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Nurturing Humanity
Chapter 985

985 Arrival

In front of the television.

“Isn’t this little trick a little too detailed?”

that’s right. There’s actually such a minute use of the laws? ”

The existences of the various planes were indeed shocked when they saw the development of this TV series. They couldn’t see the development of this TV series clearly.

At this moment, even Carolyn felt that this method was rather interesting.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t figure it out.

Instead, it wasn’t so fine to use the distortion of laws in all aspects.

For example, ” see the past ” was a very niche applied spell. It was useless to the strong of the same realm, and they could only observe the past left by the weak.

however, such a small trick is still very useful for the Daoists of the universe to travel the universe, observe various civilizations, and explore ancient ruins ... If you’re stronger, you might be able to see the image of this planet from hundreds of years ago.”

Carolyn secretly evaluated.

However, it was unrealistic to jump to light years away and observe the images of the planet from thousands or tens of thousands of years ago.

By then, the overall observation of the planet would be very vague, and the data information would be too diluted. Only a more powerful existence would be able to do it ...

Xu Zhi, on the other hand, was slightly stunned.

He wasn’t curious about anything else, but he was curious about that young man.

“A 120-year-old God? He’s really not a weak genius.” Xu Zhi laughed.

Not to mention resources, the other party must have provided resources like the tower world. However, even though the tower world was a super Saiyans, under the circumstances of the same unlimited resources, they were already gods in 40 to 50 years. They were even on the path of laws, which was countless times stronger than the other party.

However, their body sizes were completely different ...

At the same time, the insectoid race did not have the path of a type 8 God, so it was naturally 100% complete. For the other party to walk the path of a type 8 God at such a young age, it was already very strong.

it seems that this civilization is much more powerful than I imagined.


At this very moment.

“Oh great God of principles, please listen to my prayers and burn the fire of Nirvana in front of you to atone for your sins in this world! Take this! Wind of light and shadow!”

you’re courting death! Viola hollered angrily, her staff in hand, looking extremely divine.

“Foolish magical girl!”

The witch’s entire body emitted light, and the pendulum behind her was spinning.

“How should I put this? Cough, cough, cough, it’s really special ...”

The two dark blue creatures were still observing the situation from the dark with the young man.

However, as he looked at it, he actually felt that it was quite interesting. There was a kind of magic to it. However, the more he looked at it, the more he felt that his world view was subverted ...

No matter how he studied it, he could not figure out why the more gaudy and beautiful the moves were, the more powerful it was.

Even after watching the battle, the magical girl had defeated the witch, but she still had a look of disbelief and couldn’t understand what was going on.


Viola stopped in her tracks and looked at the empty space. Those strange scenes had all disappeared, and they had returned to the original Street. She could not help but react and said, ” “I won?”

“Yes, you’ve won. You’ve defeated the witch!”

The little pet Bhikkhu floated in the air and said, ” you have grown into a qualified demoness. One day, you will inherit the strongest magical girl in the history of the universe, round deer eyes ... Save, save the entire world.”

The strongest in the universe, saving the world.

The dark-blue creature shook its head.

They didn’t know how to say it. These words were too exaggerated. The more powerful the existence, the more they realized how small they were, and the less they dared to say it.

It seemed that it was indeed a broken civilization system that had lost its inheritance and reverence.

There was a crash.

They appeared completely in front of Viola.

“Who are you? are you the new witches?”

Viola raised her wand high and looked at the few of them warily.

we’re not witches from this planet. We’re from another galaxy. They were speaking in the language of this backward planet.

“Cosmic people? Alien?” Viola was still on high alert.

we’re kind. We can help you and even support this planet. How about it? do you want to come with us? ” They looked at the two of them, especially the mysterious Bhikkhu.

Viola also looked at Bhikkhu.

She was completely dumbfounded.

First, it was the magical girl, then the witch, and now there were a few cosmic people ...

It had only been a few hours.

A few hours ago, she was still an ordinary person. If she had not personally mastered supernatural powers ...

Bhikkhu stopped in mid-air and said righteously, ” we can’t leave. We have to stop the witch on this planet and protect the world ... Without us, this planet will be destroyed.”

This planet would be destroyed?

The two dark-blue creatures looked at each other.

They frowned slightly. In fact, they wanted to suggest that they would help you get rid of the witch. After all, she was really not strong, only at the sixth rank ... However, he couldn’t do it.

The witch ...

Indeed, this kind of creature was very strange to them. It was a creature with some kind of emotion and a dark heart. Before she appeared, they could not even sense the aura of the witch ...

we can’t deal with it.. ‘m afraid it’s. result of some kind of evil and dark emotions hidden in people’s hearts ... They are usually scattered and hidden in the hearts of the people, so we are unable to detect them at all.” They looked at each other.

This was the characteristic of ‘evil’.

They didn’t cultivate the incense system, so it was very difficult to eradicate and find them. It was just like the ancient Barrens back then, very difficult to deal with.

As for Ultraman’s opposing dark emotions, an ” evil god ” with the strength of a Sayman who had stepped into the path of level 9 had long been placed in this land, scattered, and hidden in the dark. 𝒊n𝓃𝗿e𝚊𝒅. Co𝚖

They looked at each other and secretly conversed, ”

in that case, we can apply to the higher dimension to bring this planet into the blue abyss divine territory? ”

“Are you crazy? only mid-tier extraordinary civilizations and above have the right to be dragged into the deep blue divine territory. Our sub-plane already has more than three thousand planets and is close to saturation. This ordinary planet has no right to be dragged into it ... However, I can’t figure it out now. If this planet has that mysterious witch, it might have some value ...”

“I have to report this to the higher-ups.”

bring this lady to our dimension and let the more knowledgeable inspectors observe their civilization system and see if there are any special differences.

As they conversed, they sorted out their thoughts and said to Viola with a pleasant expression, ” little girl, although we can’t help you, we can bring you to our world as a temporary guest. The flow of time there is different, and you can cultivate there. When you come out, it will be better for you to defeat the witch.

“Is it a spiritual time house?” Bhikkhu said.

The two of them looked at each other. As expected, there were records of this in the high-dimensional space-time.

“But I still have to attend classes in the afternoon.” Viola was a little hesitant.

it’s fine, just take a leave of absence. Come to our God’s world, you’ll like it there. The two of them smiled. it’s a vast world that even we know the entire land ... If you cultivate there, you’ll be able to come out in the afternoon to deal with the witch.”


In front of the TV viewers, the camera turned and gradually entered a space-time Tunnel.

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Nurturing Humanity Chapter 985