind.

Since a part of his will was supposed to remain in this thing, if she were to continue concentrating her efforts on offering prayers in a place that contained powerful light energy, perhaps the power that would gather in the fragment’s vicinity could allow him to regain his life as a spirit again.

Naturally, since the thing that remained on her hand was nothing more than a [fragment], it won’t become a complete [Pi-chan] anymore, though.

However, I think that it’s much more reasonable rather than thinking of him when seeing grains of light dispersed in the air, and also this way she would also feel hope.

“Now, let me present you with a choice.”

A small amount of hope showed in her vacant eyes, and after looking at the white gem hanging on her neck, she slowly looked at my face.

“Between the monastery at the northernmost tip with a harsh environment and the monastery located in a relatively mild land that’s only a 3 day journey by carriage from the royal capital, which one do you want to go to?”

“Ah… I…”

If it was the same as usual, there was no doubt that she’d choose the monastery closer to the royal capital.

After all, life would be remarkably easier in a mild temperate.

…However, light energy was quite weak there, so it won’t be suitable for healing the light spirit that had already been destroyed.

Will she choose her own life, or will she choose a friend’s life?

The light spirit gave up his own life for her sake.

That being the case, how far are you willing to go for his sake?

If, for example you don’t have the will to go that far, then it’d be better for you to quickly release him.

So that he’d become a part of a new spirit that would be born one day, and find a new happiness.


“The options that I’ll give to you will only be those two options. After all, I’m not as soft-hearted as Bertia.”

I faced her with a smile on my whole face, and she gulped while staring at me.

“I will… I will…”

Former-Baroness Heronia bit her lips firmly.

Then, after looking at the white gem for a while, she stared firmly at me with eyes that carried a passionate light.

“I will go to the north.”

The girl who declared her will clearly with a heavy voice was no longer the [heroine].

She had changed into a woman who possessed a strong will and desire to help her friend.

……Probably, right?

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Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess' Fiance Chapter 15 Bertia (17 Years Old) [5]