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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 356 Kakashi Vs Madara!

Chapter 356 Kakashi Vs Madara!

Hearing this, Kakashi finally understands why Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique) suddenly fails.

'No wonder the Nidaime Hokage will die in the Kinkaku Force's hands.'

It was originally a very strange thing that the Nidaime Hokage who can use Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique) to be killed by Kinkaku Force.

Kakashi didn't hesitate anymore, and the Millennium Sword instantly appeared as he stretched his right hand.

"Sword? I never have the opportunity to see Gintoki-sensei's swordsmanship. It's an honor to be able to see it today."

As Madara said that, he also took out his weapon.

The Gunbai, also known as the Gunbai Uchiwa, is said to have been made from the branches of the God Tree, and is the treasure of the Uchiha Clan from generation to generation.

Kakashi held his sword in one hand, and Madara is also holding the Gunbai in his hand, and the atmosphere turned solemn.

Madara is a little excited. As his former teacher, Madara has an inexplicable admiration for Kakashi.

Back then, he wanted to look for Kakashi, but he didn't have any information about him even after he traveled through the whole Shinobi World.

He did not expect to meet Kakashi again in his old age.

Kakashi's expression turned serious. At this time, although Madara is old, he has Hashirama's cells and the Rinnegan. Even if he is not as strong as during his fight against Hashirama, he is still almost as strong.

Facing against such Madara, Kakashi did not dare to say that he has any chance of winning.

Kakashi knows that Madara right now is perhaps the most terrifying opponent he has ever encountered.

"So, Gintoki-sensei, the fight between us has finally begun. I wonder how strong you actually are."

Madara chuckled lightly, and rushed over while holding the Gunbai.

With a wave of Gunbai, he strikes towards Kakashi.

Kakashi blocked the strike with his sword.


The Gunbai and the Millennium Sword collided for the first time!

Kakashi and Madara looked at each other with unspeakable emotions in their eyes.

With different ideas, the pair of teacher and student who got along for a short time now fights against each other.

"Gintoki-sensei, let me see your strength!"

"Madara, have you forgotten our dream?" Kakashi muttered.

"Gintoki-sensei, I have already said that it is just a child's dream. And we, people are going to grow up!"

Madara said, and with a vigorous wave of his right hand, the Gunbai fanned and release a powerful gusts of wind, blowing towards Kakashi.

He also finished forming hand seals and said: "Katon: Gōka Senpū!" (Fire Release: Great Fire Whirlwind)

A huge whirlwind of flames rushed towards Kakashi.

Kakashi's eyes are narrowed, and the Millennium Sword in his hand instantly condenses a powerful Lightning power.

"Hatake Clan Sword Technique: Moon Wave!"

The blue Lightning crescent wave come out of the sword and slashed towards the whirlwind of flames!


The huge whirlwind of flame was instantly split by the blue Lightning crescent wave, and its remaining power remained undiminished as it flew towards Madara.

"This sword technique…"

Madara is a little surprised. This sword technique makes him has a feeling of deja vu.

Although puzzled, Madara's movements didn't stop in the slightest.

He grabbed the Gunbai with his right hand, running Chakra to it, and waved it gently as it hit the blue crescent wave.

"Uchihagaeshi!" (Uchiha Return)

With a soft sound, the blue crescent wave seemed to have been absorbed by the Gunbai, and then come out from the Gunbai and moves back towards Kakashi.

Seeing the flying blue crescent wave, Kakashi was taken aback for a moment, and then ducked to dodge the attack.

"This is… Hatake Clan Sword Technique? At first, the Hatake Clan said that their Sword Technique was taught by a mysterious person. Now it seems that this person is you, Gintoki-sensei. Interesting. Why are you helping the Hatake Clan back then Gintoki-sensei?"

Madara asked intrigued.

Kakashi answered calmly: "It's just a whim."

"Whim? Interesting. Gintoki-sensei still does things so casually. Was it also a whim when you accepted to teach me and Hashirama back then?" asked Madara.

"Indeed, originally, I didn't intend to teach anyone, but Hashirama's sincerity made me unable to refuse." Kakashi muttered.

"Yeah, Hashirama was really silly at that time. I also had no doubt about you, Gintoki-sensei. You were just a stranger passing by." Madara sighed, seeming to recall that period of time.

As his emotion gets back to normal, Madara turned his attention to Kakashi again and said: "Gintoki-sensei, use your full power. Otherwise, you can't beat me like this. And I won't be merciful anymore."

As Madara said that, the aura on his body suddenly erupted, like an erupting volcano, which seemed extremely terrifying.

Kakashi's expression becoming even more serious than before. 'Indeed, in the face of such an enemy, little tricks become somewhat useless.'

Clapping his hands together, a surging natural energy emerges instantly from Kakashi's body!

Sage Mode!

Red eyeshadow appeared on Kakashi's face, and in an instant, his aura multiplied by several times.

"Sage Mode? The same Sage Mode as Hashirama? It turns out that Hashirama's Sage Mode was learned from Gintoki-sensei, Hahaha." Madara chuckled, but a resentment surged in his heart. 'Why did he teach Hashirama but didn't teach me?'

Kakashi once again held the Millennium Sword and said: "I didn't teach Hashirama about Sage Mode. Hashirama and I learned it from Shikkotsu Forest."

"So it's like that." After Madara heard this, the injustice in his heart eased slightly.

"Hashirama was able to exerted great power when using the Sage Mode. But, I don't know how strong you are, Gintoki-sensei, when you are using that."

"Try it, and then you'll know."

"I think so too."

Madara attacked again with his Gunbai with a surprisingly fast speed.

Kakashi is not panicking. After using Sage Mode, the attack's trajectory is clearly reflected in Kakashi's perception.

The Millennium Sword moved calmly, turning the Gunbai's offensive useless.

Ding Ding Ding!

The Millennium Sword and the Gunbai collided no less than a hundred times in an instant.

Madara's tiptoe landed on a tree.

"As expected of you, Gintoki Sensei, your Taijutsu and Swordsmanship are so exquisite." Madara admired.

Although Madara praised him, Kakashi is not happy at all.

"Then, let's have a good time sensei."

After Madara finished speaking, he stretched his right hand towards Kakashi, and said softly: "Banshō Ten'in!" (Universal Pull)

Powerful suction force erupts from Madara's right palm, and Kakashi felt that he was about to be pulled towards Madara's direction.

'Not good!'

Kakashi thought secretly. He then have his Chakra clung to the ground to keep his body from being sucked away, and his hands quickly formed hand seals.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)

A fireball appeared and was instantly absorbed by the suction force.

The fireball flew towards Madara at a very fast speed.

Madara was startled. Seeing the fireball close at hand, he quickly dissipated the suction force.

"Fūjutsu Kyūin!" (Blocking Technique Absorption Seal)

The fireball was sucked by Madara's hands.

At this moment, Kakashi's figure instantly appeared behind Madara.

Seeing Madara's surprised eyes, Kakashi yelled softly: "Thunder Dance!"

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 356 Kakashi Vs Madara!