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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 357 Tengai Shinsei!

Chapter 357 Tengai Shinsei!

The power of the terrifying Lightning formed the image of the Thunder Dragon. At this time, the Millennium Sword turned into a thunder dragon and rushed towards Madara.

Under the addition from Senjutsu, the originally terrifying Thunder Dance becomes even more amazing at this time!

Madara's pupils shrank, and he stretched out his hands without hesitation.

"Shinra Tensei!" (Almighty Push)

A terrifying repulsion force was formed instantly, directly smashing the thunder dragon.

At this moment, Kakashi and the thunder dragon turned into a cloud of smoke with a bang.

"Shadow Clone?" Madara was startled. He didn't realize that he is attacking a shadow clone!

At this moment, a terrifying thunder dragon appeared in front of Madara again.

It was Kakashi who manipulated this thunder dragon with cold expression!

The thunder dragon looks extremely imposing!

The pressure is so great that Madara has no way to hide.

Madara never expected that Kakashi would find the flaw in this moment.

"Dragon Dance!"

Kakashi shouted in a low shout, slashing the thunder dragon on the Millennium Sword directly towards Madara!

Dragon Dance!

The enhanced version of the Thunder Dance which eliminates unnecessary steps and make him can condense the terrifying dragon's secret sword technique in an instant! 𝒊𝒏𝒏𝙧𝗲𝓪𝙙. c𝒐𝙢

The Millennium Sword got closer and closer to Madara.

If this strike hits, even someone like Madara will end up with a serious injury.

At the moment when the Millennium Sword was about to cut Madara's body, strange blue Chakra instantly wraps the Madara's body, first the skeleton, and then flesh and blood armor!

Seeing this, Kakashi's pupils shrank, 'So fast!'


Along with Madara's low voice, the armored upper body Susanoo appeared in front of Kakashi's eyes.


With a loud noise, the Millennium Sword which carried the thunder dragon continued to slash towards the Susanoo.

Susanoo that is protecting Madara was directly hit by the thunder dragon!

Kakashi lightly landed on the ground, but Susanoo flew a distance of tens of meters before it could stop.

Kakashi sighed secretly. He didn't expect that the blow just now didn't cause any serious injuries.

It was clear that he has calculated the time of Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push), but he didn't expect that Madara would be able to create Susanoo so fast.

After the smoke dissipated, Madara and his Susanoo appeared again.

"What a great combo. First, you used Fire Release so that I had to give up using Banshō Ten'in, and forcing me to use the use Fūjutsu Kyūin. Then, you use such terrifying sword technique, but it was actually just shadow clone to make me use Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push), and then, you finally found the gap and used a very fast secret sword technique. If I didn't use Susanoo in time, I am afraid I would be seriously injured."

Madara said softly. His words are full of admiration, and then he looked at Kakashi.

"So, Gintoki-sensei, how did you know about my Rinnegan's ability? For you to make such a precise judgment in such a moment, if you don't know my ability in advance, there is no way you can do it."

Madara said as his face has become a lot more serous.

After he awakened the Rinnegan, no one in this world except him should know about the ability of this pair of eyes.

But all Kakashi's attacks just now seemed to know all of the Rinnegan's ability.

This is really unimaginable to Madara.

Kakashi then muttered: "You are not the only one who is interested in the legend of the Sage of Six Paths, Madara."

"Did Gintoki-sensei learn about the Rinnegan's Ability somewhere?" Madara was puzzled.

Kakashi clenched the Millennium Sword tightly and did not answer Madara.

Faced with such a situation, Kakashi wouldn't tell anything to Madara.

Otherwise, it would cause problems.

No matter how high Madara's intelligence is, he would never think that there is still such a thing as transmigrating in this world.

"Interesting, I don't know to what extent your intelligence is, Gintoki-sensei."

The conrer of Madara's mouth began to curl upward, as if he has found a very interesting prey.

Madara then formed hand seals and said: "Mokuton: Jukai Kōtan!" (Wood Release: Nativity of a Sea of Trees)

Madara's Chakra bursted out and poured into the ground, and then huge trees continued to rise from the ground from all around.

In an instant, that place seemed to have become a huge forest.

Kakashi was surprised, looking at the trees in all directions, his heart felt extremely heavy.

Unlike Wood Release that he encountered in the Chunin Exam before, the power of this Wood Release is even more terrifying.

Just from the pressure, he can feel the huge difference from back then.

"Now, this is my territory. Gintoki-sensei, what are you going to do?"

Madara smiled and his hand moved. In an instant, tree branches from all directions rushed towards Kakashi.

"It's really troublesome."

Kakashi used his hands and feet together, avoiding the rushing branches.

A branch flew over towards Kakashi. The Millennium Sword waved and cut the branch in half.

Kakashi furrowed his brows and secretly thought: 'That branch is strong!'

Kakashi clenched the Millennium Sword tightly, and poured even more Chakra into it!

More and more tree branches are flying, and the Millennium Sword is moving faster and faster.


After cutting a tree branch again, Kakashi felt soreness in his right arm after he slashed his sword continuously. Even if Sage Mode was able to remove some fatigue, it could not make Kakashi recover in a short time.

At this moment, dozens of tree branches rushing towards him again.

Kakashi was feeling helpless, and then, blue Lightning suddenly appeared on his body.

"Lightning Release Armor!"

The powerful Lightning instantly covered Kakashi's body, and his silver-white hair stood upright.

The tree branches that hit Kakashi were instantly torn to pieces.

"Oh? Is that Raikage's Lightning Release Armor? It's amazing that you could also use it, Gintoki-sensei."

Using Sage Mode and Lightning Release Armor at the same time, Kakashi felt that the Chakra in his body was rapidly consumed.

'According to this speed, I'm afraid that in less than ten minutes, my Chakra will be exhausted.'

'No, I can't go on like this anymore. Madara's Chakra reserve is much more than mine. I am afraid that my Chakra will not last long if I didn't do something.'

Kakashi thought secretly, and then began to figure out what to do next.

"Gintoki-sensei, you have brought me more and more surprises. It is getting more and more interesting, so let me add the fun. Will you be able to resist this next move? Let's find out."

As Madara finished speaking, his hands quickly formed hand seals, and then he shouted in a low voice.

"Tengai Shinsei!"

Smile formed on Madara's face as he felt that the release of this Ninjutsu.

Kakashi was taken aback, and saw that the sky turned dark in an instant.

Immediately after, a huge meteorite is falling from the sky.

Kakashi was dumbfounded and muttered: "This… this is…"

"Gintoki-sensei, feel this boundless fear, this kind of terrifying power that is comparable to Gods."

Madara chuckled as the meteorite continues to fall.

The terrifying meteorite with a diameter of more than 100 meters fell straight towards Kakashi's location!

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 357 Tengai Shinsei!