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Nurturing Humanity
Chapter 1466 - 1466 It never ended

1466 It never ended

Xu Zhi frowned slightly. in fact, if I were in his shoes and had not infected the great universe at this time, but had proven my level eleven Dao through normal means, I would most likely have done the same … I’m leaving the great cosmos.”

because if I stay here for hundreds of millions of years, I will also be bored to the point of collapsing. Instead of sticking to the rules here, I might as well go and find the outside that might exist …

Both of these 11th-tier deductions were possible.

In Xu Zhi’s eyes, the probability was 50/50, and the two did not even conflict.

If this was the first cosmos epoch, it would be the first deduction. If he wasn’t in the first cosmos epoch, it would be the second …

In short, no matter which one it was, it was impossible for any prehistoric existence to exist.

This was the same as the longevity world. Even if they seemed invincible, as time passed, they would never be able to remain at the top forever. Everything would fall, nothing would last forever, nothing would be able to remain at the top forever …

This was the destiny of the universe.

Even if they were at level 11, they would still follow their best future path and would not be able to stay high and mighty forever.

now that I think about it, the last mystery of the universe has been completely solved. It’s perfect …

Xu Zhi’s expression turned strange, and he chuckled. thinking back to my guess just now, I’m more and more certain that ‘it’ is indeed like a life now. It grows, develops, matures, and gives birth to ten lives … Then, it spread out its branches and leaves, like spores flying away, and drifted into the distance.

At a certain point in time, or in the void at a certain location, these singularity life forms will see the scattered matter and collapse it to absorb it, growing into a new great universe?”

Xu Zhi felt that this was an endless cycle.

It was a perfect universe ecosystem.

The other singularities outside the universe … It could be a singularity baby of the universe, and it was responsible for swallowing and spitting out the matter and energy in the collapsed void to condense it into a universe.

Everyone was a part of nature.

how pathetic. A rank 11 singularity life form seems to have transcended the general trend of the universe and become the truth. Xu Zhi’s mouth turned cold.

The surroundings were quiet.

Time passed by, but it was as if it had never moved.

“But, did he really transcend? There is no general trend that transcends the universe at all, because the general trend is ‘growth’. They are perhaps just ruthless tools of reproduction, the’ spores ‘of the’ mushrooms ‘that have drifted to the outside.”

Xu Zhi felt extremely terrified when he thought about it.

What was transcendence?

What was a fake Dao?

What was the truth?

You think you have transcended everything, shed away the false Dao, and achieved the truth, but you are still shrouded in an unknown general trend. Under the circumstances that you are completely unaware of, you follow the general trend and spread out branches and leaves …

Outside one circle was another circle.

This was another kind of sorrow.

others can’t deduce it, but I’m already an unprecedented level 12. That’s why I can see this terrifying secret that terrorizes all ‘level 11’s and crumbles their Dao hearts.

forget it, forget it. The last trace is clear. Either there’s no eleventh grade, or he left his mother and ran away to spread his branches.

“Anyway, what kind of secrets are they going to encounter in the next circle of level 11 in the endless void? ‘What does it have to do with me? I’ve already jumped out of the general trend and am no longer in this circle. They are still trapped in the general trend and are going to spread their branches …’ Although I don’t know the details, I’ll slowly study it when the time comes.”

Xu Zhi held his hands and looked at the great universe in the distant sky. He smiled slightly and reached out to the sky, as if he was going to hold the entire round great universe in his hands.

“The universe is really amazing.”

He just looked at the great cosmos in the distance quietly.

It was a huge and vast ball. It was his body, but Xu Zhi still felt that it was no different from himself.

Because he had already sealed 99.99 … With 99% of his power, he would not be able to experience the true beauty and power, even if that would mean death.

There was a long silence.

in the end, humans can not become nature. The unconscious ‘heaven’ without a sense of self is the most terrifying thing that can transcend time.

Xu Zhi suddenly turned into a sandstorm and disappeared from where he was. He smiled faintly and said, ” ten days have passed. It’s time to confer the Saint positions and set up the ten seats of the great path.

Outside the palace.

One after another, powerful existences entered slowly.

In the past thousand years, they had already deduced some possibilities, but they still needed to put them into practice.

On the other side.

“Sigh, it’s not our time yet.” Standing on the green stone square in the distance, the three pillar gods sighed with emotion. Their eyes were filled with envy as they watched the experts enter one by one.

They weren’t level 11 yet, they were still level 10 Saints.

The existences who had joined forces to fight venerable sovereigns had level eleven or even pseudo-level twelve spiritual energy. Their realms were much higher than theirs.

This was something that could not be helped.

They were still too young.

The two of them didn’t belong to the same era. They were the peak overlords of the universe.

“What’s there to fear? Let them be arrogant for a while. We’re still growing. We’re the reserves for the second generation.” Medusa looked at the powerful existences entering one by one, but her eyes were cold. “In the future, I can replace them and push them off the altar!”


In the square in the distance, those ancient existences had already entered and were ready to elaborate on their plans for the future. They were going to become the first batch of cornerstones of the new Great era and compete for the seats of the eleventh level of the great Dao.

The three pillar gods stood in the distance and looked on with envy. They also knew that they were the main characters now, and the young people in front of them could only watch the ceremony. They couldn’t help but say longingly, ” indeed, no one is an eternal seat. Those with virtue will occupy it. After we grow for a period of time, we will definitely be stronger than the other party.


a mere Zerg empresses, a hero in history, a candle of quality … It’s just that he looks like he’s going to live longer.” Di Qi said coldly, still as arrogant as ever.

“That’s right! They were all prehistoric old cucumbers! It wouldn’t last long if it was wrinkly! It will be drained of water and completely rot!”

The racer of Mount Haruna chuckled as he came up with a wondrous analogy. you are the second generation, and we are the third generation. After your second generation stands up, after a period of time, the seat of the great Dao’s truth in the future universe will be fought for by us, the third generation.

At the side, Meng Mei’s face had already turned black. She snorted and laughed. the other big shots might come true. After all, they’re only 10000 years old, and you’re going to be the third generation …

You won’t be able to reach the peak no matter how many years I give you!

Third generation? This was a little far-fetched!

“Hmph! The new era is still developing, and the future is definitely still in the hands of our Buddhist system.”

The racer of Mount Haruna harrumphed coldly, but he was still very optimistic as he laughed out loud, ”

reinymansky, moon god Ji, and the ancient gods will still be competing in the future, creating new eras. What we’re discussing now is the ‘seats in the ten universes’, and outside the ten universes, there are still a small section of countless heavens and realms scattered around. We belong to one of the heavens, and we’ll definitely have greater glory!

The racer of Mount Haruna felt that this was not the end, but the beginning of a new era.

It was a new beginning for the players.


The new system of the supernatural sandbox world had begun.

“Wait, I almost fell into your trap, and you still have the face to talk about me? You’re making it seem like you can reach the top.” The racer of Mount Haruna suddenly turned to the cute girl and flew into a rage.

Meng Mei’s eyes widened. why can’t I? I’m going to become a great lady, the mother of the venerable sovereign.”

The racer of Mount Haruna was stunned. This guy wanted to be the mother of the venerable sovereign?

Let the venerable sovereign call her mother?

What kind of ambition was this?

“Hmph, I think I already have a lot of hope.”

Meng Mei’s eyes were filled with peach blossoms, and she couldn’t help but say longingly, ” I just met the godly Palace of creation in the heavenly note sect. I’ve completely recovered my intelligence. As the ultimate existence of the universe, I’m his subordinate. We’re getting closer and closer. He even sat down with me for tea and discussed the greenery of the new universe with me.

The racer of Mount Haruna was dumbfounded.

Meng Mei’s efforts were finally showing signs of success?

Oh right, where did Carolyn go? ” Daolord Phoenix suddenly said in a soft voice.

it’s said that she went to find the ancient God. Even if this Overlord shows his true realm, she has to re-hope to join him and open up a new future. The three pillar gods ‘expressions suddenly became calm as they looked into the distance.

The three ancient gods obviously didn’t want to lead the new trend. They continued to develop in the direction of the universe and maintained their previous style, extremely low-key and mysterious.

Carolyn is usually very courageous. However, when facing that existence, she is too timid. Otherwise, she would have already succeeded. Di Qi shook his head and chuckled. He glanced at Meng Mei as if to say that she was the same.

The cute girl was furious.

Suddenly, di Qi turned to si Yun beside him and said gently, ” “Celestial Empress, the new era has begun …”

“Yeah, the last few lonely people of our batch are about to have a happy ending.” Si Yun also chuckled.

“Right, only a few people are left without a home.” In the distance, the balloon fish and du Xue were also laughing. The familiar faces around them made them feel extremely emotional.

if our generation is the third generation, there’s almost the fourth generation now, and Ermin is about to give birth … We’re old now, and our hearts should have settled down.” The alchemy monarch laughed.

Ermin looked at the girl’s hand and said gently, ” don’t jump around all day. You must work hard.

Tap tap tap tap.

Just as they were watching from the side, they suddenly looked into the distance. it’s about to begin. The plan for the universe’s next 100 million years will determine the first cornerstone and orthodoxy of the universe! We will witness the future together!”

Under their gazes, ancient and prehistoric existences slowly walked into the palace.

Tu Xin, the Zerg empresses of the past, the candles, and the unimaginably powerful beings slowly walked into the hall under the bright morning light …

Everyone was smiling.

They all knew that this was beyond the cycle of reincarnation and would be the beginning of an unprecedented universe.

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Nurturing Humanity Chapter 1466 - 1466 It never ended