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Night Ranger
Chapter 703: Ethereal Plane Seal

Chapter 703: Ethereal Plane Seal

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

When the World Ending Twin Snakes had originally escaped from the seal, Marvin had known that sooner or later, he would have to confront them.

Even if he successfully escaped this time, it would still happen.

But he didn’t think that the temporary barrier from the Truth Goddess’ Imprint would fail so suddenly!

Even if his enemies were retreating and the Sky Tower was only filled with allies now, this wasn’t good news for Marvin.

This meant that the lives of all his allies were threatened! 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. 𝚌𝗼𝓂

Although Wayne could use many Arcane Burst, he was young and had just woken up from his coma. After killing so many enemies, both his Magic Power and mind were exhausted, and he was showing clear signs of fatigue.

And Marvin himself was still in a weakened state!

Though, compared how he was previously in a near-death state, he was a lot better now.

When it came to that, Marvin had to admit that the Magic Addict Shape was very powerful and had saved his life once again.

Even if he lost one point of Willpower, there was no point in having it if he was dead.

Surviving was the most important thing!

Thus, when the World Ending Twin Snakes were pushing their way out of the seal, Marvin immediately made a decision: "Flee!"

Professor flapped his wings, solemnly flying up, preparing to cover everyone’s retreat.

But that young voice echoed once again through the Sky Tower. "It’s fine, Brother. With me here, these two snakes won’t harm anyone."


Marvin gave his younger brother a startled look.

He knew that Wayne was very powerful, but surely not to the point of being able to contend against the World Ending Twin Snakes! And he had even used most of his power driving off the enemies earlier!

These words sounded like a child showing off.

But the next instant, everyone was shocked by Wayne’s actions.

They saw him floating in the air as the walls of the Sky Tower started shaking, and a pale yellow Arcane Barrier formed between his body and the walls!

"This is... the resonance between a Wizard Tower and its master!"

The Sea Elven Queen looked at Wayne’s actions in shock.

It was well known that Wizard Towers were the most powerful weapons of Wizards!

A Legend Wizard would be almost unmatched when inside his own Wizard Tower.

And the master of this Wizard Tower was definitely Lance.

But the scene before their eyes completely upended their worlds!

Only one person could trigger the resonance with a Wizard Tower! And especially this one!

Wayne was wearing his oversized Wizard gown, covered entirely in a golden glow.

The Sealing Power inside the Wizard Tower quickly burst out again, focusing on the entrance of the Ethereal Plane!

Although the power of the Truth Goddess Imprint had collapsed, this sealing power coming from Lance’s Wizard Tower was even more unbearable!

"This is Lance’s Power?!"

"He hasn’t left this world!"

"One day, we will kill you!"

As they were pushed back by the Sealing Power, the World Ending Twin Snakes sounded very flustered!

Wayne’s eyes flickered. "You won’t have the chance to kill Teacher!"

"Because your ultimate fate is still the Ethereal Plane!"

"Get lost!"

Following this, an ancient word came out of Wayne’s mouth!

Ancient God Language!

Ethereal Plane Seal!

The World Ending Twin Snakes shuddered, and they tried to use spatial distortion to get through, but they couldn’t do so in the end!

Having stayed in the Ethereal Plane for so many years, they had actually grown much weaker than before, though they were still immensely powerful.

The Azure Matriarch’s blood undid Lance’s seal after the key component was removed, but the World Ending Twin Snakes were still in the Ethereal Plane.

And Lance hadn’t set up only one seal; he had set up a double seal.

The entire Ethereal Plane itself was a seal that could be activated by Lance at will!

On the top floor of the Sky Tower, 7 huge six-pointed stars appeared, revolving quickly and at a strange angle!

An azure radiance started shining through Wayne’s eyes.

He slightly opened his hands like he was cradling something in them.

He then pointed his right hand at the World Ending Twin Snakes and sharply shouted, "Return!"

The 7 six-pointed stars ruthlessly flew over.

The World Ending Twin Snakes recoiled in agitation!


Marvin stood completely still as he watched everything in a daze.

He knew that the seal of the Ethereal Plane, this kind of Plane Guardian level spell, wasn’t something Wayne could completely control.

Those 7 six-pointed stars would have been enough to seal any of the Gods within!

However, this wasn’t really Wayne’s power, but rather, he was using a spell to draw out the power of the Sky Tower!

In other words, this was Lance’s power, but it was being controlled by someone else.

’He really is Lance’s Inheritor.’

Marvin was pleased, but a bit worried.

The relationship between Wayne and Lance was so close... Was the matter of the Destroyer that Eve talked about true?

’If Lance really is the destroying side, then what about Wayne now?’

’If it really reaches that stage in the future, what should I do?’

As he thought of these convoluted things, he became confused for a moment, before finally laughing at himself and deciding to throw these things to the back of his head for now.

After all, the issue at hand had yet to be solved, so there was no use in overthinking.

Even if they could repel the World Ending Twin Snakes, there would be another frightening challenge for Martin to face soon.

’I hope Wayne can succeed,’ Marvin thought.

If he managed to seal the Ethereal Plane successfully, the World Ending Twin Snakes wouldn’t cause problems for a long time again.

There would be one... Two fewer enemies.

But what about the Astral Sea, the Abyss, the Negative Energy Plane, the Nine Hells, whose intentions weren’t clear, and the threat of Ancient Gods?

Although he originally chose this path and made the best preparations that he could think of, he would rather have one less enemy when the day arrived.

Everything originated from the Fate Tablet in his body.

It was rumored to be an Artifact that could change the fate of the world.


The Sealing Power at the entrance of the Ethereal Plane was unmatched.

The World Ending Twin Snakes were compressed mercilessly until they couldn’t take any more, and soon, they were forced to retreat back into the Ethereal Plane.

But just as everyone was feeling relieved, a spear suddenly flew down from the skies and pierced formation of six-pointed stars.

It tore a huge hole.

The World Ending Twin Snakes rushed through that opening as if their lives depended on it, and fled from the top of the Sky Tower!

Wayne spat a mouthful of blood, looking extremely pale!

The Ethereal Plane Seal had failed!

After the spear destroyed the formation, it vanished.

All of Feinan heard a voice afterwards: "You owe me one. Remember to kill Marvin, that Kangen is mine."

Those who heard the voice where shocked.

Only a few were shocked.

"Anubis!" Ivan looked at that disappearing spear, clenching his teeth. "The War God!"

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Night Ranger Chapter 703: Ethereal Plane Seal