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Nurturing Humanity
Chapter 991

991 The resolution (2 in 1)

On the other side.

Learmand, the black sludge Magus, and the other top-tier powerhouses were having a serious evaluation meeting in a Hall next to the square.

“A rank five genius in his teens?”

This was an expert who had rushed over in a hurry. He was extremely powerful and was covered in dark red lava armor. As the person in charge, he said, ” even though we have covered the areas of civilizations with a high-dimensional space-time of 100 years a day, thousands of civilizations have been reproducing rapidly every day, and the number of geniuses that have appeared is huge ... This kind of cultivation speed is hard to imagine, even unbelievable.”

It was the same as the other higher dimensional civilizations in the outside world.

The top-tier experts would also use ‘high-dimensional space-time’ to cover a piece of land, allowing mortals to update and renew at an extremely fast speed, causing them to grow old, get sick, and die.

As for living beings like them, they were still living at a normal speed.

After all, even gods would not seek their own deaths. Who would be so stupid to only live for two to three months in a high-dimensional space of that level?

They only knew how to make use of the high-dimensional space-time to cause mortals to age and die of illness in a frenzy so as to accelerate the emergence of civilization geniuses.

And how vast was the Azure abyss Divine Domain?

Thousands of civilizations settled down here, and geniuses who were not weak swarmed out almost every day.

At this moment, a godly spirit shrouded in dark blue light said indifferently, ” they’re only in their teens, but they’ve already reached this level, and they’ve only obtained their power a few hours ago. This is a result of receiving the inheritance of a civilization. Ordinary inheritances can’t make such rapid progress, but they cultivate the power of the human heart.

but it is very strange and evil. it’s you! LAN-er man said, looking at Viola, who was still telling a story and watching the crowd outside.

Although they were discussing here, they were also listening to the history outside. They were slightly hesitant.

It was just as they had imagined.

It was indeed the power of the human heart ...

However, it was very strange and evil. While obtaining power, one had to pay a huge price-the witch.

While they were still discussing, they could only watch as Viola told the story to the thousands of people in the square. She received adoration from them, and countless people were touched as she broke through to the celestial Emperor realm.

“This type?”

Some people were slightly surprised.

“Hehehehe ... It looks very evil and strange.”

The black sludge wizard laughed and said, ” this civilization is much more evil than me. They have the ability to divide the emotional power of people’s hearts and steal a part of the positive emotions of faith, worship, and light to improve their own realm ... As for the negative dark emotions that had been separated, they were abandoned like garbage, forming Demonesses that harmed everywhere ...

‘It seems that a witch will be born here very soon ...’ Just like what was said, where there were magical girls, witches would appear ... This is fate!”

The black sludge wizard said the word ‘fate’ with a deep sneer.

Yes ...

This was fate and karma.

When good was separated, evil was naturally left.

With their vision, how could they not see the structure and development system of this civilization?

At this moment, this magical girl had a look of justice and kindness on her face. She was beautiful and elegant in battle, and she spoke all kinds of righteous words in order to gain the favor of the surrounding people. She wanted to gain the admiration and respect of the people around her as a ‘hero’.

However, it was impossible to have a hero without an enemy. Only when a hero bathed in blood and defeated an evil enemy could he be respected more.

Hence ...

The witch was just right.

wherever the magical girl goes, she’s a bright and kind hero in people’s eyes ... However, they will bring a huge disaster, the witch’s night.”

furthermore, the more people worship this hero, the more they hope that she will protect them. They see her as The Guardian of civilization ... The more kindness, hope, admiration, and emotions they had ...

The magical girl naturally became stronger.

The more powerful the witch was, the more she killed humans and caused disasters. The more people needed protection, and the more they could not escape the protection of the magical girl. They could only live under someone else’s roof, and the magical girl became stronger ... This is a perfect loop trap. It’s wonderful.”

The few existences exchanged glances and smiled.

Who among those in this position was stupid?

The perfect system designed by the players, as well as the various fancy operations, were seen through by them in an instant.

Before this, their first reaction was that they could not understand it because this civilization had appeared too suddenly. However, after only two battles ...

The so-called graceful combat movements and all kinds of overbearing lines were also seen through by them. In fact, they were just attracting people’s attention and making people admire this hero.

“Of course, this civilization is evil enough ... Not only would it bring natural disasters to other civilizations, but it would also bring about the witch’s night ... They themselves might also be destroyed by the witch.”

“Hehehehe, what a dangerous extraordinary system.”

‘However, I can already see my future combat strength ... As long as the countless believers behind her are not destroyed and are still supporting the hero she worships, her power will continue to flow. Even the injuries she receives will recover quickly. She’s very strong ...”

A powerful existence analyzed, ” she has no weakness. Her weakness is the group of believers behind her and the powerhouses who worship her ... As long as we can kill the beings behind this hero, the other party will be completely crippled.”

it seems that this civilization does not Harbor any ill intentions. Such a powerful and complete civilization has even exposed its own weaknesses and characteristics ... If he’s a spy, then the price is too high.”


There were no benefits to being a spy in the Azure abyss Divine Domain.

Even if the 107 perpetual motioners of the Supreme Council were spies, so what?

It was useless!

They were only responsible for being one of the gears that covered the high-dimensional space-time.

Moreover, it was almost impossible for them to be spies. They had the hope of the future, so how could they do such a stupid thing?

That was the last resort of a loser who had no other choice, but they had a bright future.

As for the three great exalted Celestials?

They were indeed the core of the entire Grand Alliance of Civilizations. It would be terrible if they were spies.

However, such an idea was even more foolish.

That was an existence who had stepped into the tenth level ...

They formed the Abyssal Blue Divine Domain to protect him from breaking through, but they were spies? Were they helping the enemy to kill him? Snatching his own Dao seed?

Spies had no value in this place. The perfect structure of this civilization over the past tens of thousands of years had already confirmed this point.

then, let’s begin the civilization assessment. Everyone, is there any problem? ”

The surrounding existences ‘faces turned completely dark.

Soon, everyone voted, and the civilization potential evaluation results appeared.

[ civilization future potential: highest ]

[ overall combat strength: highest level ]

[ cultivation breakthrough speed: highest level ]

[ world’s evil danger: highest level ]

[ side effect damage: highest ]

[ Dao heart deficiency and collapse: highest level ]


Everyone looked at the civilization assessment and received an ‘as expected’ expression.

Their battle strength was naturally the highest.

After all, they didn’t have any powerful combat bloodlines, such as the nine revolutions mysterious art, which was at a heaven-defying level.

There were only a dozen or so ” top-tier ” beings with similar combat power to the faith system.

it seems that this is the first time that the six highest-level evaluations have appeared, right? ” All the existences laughed and looked at each other. It was as if they had just witnessed history. Even their expressions were a little strange.

One had to know that not all of them were superior-grade, but all of them were good.

The first three superior-grade was a positive evaluation, the higher the better.

The last three superior-grade ratings were negative ratings, the lower the better.

Both positive and negative aspects of this civilization had reached the extreme.

The first was the danger assessment, which was rated as the highest.

There was no doubt about it. The arrival of a magical girl could have infected a civilization, and a large number of witch’s nights would have appeared ... Even civilization could be destroyed by a magical girl like her.

The second evaluation was the highest level of side effects.

After all, some systems were accompanied by terrifying side effects. For example, the time talent of the “deep blue” celestial race. The slowing down of cultivation speed was a powerful side effect.

‘The side effect of this witch, a monster nemesis as powerful as me ...’ It was the first time they had seen a civilization with such a side effect.

To create an enemy of the same strength was simply suicide ...

The third possibility was the collapse of one’s Dao heart. After all, the systems of some evil civilizations could affect the minds of cultivators and distort their own minds.

How profound was their knowledge?

In an instant, he could tell that the cultivation of this God of belief was extremely dangerous. If one’s entire person was not firm enough, it was likely that they would be assimilated by the Justice of all living beings and lose themselves, and their Dao heart would naturally collapse ...

To be honest, the flaws of this civilization were too great. It was not the first choice for those with heaven-defying talents, and they would only waste themselves!

However, who here had the true heaven-defying aptitude?

Although this civilization was extreme and had too many flaws, it had many heaven-defying aspects as well. It was still very powerful, enough to tempt them.

“Now, three positive and three negative ... All six are the most extreme. According to our comprehensive bloodline assessment, the final result is: Medium evaluation ...” Everyone’s expression turned strange.

However, how could such a civilization be evaluated as intermediate?


At this moment, a terrifying pressure suddenly descended from the sky. All the representatives felt as if they were in mud, as if some unimaginable creature had descended.


An existence walked over slowly. His entire body was resplendent and exuded a deep blue light.

LAN-erman and the others were immediately shocked. They stood up and bowed hurriedly. Your Highness, 37th Prince, why did you come out? These small things ...”

The Supreme Council was named by their order.

One had to know that two to three hundred thousand years was too long.

Even the normal lifespan of a level nine divine Emperor was only 100000 years, and they had lived even longer. Time was vast, and no one knew what the original names of these forbidden existences were.

this is the legendary ninth-grade, the Dao-maker of the universe? ”

At the side, some of the newly advanced type 9 powerhouses were shocked. This kind of crushing power was too great.

The breakthrough of one realm was a world of difference.

At this moment, he was still climbing up his second gene system. On the other hand, his opponent had already broken through to the fourth gene system and had already achieved a breakthrough. How great was the gap between them?

A perfect rank-9 with four genes!

A future Dao-reaching expert who had the potential to reach the final level of the universe!

He had maxed out on two genes, so he could break through to rank-9 now. However, the blue abyss divine realm didn’t allow creatures with incomplete genes to break through. Once they did, they would be killed by force!

Because if you did not break through to the ninth level perfectly, there was no possibility of you breaking through to the tenth level. You could become a fallen ninth level, instantly changing sides. They would have to execute these existences in advance to prevent future trouble.

Therefore, in the entire Abyssal Blue divine territory, in the long 570000 years. only 107 rank nines had appeared after such. high-density and perfect operation to create new blood.

Those who achieved Dao with imperfect genes had to be executed. It seemed very cruel and iron-blooded, but in reality, this was the foundation for the continued operation of a civilization. It could not be shaken!

“Why are you here? such a small matter ...” LAN-er man said in a low voice.

“It’s been a long time,”

This forbidden existence looked at LAN-erman, ” if I remember correctly, you are climbing the final fourth genetic system, right? Although the difficulty would increase exponentially with every additional system he cultivated ... However, you’re still the one with the most hope. I hope that the next time we meet, I’ll always be able to see you in the ‘deep blue’. ”

“Thank you for your kind words.” LAN-er man said.

In fact, such existences rarely went out.

Because to them ... The time outside had passed too quickly!

Ordinary mortals were covered in high-dimensional space-time, and all civilizations experienced rapid birth, aging, illness, and death in the extreme high-dimensional space, which was a hundred years a day.

As for the gods who had broken through, they would be traveling at a normal speed and would not be willing to die so early.

The members of the Supreme Council, on the other hand, froze their own time ... This was equivalent to some kind of reverse, reverse low-dimensional space-time.

The high-dimensional space-time sped up his body’s time. They were freezing and slowing down his body’s time. Since it was slowing down, how could he enter the high-dimensional space-time in the land of eternal life,’deep blue’?

Accelerating and decelerating?

This was a contradiction, and naturally, it would not overlap.

Such an existence had almost frozen his body cells and soul, causing his divine will to be frozen as well. Although he could cultivate, create laws, and walk the path of level ten ... However, it was only 2% of the normal speed.

For mortals, a day in the high-dimensional space-time was equivalent to a hundred years.

In ordinary times, deities were like this.

However, in ‘deep blue’, they had frozen the aging of time, and their perception was one-fiftieth of Ordinary Time.

One could only imagine how huge the difference in the flow of time between mortals and them was when the two differences were superimposed. Therefore, they didn’t interfere with the development of the mortal civilization in the Azure abyss Divine Domain.

No matter what kind of genius appeared, they never appeared ...

Although the Supreme Council of the entire Abyssal Blue divine territory was called management, it had never been managed before.

But in front of him ...

“Isn’t my appearance normal?”

The Lord only smiled. three top-tier experts. This is the most perfect assessment of the three great combat forces ... Even in the 570000 years of our civilization, we’ve encountered 20000 life planets and collected more than 3000 potential civilization bloodlines. This is enough to rank in the top three!”

Out of the more than 20000 civilizations they had encountered, it was easy to imagine how terrifying it was to be ranked in the top three of the 3000 bloodline civilizations they had taken in!

After all, it was very rare for a civilization bloodline that had evolved naturally to have a heaven-defying level.

With 3,000 portions of random growth, it wasn’t strange for the incense Dragon bloodline to be ranked in the top three among the transcendent bloodlines that naturally evolved. In fact, it might even be a little low.

After all, they grew up randomly and had all kinds of flaws.

They had 3000 natural random bloodlines, many of which were wind, fire, Thunder, and lightning. They were considered very powerful and rare in the universe, but any random player species in the spore evolution sandbox could still defeat most of them.

At this moment, one could imagine that even the taboo existence of the Supreme Council was shaken.

“Let me see the evaluation ...”

This existence’s gaze was burning, but he instantly stiffened, ” the final result is medium? Three upper-level advantages, and your conclusion is medium?”

Three of the highest level.

As for the remaining three, even if one of them was in the middle, they would be able to enter the final evaluation of ‘upper class’. Normally, the three at the top would also be the final evaluation of’ top’, which was very big, unless the remaining three were also at the limit and tied the advantage ...

“Let me see your bloodline.” After reading everything, the existence was silent and felt that it was a little strange.

However, he quickly calmed down.

the higher and more powerful the bloodline system is, the more bizarre it is ... It’s very normal. You can focus on the one in front of you.” The existence said.

“That witch ...” Some people hesitated. This was a huge disaster.

This was because the level of danger was the highest.

it doesn’t matter if it’s. demoness. The disaster formed is just. bunch of ridiculous mortals. The highest level is only a God ... With our speed of advancement, even if all the mortals in the Azure abyss Divine Domain are destroyed, they can reproduce again ...”

at the same time, the appearance of the witch is also a way for the new generation of certain eras to gain experience. It is actually beneficial. After all, we are too peaceful. It doesn’t matter if they are killed.

When he said this, everyone was silent.

He intended to indulge the civilization of the magic girls, and at the same time, use the crisis of the witch to create chaos and give them enough of a test.

After all, internal strife was not allowed between civilizations. They were all sparring and it was too peaceful. There were no real enemies at all ... The witch solved this problem.

It seemed like the forbidden existences of the Supreme Council were also in danger.

The fallen civilization had been missing for a long time. They knew that the more time they had, the more disadvantageous it would be for them ... But they still disappeared for countless years.

It was possible that the next time, a true, large-scale planar war would break out.

Super god battle.

Thousands of divine civilizations, transcendent planes, and even major divine branches and heaven-defying true taboo existences would reveal their true forms. An unimaginable war would break out and implicate countless star systems.

LAN-erman, and the rest of you, you need to break through quickly. Our Supreme Council is still lacking in manpower. we’re planning to take some time to let the 107 councilmen take turns to give lectures, ” the existence said. we hope to speed up the process of you becoming US.



LAN-er man and the others were overjoyed.

This existence only smiled. After all, the more people there were, the stronger the resistance.

They were not afraid of disloyalty at all, and their hearts were broad enough to accommodate all foreign powerful unknown civilizations without rejecting them. That was why thousands of civilizations formed an alliance and had the confidence to resist the vast fallen, because they had enough confidence that the other party would eventually integrate into them no matter what goal they had.

It was because of benefits, because of the great Dao, because of the future.

They would eventually be on the same boat as them. If the three great celestial Venerables fell, their civilization would be destroyed, and their bloodline would be cut off!

At that time, they would have no hope and could only become fallen Daoists, just like those crazy existences ... Who would be willing to become a hopeless Mad Dog?

“We can try.” The forbidden existence said. Even though they understood the danger of the demoness behind this, they didn’t care, because they were strong enough!

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Nurturing Humanity Chapter 991