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Night Ranger
Chapter 705: Rose Dukedom

Chapter 705: Rose Dukedom

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

The return of Marvin and Wayne naturally created an atmosphere of joy in White River Valley.

After all, they knew that this time, Lord Marvin and Young Master Wayne had been participating in the struggle over the Fate Tablet.

And the focus of the struggle was the Sky Tower left behind by Lance!

Although they didn’t know the specific outcome, they had brought home the Sky Tower itself, so there was nothing to say.

The morale of White River Valley was soaring.

But at this time, Marvin gave a strange command.

Within seven days, no one was allowed to enter or exit White River Valley Sanctuary without his permission.

Those hunting parties that had been clearing away monsters outside were also summoned back by Marvin.

Although everyone felt strange about this, with Marvin’s prestige in White River Valley, they wouldn’t complain.

He was the owner of the Sanctuary, and he had the final say in everything in this territory.

It was just that only the top brass of White River Valley faintly understood that the situation wasn’t very good!

Anna was the one that was most aware of this.

After that spear thrust by the War God, Wayne’s Arcane Energy was in a state of backlash.

In that situation, he forcibly drove everyone away in order to protect Marvin. He then brought the Sky Tower to White River Valley, using Lance’s Power to cast Absolute Sanctuary for seven days!

Wayne knew of the temptation of the Fate Tablet.

He couldn’t give anyone the chance to sneak in.

Because of this Absolute Sanctuary, they would both have some time to rest and recuperate.

But Wayne had been injured too severely.

After some time, he could only remain in a half-comatose half-meditating state in the Sky Tower.

And Marvin’s situation wasn’t good either.

This was the gravest injury he had received so far.

The early release of the Magic Addict Shape made it hard for him to recover from many of his internal injuries. Even though two days later, Shadow Thief Owl came over to bring Daniela’s goodwill, a special secret medicine from Lavis Dukedom that had strong healing effects on the Cridland bloodline, the injury in Marvin’s body could only recover slowly.

The good news was that Marvin could tell that after these seven days, he should be much better.

At that moment, it would be time for him to implement his plan.


In these seven days, Marvin rarely had the time to relax completely.

He spent a lot of time dealing with government affairs with Anna, and from time to time he would check on the meditating Wayne or pay a visit to the chief of financial affairs. Lola’s card skills deeply impressed Marvin. White River Valley’s people were always kind, including the Shas who had immigrated. They believed in Constantine and Marvin.

The only pity was that some had left White River Valley, like the pair of freaks who had always been quarreling in the Alchemy lab. Fidel apparently had met his love, Sasha, who had managed to regain her body, and they both went north. The Nameless Alchemist changed completely after some time with the Alchemy Box.

From a fancy and pretentious peacock, he turned into a silent, tired old man. Marvin heard from Anna that he had shouted a word, perhaps a name, while standing in a field at midnight.

That name had a very strange pronunciation and Anna couldn’t imitate it.

In any case, the presumably greatest Alchemist of all time left White River Valley after leaving a letter for Anna.

He said that he would be back one day, but he didn’t know when.

And there were also the Gnome brothers.

It seemed that the pair of Gnomes from another continent had already left when Marvin went to fight over the Fate Tablet.

Although they hated to part with the Mechanical Titan, things seemed very urgent. Perhaps they had been contacted by those from home.

From Butterfly’s previous matter, Marvin already had a faint guess.

This era might really create huge changes.

After the calamity, mankind survived, and would keep on surviving.

Regardless of how hard it was, this was something carved in all bloodlines: survival instinct.


Constantine and Sophie established the new Night Walker Headquarters in White River Valley.

After all, the northern fortress had already fallen and the venerable O’Brien had sacrificed his life. The newly appointed Night Walker Leader was Marvin.

When Constantine handed over the Eternal Night Paradise to Marvin, Marvin couldn’t help sighing, feeling wistful.

He was too familiar with this Artifact!

Eternal Night Paradise... It was his Artifact in his previous life as a Ruler of the Night. But back then, he hadn’t gotten it from O’Brien then, but from the corpse of a Lord of Hell.

Most likely, O’Brien had already died in the game, but when it happened, he didn’t have time to hand the Night Monarch’s Artifact over to the future generation.

With the Eternal Night Paradise, Marvin’s strength once again improved and those two Legend Night Walkers settled in White River Valley for good.

Because of what would happen next, Marvin officially announced that Constantine was newly appointed as White River Valley’s Second Magistrate.

After Marvin left, Anna would act on Marvin’s behalf, and Constantine would be second in command.

After all, even though Marvin trusted Anna’s abilities completely, it would be good to have a Legend in the top brass to take care of problems that required more force.

Madeline was supervising River Shore City, and the Tomb Raider didn’t have suitable skills for managing a territory.

Isabelle recovered very quickly and seemed to have no ill will towards Wayne. These days, she was Marvin’s shadow, as usual.

Marvin had no idea how to deal with this girl.

The dedication of the Hammons was famous, but as he thought of the future, he had a headache.

Because it would be too dangerous, he could only do it on his own and couldn’t take anyone else with him.

’We’ll see when it happens.’


4th day.

Marvin, who had been paying close attention to what was going on in the outside world, finally received an explosive piece of news:

This declaration stirred up a storm over the entire continent!

[The Three Northern Cities joined together with the Church of Dawn and Protection to formally establish their Dukedom!]

The Dukedom was named after the Rose Sword of the Valkyrie.

Eve herself became the first Great Duke of the Rose Dukedom, and Holy Paul, the son of the God of Dawn and Protection, became the first Supreme Pontiff. In the Three Northern Cities as well as the surroundings, the church’s influence began spreading.

On the day of the founding of the Rose Dukedom, Great Duke Eve made a declaration to all of Feinan:

[White River Valley’s Marvin is the destined Destroyer.]

[Anyone who obstructs the Rose Duke from eradicating Marvin will be viewed as a heretic and an enemy!]

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Night Ranger Chapter 705: Rose Dukedom