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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 347 Prelude To Destiny

Chapter 347 Prelude To Destiny

After Kakashi finished talking with Mikaze, he told Mikaze to keep the matter as secret.

Mikaze understood the reason, so he agreed.

After leaving from the Genjutsu's world, Kakashi left.

Mikaze who is now alone with his unconscious teammate is showing a contemplating look.

What happened today made the young Mikaze suddenly know too many things that shouldn't be known.

He suddenly felt that he needed to change his way of life.

More than ten years, not only for myself, but also for the illusory future.

"It really makes me feel the heavy burder." Mikaze murmured.

At this moment, Chitose, who was sleeping on the side, moved her finger and woke up immediately.

"Hmm? Chitose, are you awake?" Mikaze said in surprise.

Chitose touched her dizzy head and said, "Mikaze? Where is this? Are we dead?"

"Of course not, we succeeded! That Iwagakure's Jōnin is dead!" said Mikaze.

"Really? That's great!" Chitose said excitedly, but then she feels sad again.

"Unfortunately, we can no longer see Aomaru."

Mikaze felt his heart felt a lot heavier after hearing this. 'Yeah, Aomaru is dead and would never returned.'

The lives that weren't taken by the war are so easily disappeared here.

This may be the fate of Shinobi, never knowing when they will die.

Mikaze muttered: "Aomaru, a hero, will always live in our hearts, and his name will always remain on the Memorial Stone."

"Yeah." Chitose nodded.

Then Chitose looked at Sandan who is on the side and said: "Mikaze, is Sandan-sensei all right?" 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

"He's okay. He just needs some time to rest to get his strength back. It's already dark outside. We will be staying here tonight. We should rest for now and make plans after Sandan-sensei wakes up."


The weather is cloudy outside, and a light rain slowly began to fall. Kakashi walked alone in the forests, the rain is already drenching his hair.

"Just now, there seemed to be someone looking at Uchiha Mikaze in the dark during the battle. He had a strong presence, but he didn't have much malice. Who would it be?" Kakashi muttered to himself, but couldn't think of an answer.

'The man seemed to be just passing by, he didn't chase after Mikaze and left after the battle end. It seemed like he had just watching a good show, and then left with satisfaction.'

"Is it… Uchiha Madara?" Kakashi murmured.

Kakashi knows that during this period of time, there are only a few people that have such powerful presence and Uchiha Madara is the one of them.

The rest should all be Kage from the other villages, and maybe they are just wandering and saw the battle.

"If it's Madara, is he targeting Mikaze?" Kakashi frowned, feeling something bad in his mind.

Mikaze's talent is outstanding, but he belongs to the late bloomer type, which is somewhat similar to Obito.

In the end, they are father and son, and there is not much difference in their talent.

After all, in the Naruto World, the strength of bloodline is not a joke.

Generally, if the father is very powerful, the son or daughter will not be weak.

Kakashi suddenly thought that perhaps it was not accidental that Madara was targeting Obito. Maybe Madara was targeting Obito because he is Mikaze's son.

"Could it be…"

Kakashi suddenly thought of something, it was not very clear, but there was a faint thought in his mind.

"I should put aside this matter for the time being. The Ryūmyaku Vein's energy is still accumulating. Although the energy consumed this time is not much, it will still take a while before I can use it, then, what's next."

Kakashi stood in the rain, no one knows what he was thinking.

Soon after, Kakashi took out a Hiraishin no Jutsu's kunai and looked at it with a smile: "Maybe I should go see the situation there."

Then Kakashi disappeared from that place.

For more than fifteen years, the situation in the Shinobi World has been constantly changing, and the conflicts between villages have become more and more prominent. The Second Shinobi World War has inevitably happen.

Those who were little boy in those days have now become middle-aged men.

This year, Konoha is thirty-five years old, Uchiha Mikaze is thirty-two years old, and Hatake Sakumo is thirty years old.

On the battlefield, Mikaze couldn't help but recall the memory from the fifteen years ago.

As the young man who claimed to be Sakumo's son said that day, his child was born, and his son name is Obito.

As that person said, Sakumo also has a son named Kakashi.

Mikaze knows that everything the man said is true.

The so-called future is real.

'So, is this the year when I will die?'

He originally had been uneasy, but at this moment, Mikaze has never been calmer than ever.

Is death terrifying?

If it was the seventeen-year-old Mikaze, he would say that it is very terrifying, for Mikaze, who is now thirty-two years old.

Death is not terrifying, because he knows that in this world, there are things more terrifying than death.

Inside a tent, Mikaze sat quietly, and suddenly, a middle-aged man with silver hair came in.

Mikaze smiled and said: "Sakumo, why are you here?"

"The front line is in tight situation, Hokage-sama asked us to join the front line and support it." Sakumo directly stated his purpose.

The smile on Mikaze's face gradually diminished, and there was a feeling in his heart, as if something called death was calling him.

Nodding solemnly, Mikaze said: "I understand, let's go."


The two then set off and rushed to the front line.

The two had just won a war before, and at this time, they rushed to another battlefield again.

The battlefield location is called Amegakure.

Wind, Earth, and Fire. The Three Great Countries set the battlefield in the Land of Rain, so as to avoid the impact of war in their own countries.

As for the Land of Rain being destroyed?

The Great Countries would never care about it.

War would inevitably cause death.

As long as the person who died is not their own people, they don't care if more people from the other countries died.

"Mikaze, it seems that your condition is a not that good. What's the matter?" Sakumo suddenly said.

"It's okay, I just have a feeling." Yufeng whispered.

"What do you feel?" Sakumo asked curiously.

Mikaze shook his head and said: "Sakumo, if I die, please help me take care of Obito."

Hearing this, Sakumo frowned and said: "Mikaze, with your ability, there's no way you would die, unless it is a combination of Tsuchikage and Kazekage. But don't forget that I am here as well. So how could I let you face those terrifying opponents alone? Don't worry."

Mikaze sighed and said: "I hope so."

Mikaze then touch his eyes, and secretly thought: "I already have these eyes, so I should be able to change my destiny…"

Looking up, Amegakure is already in front of him.

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 347 Prelude To Destiny