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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 359 Seventh Gate, Open!

Chapter 359 Seventh Gate, Open!

The black rod is the product of the Yin Release. It has the ability to transmit Chakra, and once it is inserted into a human body, it can interfere with the operation of the Chakra in the body.

If the user controls it, he can even manipulate another person's actions.

Kakashi knew this black rod very well and naturally he wouldn't want to be hit by it.

He knows that Madara wants to uses this thing to deal with him. And in all likelihood, he wanted to control Kakashi to hand over Mikaze's Sharingan.

'Madara is too strong.'

After fighting against him, Kakashi finally realized the despair of the Five Kage on the original work.

The kind of despair they felt after they can do nothing against absolute power.

'Without corresponding eyes, even with the fusion of Three Great Holy Land's Senjutsu, I am afraid that I won't be able to beat Madara in his prime.'

Therefore, this pair of eyes is really necessary for him.

The speed of the black rod is very fast. Kakashi release some Chakra from his body to summons the Millennium Sword. He gently waves it, and deflects the black rod away.

"Hmm? You still got some strength. It seems that I have looked down on you." Madara said as two black rods appeared again in both of his hands, and then, he rushed towards Kakashi.

Senjutsu Chakra's powerful recovery ability made Kakashi's somewhat exhausted body to regain its vitality for a little bit.

Although Kakashi swayed from side to side while standing, he can still block the black rods.

Only the clashing sound was heard as the Millennium Sword kept colliding with the black rods.

Kakashi sorted out his Chakra while resisting Madara's attack.

After his last attack, there is only one-third of Senjutsu Chakra left in the three Cursed Seals.

Althought the attack was powerful, it wasted too much extra Senjutsu Chakra.

Kakashi can feel that there has been a glimmer of the Three Great Holy Land's Senjutsu Chakra merging when under his control. He also has already remembered this feeling. So, if he can fully grasp this feeling, he can finally fuse the Three Great Holy Land's Senjutsu Chakra completely.

It's just that these are things for later. For now, it's important for him to get through the difficulties in front of him first.

Madara's eyes narrowed suddenly, and then he kicked Kakashi in the chest.

Kakashi couldn't react, and he was hit in the center firmly, and then Kakashi's body flew out directly, breaking three big trees before stopping.

"Gintoki-sensei, you shouldn't be distracted at this time." Madara coldly said.

Kakashi got up, vomiting a mouthful of blood.

There is blood on the corner of his mouth. Kakashi then gently wiped it off by hand, and coldly looked at Madara who was not far away.

"Nice look, but it's a pity, Gintoki-sensei, you are too weak!"

As Madara said that, there were bursts of cold glow in the Rinnegan, and the murderous intent directly rushed towards Kakashi.

"Goodbye, Gintoki-sensei, please say hello to Hashirama over there for me!"

As Madara said that, with the black rods in his hands, he dashed towards Kakashi.

When Kakashi saw this, he quickly formed hand seals: "Raiton: Raijū Tsuiga!" (Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang)

A hound then appeared from Kakashi's hands. Its body suddenly became bigger, and it opened his jaw as he rushed towards Madara.

"Useless struggle!"

Madara stretched out his right hand and chuckled softly: "Fūjutsu Kyūin!" (Blocking Technique Absorption Seal)

The Lightning hound was directly grasped by Madara with one hand, and then it disappeared into nothingness.

Kakashi's attack was instantly stopped!

Seeing the black rods are closing towards him, Kakashi use Shunpo to back away.

"You can't escape!"

Madara said, as his body turned and move towards Kakashi again.

Madara's Shunshin is faster than Kakashi's Shunpo.

'This is not the way to go. If I use normal Ninjutsu, Madara will absorb it directly. He can't absorb it if I poured Senjutsu Chakra, but there not much of Senjutsu Chakra in the Cursed Seals. If I can't win with a single blow, I am afraid it will become very troublesome.'

After Kakashi thought about this, trace of determination appeared in his eyes.

"I can only try this method. If it doesn't work, I'm afraid I will really have to die here today."

Having said this, Kakashi suddenly assumed a strange stance.

Seeing this, Madara was suprised and stopped.

"It seems that Gintoki-sensei still has some tricks. I really look forward to it. . Do you have any tricks to turn your defeat into victory?"

Kakashi stared at Madara, and finally muttered: "Sixth Gate, Open!"

Eight Gates!

The Taijutsu Forbidden Technique that Kakashi learned from Guy when he just transmigrated here!

After fourteen years of practice, Kakashi has reached a very high level in the Eight Gates.

There is not much Chakra left on his body at this time, so it is indeed appropriate for Kakashi to use this technique.

Kakashi's strength when using the Eight Gates is not stronger than using Sage Mode, but it has an advantage, that is, he can use powerful attack without using Chakra!

Madara was startled and muttered: "Eight Gates? It is really rare for someone to use this technique. It is surprising me that Gintoki-sensei would actually has such an accomplishment in Taijutsu. So, Gintoki-sensei, how much gate you can open?"

No one knew who had created the Eight Gates. The general statement says that it is created by the Nidaime Hokage or Might Duy.

But, Nidaime Hokage has never used this forbidden technique in the original work, so it's hard to say that this technique was created by the Nidaime Hokage.

Then, there is Might Duy.

It took 20 years for him to master the Eight Gates, but he did not say that he created it himself.

Let's not talk about how much physical power the Eight Gates needs, just the Chakra Pathway System and the eight specific Tenketsu involved in the Eight Gates required medical knowledge. So, it should be possible that Medical Shinobi is the one who created it.

For eternal Genin to not only have this medical knowledge, but also to be able to create such forbidden Taijutsu technique, it is really unbelievable.

After all, no matter what kind of Ninjutsu created, the creator needs a wealth of theoretical knowledge. Only with this someone can create Ninjutsu.

For Naruto who doesn't have enough theoretical knowledge to create Rasenshuriken, it is because Kakashi told Naruto the theory, and he only needs to master the skills after knowing the theory.

The knowledge of the human body involved in the Eight Gates, which opens the limits of the human body, is so complicated that an eternal Genin would definitely not know.

Therefore, Might Duy should not be the founder of the Eight Gates.

Regardless, Madara was only slightly surprised when he looked at the Eight Gates used by Kakashi at this time.

For Madara, the sixth gate is not worthy of attention.

Kakashi knew this too, so without any hesitation, a force in his body directly broke through the seventh gate!

"Seventh Gate, Open!"

Blue steam was released from Kakashi's body!

"Oh? The seventh gate? Amazing. It's the first time I have fight against the seventh gate. Let me see what kind of power it has."

Madara said expectantly.

Kakashi felt severe pain all over his body at this time, as if his bones were about to shatter.

'The side effects are really terrifying. My body tempered with the Eight Gates and Lightning Release Armor actually almost can't bear it. I just barely open the seventh gate but the side effects are this much. There is not much time. I have to finish this as soon as possible!'

Kakashi secretly thought in his heart, and then his feet move.

In an instant, with a burst of wind, Kakashi hit Madara with a punch!

"So fast!"

Madara said.

Immediately, Kakashi's fist slammed directly at Madara.

Madara reacted immediately, and the black rods instantly move in front of him, blocking the terrifying punch!


When the fist and the black rod collided, there was a sound of steel clashing!

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 359 Seventh Gate, Open!