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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 353 The Line Between Life And Death

Chapter 353 The Line Between Life And Death

Aoandō, Mikaze's Mangekyō Sharingan's unique Genjutsu.

According to the memory of the target, it can show the target the person whom the target misses the most.

The person would have all the characteristics of the person from the target's memory and the target would never find the differences.

Honestly speaking, this is a Genjutsu based on the memory of the target. The realness is equivalent to the target's memory.

At this moment, Madara faced such a real Izuna.

This Izuna has all of the characteristics Madara remembered about Izuna, so this Izuna is almost the same as the original Izuna.

It is precisely because of this that Madara was caught in this Genjutsu for a while.

Madara knows that the Izuna in front of him is Genjutsu, but the real feeling makes it impossible for Madara to break from this Genjutsu.

Izuna's death may be the deepest scar in Madara's heart.

It was also Izuna's death that made Madara disgusted with the fate of the Uchiha Clan and walked on the path of darkness.

The eternal Mangekyō Sharingan requires someone to transplant their close relatives' eyes to unlock. What an ironic condition.

Therefore, when Madara learned about the Infinite Tsukuyomi recorded on the stone tablet, he decided to implement this plan without any slightest hesitation.

Because he is tired.

Tired of the ugly evolutionary process of the Uchiha Clan, but also admiring the beautiful world recorded in the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Madara felt that Infinite Tsukuyomi is the only way to save the Uchiha Clan and this Shinobi World.

It's just that Madara didn't know that the truth he knew was actually just a conspiracy created by Black Zetsu.

Madara's face showed a long-lost cheerful smile, talking with Izuna inside the Genjutsu.

Everything seemed to be just like the past.

At this time, Madara seems to have returned his youth. With Izuna, he experienced the growth again.

He then also experienced Izuna's death again…

Madara felt the powerlessness again, the feeling that he really hate.

The Genjutsu is like a reincarnation, and after the darkness, Izuna appeared again.

The experience repeats itself again.

Aoandō, show the target these familiar stories again and again.

However, if the target have gone through a hundred reincarnations and haven't woken up yet, they will undoubtedly die.

This is the power of Aoandō.

Mikaze didn't know what happened inside the Genjutsu. At this time, he has already grasped a kunai and severely slashed it towards Madara's neck.

Mikaze didn't know if Aoandō could completely defeat Madara, so he felt that it would be the best for him to kill Madara while he was still not awake.

"With this blow, let me cut the chains of fate!" Mikaze let out a low growl and his slash exploded with unprecedented speed.

The kunai is getting closer and closer!

The cold blade touched Madara's neck, and Mikaze's face was filled with joy.

But at this time, a withered right hand tightly grasped Mikaze's right hand that is holding the kunai.

Immediately, the hand exerted a slight force, and with a cracking sound, Mikaze feels pain from his right hand, and the kunai fell to the ground.

The blankness in Madara's eyes has disappeared at this time, and Mikaze was directly thrown away with a flick of his right hand.

After being thrown away to the distance, Mikaze saw that there was a trace of blood at Madara's neck. The kunai only needed to advance for one more centimeters to cut his throat and end his life.

But unfortunately, it didn't make it in the end.

"What an interesting Genjutsu. I should thank you, Mikaze for giving me chance to relive those good times. As a gift, let me give you the most shocking death!"

Madara said as a bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face.

Seeing this, Mikaze thought, 'It's bad.'

In the next second, Madara finished forming hand seals, and he said softly: " Katon: Ryūen Hōka no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique)

Four flame dragon heads instantly spurted out of Madara's mouth, blasting towards Mikaze from four directions respectively.

"Damn! All of the escape routes have been blocked!"

Seeing the flame dragon heads are close to him, Mikaze closed his eyes.

"Oh? Do you want to use that trick?" Madara said softly.

In the next second, Mikaze suddenly opened his eyes, the weird pattern on his eyes kept spinning, and blood flowed from his eyes instantly.


White Chakra instantly wraps Mikaze's body, and when someone takes a closer look, they would see that it was the upper body of a skeleton.


It is the ultimate technique of Mangekyō Sharingan, the third power that can only be unlocked with a pair of Mangekyō Sharingan, and it is also called the power of God.

During the Warring States Period, it was known as the horrifying pupil technique that was hard to escape from.


The four flame dragon heads bombarded the white Susanoo, but the white Susanoo wasn't scratched at all.

"What a nostalgic technique. I didn't expect you to be able to use Susanoo. If this is the case, maybe you can make me feel more excited."

After Madara finished speaking, blue Chakra instantly burst out of his body, and then the almost identical skeleton wrapped Madara's body.

Unlike Madara's relaxed condition, Mikaze was panting heavily at this time.

The pain in his eyes made Mikaze almost unable to open his eyes, and what was even more terrifying was the tremendous pressure on his body after using the Susanoo.

That pain is very hard to describe.

"Damn, if this goes on, I'll die from pain before Uchiha Madara kills me."

Seeing Mikaze didn't move, Madara then said: "It seems that you have not adapted to use the Susanoo. Is it painful? Susanoo, known as the power of God, is not so easy to use. Let me teach you carefully how to use the Susanoo!"

Madara's hands clasped together, and then, the blue skeleton grew flesh and blood, and it also wearing armor, looking like a majestic soldier.

Mikaze stared at everything in front of him in a daze. Madara's Susanoo was really too shocking for him.

"Well, game over. I will take your eyes now."

Susanoo pulled out two swords and then Madara lightly shouted: "Susanoo: Two-sword dance!"

The blue giant blade slashed towards Mikaze's imperfect Susanoo.

Mikaze's pupils shrank as he felt the threat of death!

Biting his lip tightly, blood spilled out instantly. His eyes widened, and the output of his pupil power instantly increased!

The original white skeleton also grew flesh and blood!

However, it is not enough!

Madara's Susanoo sword has already slashed on Mikaze's Susanoo!


Mikaze's Susanoo was instantly crushed and turned into pieces.

The sword didn't stop and pierced into Mikaze's abdomen!

The wide long sword almost stab Mikaze's entire abdomen. Mikaze's pupils shrank, and his blood rushed out uncontrollably!


Severe pain spread throughout Mikaze's body.

Madara release his Susanoo. He then stands on a boulder, and looking at Mikaze coldly.

"It seems that you can only go this far."

Mikaze looked at Uchiha Madara and his eyes were full of unwillingness.

"Good eyes, unfortunately, this pair of eyes is now mine." Madara said as he slowly approaching Mikaze. He then stretched out his right hand, and wanted to take out Mikaze's eyes.

At this moment, Madara suddenly stopped and looked at a place where someone was coming.

"Secret Sword Technique: Air Slasher!"

The tens of meters long giant sword rose instantly and slashed towards Madara.

Madara was taken aback. Although all his attention just now was put on Mikaze, for someone to be able to get so close to him, he knew that this person is not simple.

After a momentary pause, Madara jumped away.

The sword continues to slash down without any hesitation, making Madara really shocked.


With a loud explosion, a gully more than a meter wide appeared in front of Madara's eyes.

The sky was full of smoke and dust.

"Not good!"

Madara exclaimed and jumped to the place where Mikaze originally was, but there was nothing there, and the person who attacks him has also disappeared.

"Damn! How dare he take someone right in front of me!"

The anger in Madara's heart suddenly rushed up, and his powerful perception was released in an instant.

"Huh? Not here? How is it possible?" Madara was surprised. After all, with his range of perception, there's no way the other party would escape in an instant.

"Is it Space Ninjutsu?" Madara said softly.

"Hmph, so what if it is Space Ninjutsu. Do you think you can run?"

The Rinnegan on his eyes instantly faded, revealing the scarlet Mangekyō Sharingan!

Moments later, Madara seemed to have lock into a certain location, and then disappeared from that place.

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 353 The Line Between Life And Death