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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 351 - 351 Mangekyos Reappearance

Chapter 351 Mangekyō's Reappearance

The flame still exists and closes at hand. Without any other choice, Mikaze gathers Chakra on his hands and take the remaining flame forcibly.

The flame dissipated, and bursts of white smoke rose from Mikaze's hands.

Even after the scorching Fire Release has been blocked twice, Mikaze still feels soreness in his hands when he forcibly blocks it with his hands.

Fortunately, it didn't hurt him that much.

'What a terrifying Fire Release Ninjutsu. It is rumored that Uchiha Madara's mastery Fire Release Ninjutsu is extremely high. It seems that the rumor is not exaggerated to call him the strongest Fire Release user. And this is only just the most inconspicuous of all the Uchiha Madara's skills.'

Mikaze thought to himself, and a shadow was cast in his heart.

'Too strong!'

With just one clash, Mikaze felt that Madara is an opponent he can't defeat.

Even if the other party seems to be very old.

That withered body still contained extremely terrifying power.

"Oh? You can block it. It's really commendable. After all, there were not many people who could survive against my Fire Release." Madara smiled, a trace of appreciation appeared on his face, but it looks more playful.

It's like a hunter who has found interesting prey, like a cat-and-mouse mentality.

After years of silence, Madara is indeed a little bored.

If it was not because of that, then Mikaze would have been already killed by Madara.

"It is an honor for me to be praised by the legendary figure in the Shinobi World, but I am afraid it won't be so easy to take my eyes." Mikaze muttered.

"Oh? It depends on how good you are, but unfortunately, no one in this world can make me feels good except for Hashirama." Madara chuckled softly.

Just when he said this sentence, a figure suddenly appeared in Madara's mind.

That short-lived memories.

Silver-white hair, white windbreaker.

'Gintoki-sensei, I haven't seen you again since that time.'

'I wonder if you will support my path today or not.'

Madara then shook his head. After all these years, he was almost dead, so there's no need to mention his former teacher, Gintoki.

'That person should have passed away long ago.'

After suppressing the thought that had suddenly appeared in his heart, Madara looked at Mikaze again.

Mikaze saw that Madara's expression suddenly changed a bit before it returned to normal, which he felt a little strange.

"It seems that if I want to escape this time, I have to fight for death."

Mikaze muttered to himself as he took out a kunai, and held it in his hand.

"Do you want to fight with your life on the line? In my eyes, even if you do that, you won't make any difference." Madara said coldly.

"That's not necessarily true. Under these eyes, even you can't handle it easily!"

As soon as Mikaze's voice fell, his scarlet Sharingan underwent a strange change.

The original three black tomoe spin very fast, and then they were connected end to end, turning into a single triangular tomoe!

Seeing this, Madara was a little shocked and said, "That is… Mangekyō Sharingan?"

The weird patterns, the surprising pupil power, all of this shows that Mikaze's eyes have reached the highest level of the Sharingan's normal evolution, the Mangekyō Sharingan!

Mikaze's expression was solemn. After all, the reason for these eyes to be awakened was not something to be happy about.

After witnessing the death of his wife, Mikaze awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan.

Since Mikaze awakened it, he has never used it in front of anyone, so no one knows about it except himself.

As a member of the Uchiha Clan, Mikaze knows what this Mangekyō Sharingan means, so if anyone knows about it, it may be not a good thing for him.

After being a little shocked for a moment, Madara calmed down, and then he smiled: "What an interesting junior. I didn't expect that after me and Izuna, the Uchiha Clan would have someone who can awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan. For you to have this power, it's really touching my heart. Come, show me your full strength. Let me take a good look at what kind of ability your Mangekyō has, and how powerful it is."

Originally, Madara is fighting with Mikaze with playful mind. But after seeing this, he became a little serious. It was not that Mikaze's strength had made him feel scared, but because those eyes made Madara feels curious.

This is the third pair of Mangekyō Sharingan he has ever seen, so Madara is naturally interested in it.

Mikaze tightened the grip on the Kunai in his right hand and felt that his hand became a little sweaty. After facing this legendary figure of the Shinobi World alone, Mikaze finally knew the real reason why these legends were called the legends.

Very powerful!

A word that already summarized everything.

Mikaze knew that the way for him to win at this time is to use the ability of his eyes.

'Without the understanding the ability of my eyes, even Madara would have difficulty coping with it.'

After Mikaze has made up his mind, the silent atmosphere was broken in an instant.

Mikaze moves!

The kunai in his right hand was thrown, and then his hands get inside his ninja bag, taking countless shuriken instantly and then threw them at the same time.

And then he formed hand seals with his hand!

"Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" (Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique)

The shuriken thrown multiplied, and then, a shuriken rain was formed in an instant.

"Oh? Interesting Ninjutsu, but it's not enough." As Madara commented, his hands were not idle.

After quickly forming some hand seals, he lightly shouted: "Mokuton: Mokujōheki!" (Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall)

Only the tinkling sound was heard, and all the shuriken were blocked by the semi-circular wooden wall.

The defensive ability of the wooden wall is much stronger than that of the earth wall.

After Hashirama, only Madara can use this Wood Release to the point of perfection.

Mikaze was not overly surprised when he saw this. This level of Ninjutsu was enough against ordinary people, but it would obviously not have much effect against Uchiha Madara.

However, Mikaze's attacks have just begun at this time.

"Manipulated Shuriken Technique!"

Countless steel wires began to dance in Mikaze's hands, and the shuriken that were originally nailed to the wooden wall began to tremble. In an instant, the shuriken fly again.

The kunai that Mikaze threw out first was also pulled towards the shuriken, and a big round of impact was formed in an instant, knocking all the shuriken back and forth.

The shuriken get pass the wooden wall with a circular arc, and once again forms the shuriken rain towards Uchiha Madara who was behind the wooden wall.

All this may sounded long, but it happened only in a blink of an eye.

Madara was slightly startled. Watching the rain of shuriken towards him, he re-evaluated Mikaze calmly: "Interesting, using the wire and the previous thrown kunai to carry out the second attack with the shuriken. It's a great Shurikenjutsu, but no matter how good the Shurikenjutsu is, it won't ever be enough."

Seeing the shuriken rain was about to hit his body, Madara stretched out his hands.


Terrifying repulsion force spread from Madara's body, and the shuriken all bounced away completely!

Only at this time Madara yelled: "Shinra Tensei!" (Almighty Push)

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 351 - 351 Mangekyos Reappearance