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Nurturing Humanity
Chapter 972

972 The development of the great era

This civilization was based on a dream of the universe.

The dream of the universe was to treat the entire ‘world and universe’ as a dream of one’s own. Zhou Meng was hidden in a small house deep in the mountains, and he was dreaming ...

This civilization, on the other hand, treated the entire ” world and universe ” as a world in the television. The high-dimensional creatures sitting in front of the television ” played ” with the low-dimensional creatures in the television.

Year 40 of the East Green dynasty.

The gods had completely entered a period of explosive growth, and countless gods surged out, forming a legendary Golden Age.

A large number of gods began to spend huge sums of money to buy Pata Pata small televisions and regularly pay ” cable TV payments. the era of pay-to-view gradually became the cornerstone of the entire world.

All the powerhouses clearly knew how terrifying this divine item was!

Even though the quantum battle body that was created only had 70% of the main body’s strength, it was extremely safe and there was no need to worry about its life or death ...

His main body could also hide in the dark with his family and protect them at any time. He would no longer have any weaknesses and would not have to worry about using his family to threaten him again.

However, with such a strange and powerful divine object, how could they not be afraid of such an unpredictable TV headquarters?

At that moment, all the officials in the court of the entire East Green dynasty had already begun to discuss among themselves.

I’m afraid that this mysterious organization is forming a real foundation of the world, uniting all the powerhouses of our era.

yes, the other party has been very straightforward. They didn’t play any tricks, and there’s nothing they can do to restrain us. If we turn hostile, the most we can do is destroy the small TV and stop using the quantum battle body and the various functions inside ...


That’s right, the other party really couldn’t do anything to them. There was no threat to their lives.

The combat strength of their main bodies was naturally stronger than that of the clone that the quantum combat body was entangled with. 𝓲𝗻𝚗𝑟𝑒𝓪𝑑. 𝘤𝚘𝚖

However, if they became enemies, they would be the ones at a disadvantage and lose most of their benefits.

This was using benefits to bind them, an Open Conspiracy.

This special ” organization ” definitely had an extremely intelligent and powerful person behind it, and its mechanisms were extremely perfect and well-organized. They also knew that if they made deals with these powerful and intelligent geniuses and gods in the dark, they would be exposed sooner or later. Thus, it was better to do it openly from the beginning.

it seems that the organization behind this is operated by an ancient immortal God.

Everyone had their own evaluation.


The 50th year of the East Green dynasty.

The seven levels of the tower world were completely connected, and they knew of each other’s existence.

The seven dynasties in the tower were either enemies or allies.

In the East Green dynasty alone, there were thousands of gods and tier 7 heavenly emperors everywhere. It was an indescribable Golden Age, and the spiritual energy in the entire world began to thin ...

innate spiritual Qi is in short supply ...

The dense spiritual Qi streams and waterfalls began to disappear, and the land turned into a mortal domain.

The energy of the universe was balanced.

The spiritual Qi streams, waterfalls, and Springs that could be seen everywhere were now absorbed into the bodies of the gods and existed as individual lives.

At this moment, the avatars started to rule the world in the Imperial court.

In the mortal world, there were no more gods” true bodies ‘descending.

This era was known as the mythological era of the Great Divide.

The history of Dongqing true sage recorded this:

[ in the ancient times, there were no saints in the world. the ancient sages and mighty people taught the mortals skills, animal husbandry, literacy, and clothing. after sensing the rules of the world, they gradually cultivated and became saints. after more than ten years, they gradually entered the void and separated from the mortals.

In the thousands of years that followed, the immortals and gods walked in the human world with their incarnations, ruled the great world, and fought against each other. It seemed that humans and gods lived together, and the great world was prosperous, but in fact, there were no true gods in the world. ]


outside the tower.

It was still a deserted domain of nothingness. In the dark and gloomy vacuum universe, there were still all kinds of debris and corpses floating, showing the tragic battle of the last battle.

“The spiritual Qi of heaven and earth is starting to thin.”

Carolyn stood in the middle of the ruins, above the void. Looking at the tower in her hands, she said indifferently, ” this place isn’t too big. With the tower-like structure, it can accommodate more living beings, but ... The spiritual energy is thinning too quickly.”

Only 70 years had passed.

This was the accumulation of tens of thousands of years of the tiel Empire’s resources that she had collected. One must know that, according to her prediction, it would take a hundred years to completely deplete it.

And what was in front of him?

It was much faster.

This was due to the players ‘mechanism, which greatly increased the speed of cultivation and combat.

It was equivalent to having a ‘training simulator’, sitting in front of the TV, fighting life and death every day, training crazily, and naturally, the speed of breakthrough was extremely fast.

I’ve put in almost all of my gains from the universe garden trip.

Caroline took a deep breath and couldn’t help but say, ” however, even though I spat out all the energy, I took away all the talents, half of the tiel Empire, the higher-ups of bord planet, and the entire race ... “Energy is not important. Knowledge and talent are the true foundation of a civilization.”

The elites, emperors, and research talents of that land had all been captured in one fell swoop and taken into the spiritual universe.

The rest were the middle and lower-level people who had not become gods, as well as a large number of ordinary people. They were still on those planets. Without a leader, there was bound to be great chaos. There might be a new empire Rising among them, but this was no longer under her control.

“Is there not enough spiritual energy?”

At this time, the ancient God suddenly appeared beside him.

yes, the amount of resources consumed is much greater than I imagined.

Carolyn frowned slightly. according to the normal development of the world, it should have entered a period of peace ... The deities were high and mighty, while the cultivation speed of the mortals was slowed down. As a result, there was a complete gap, and even the geniuses could only enter an era of slow development.”

That was indeed the case.

They had absorbed too much energy, and the energy and spiritual Qi of the entire world were thin. This caused the other latecomers to be slower, and it was impossible for such an exaggerated outbreak period to appear again.

After all, this was how the world was. It was a zero-sum game, and the total amount was there ... The more you get, the less the others get.

As the saying went,”as long as the Saints don’t die, the thieves will never stop.”

Even though gods could now absorb energy from the void.

But what about ordinary people?

Where’s the heavenly Emperor?

There was no chance for anyone who had not reached that realm. They could only obtain resources from their surroundings.

“Yeah, it’s about to enter a peaceful period.”

The ancient God thought for a moment and said, ” this is only a seven-story domain. The original plan was to have a thirty-three-story tower ... However, there’s no need to worry. I still have quite a bit of energy in my hands that can supplement the progress of the world.”

Carolyn took a deep breath. for the sake of my world, I’ve made you spend too much.

The ancient God shook his head and said, ” the so-called accumulation of wealth is just an external object. The greatest use is to increase one’s strength ... By the way, there are countless gods, so there should be people who have almost finished the path of the ninth step, right?”

Ordinary creatures would have a long way to go before reaching the ninth-rank, but the Super Saima were different!

Their path to the ninth step was extremely short.

With only a few million cells, a level nine super seyman would soon appear, similar to the Super seyman in the small universe before ...

Although his combat power was not strong and he only had a realm.

yes, the fastest batch. They’re almost done with the grade-9 journey ... Carolyn suddenly focused her attention. you mean to say that we should let them stay at a weak rank-9 and forge a perfect 4-gene Dao Foundation? ”

Carolyn muttered to herself for a few seconds, before falling into deep thought.

yes, their journey to the ninth rank is very short, so they don’t have much time to waste on climbing the ninth rank. Yu Sheng still has a lot of time to build a perfect Foundation and then break through to the ninth rank.

This was the advantage of being a super seyman.

But was that really the case?

Their difficulty level did not decrease either!

They had gotten on the bus first, and the actual difficulty of becoming a complete rank-9 was not lower than that of ordinary creatures. It was just a relatively moderate alternative breakthrough method.

“The truth about the tenth level, naturally, can not be told to them.”

Xu Zhi laughed and said, ” but at this time, we can suggest to them that they build a perfect Tao Foundation. We can hint to them that such a person’s combat power is stronger and that their future is broader. The strong people with ambition will naturally not choose to let them go.

Hearing this, Carolyn was startled. Her eyes gradually brightened up as she said in surprise: this is a very good plan. Indeed ... It could prevent the weak from despairing after knowing the truth and choosing to die of old age by sticking to their Dao Foundation ... It can also hint to those who are truly strong and have the opportunity to pursue higher scenery.”

Caroline smiled and gently said, ” it’s a very good idea. One disclosed information can form two meanings for two types of people.

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Nurturing Humanity Chapter 972