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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 345 Converse

Chapter 345 Converse

Kakashi then pulled back his right hand that is on Mikaze's eyes.

Even if no one knew about it, it is still called stealing.

What's more, he is the father of his good friend.

The original Kakashi would not do it, nor would the Kakashi who has transmigrated.

In his previous life, he was not such a merciless and cold-blooded person.

Although he was in a society full of selfishness, he still followed his own principles stupidly, not for anything else, just for his peace of mind.

People can do anything, but if they can't pass this kind of hurdle in their heart, they will have no peace for the rest of their life.

People always complain about the unfairness of society, but they still end up colluding with each other. Later, they began to persuade new young people to say that this is society. If they want to live, they need to do this.

However, getting along with people shouldn't be like this originally.

If they say that society should be selfish and intrigue in its original form, they are just desperate.

They have forgotten their original self, and become what they once despised.

In his previous life, Kakashi can keep this peace of mind, and in this life, he will not give it up.

The peace of the mind is something he brings from his previous life.

This may be the only thing Kakashi still remembers, something that he should have.

After a while, it seemed as if something in Kakashi's body has been released, and the heaviness that came after moving to this timeline has dissipated.

His original indifferent expression gradually loosened.

'I must get the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, but I can't get it this way.'

Looking at the immature face in front of him, Kakashi's hands released green Chakra and then he placed them on the wound on Mikaze's lower abdomen.

The wound is not big, but it is very deep. What Kakashi can do is to stop the bleeding and heal the wound slightly.

After a while, the blood stop flowing from the wound, and the wound has healed slightly.

Kakashi takes out a bandage and bandaged the wound.

After doing all this, Mikaze's eyelids moved slightly, and then he opened his eyes.

With the silver hair in his view, Mikaze subconsciously called out: "Sakumo?"

Then, perhaps he felt that Sakumo wouldn't suddenly appear in such a place, he immediately woke up.

Seeing the face that is similar to Sakumo in front of him, Mikaze was surprised, and said: "Who are you? How did you come here."

Mikaze said as he looked around. After seeing Chitose and Sandan are still okay, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Kakashi smiled and said: "Do not worry, they are fine. That Akimichi Clan's member has just taken the Yellow Curry Pill, so he will be fine after a day of rest. Fortunately, it is not the Red Chilli Pill, otherwise he will die."

When Choji has taken the Red Chilli Pill in the original work, if it wasn't for Tsunade's timely treatment, he would be already dead. At this time, there is no great Medical Shinobi like Tsunade. Even Tsunade herself is only a teenager at this time.

"As for the young girl, she will wake up after only three hours of unconsciousness as the poison is only paralyzing her body for a while."

Mikaze nodded when he heard this, and then, he found that his abdomen was also wrapped with a bandage, and the wound has obviously been treated.

"Are you the one who did it?" Mikaze asked in surprise.

"If there is no other person who can move, it should be indeed me." Kakashi said with a smile.

"Thank you, if it wasn't for you to heal and bandage my wound, I'm afraid I would have already lost too much blood and died." Mikaze said very sincerely.

This is a life-saving grace, and it is not an exaggeration.

"It's just a small effort."

"So, Uncle, who are you?" Mikaze asked curiously.

"You can call me, Hatake Kakashi." Kakashi said with a smile.

"Hatake? Are you from the same clan as Sakumo? But it seems that I have never seen you before. There are not many people in the Hatake Clan. But you do look like Sakumo." Mikaze said curiously.

"Of course we look alike, it is because I am his son." Kakashi said with a smile.

Hearing this, Mikaze was taken aback for a moment, and then said with a smile: "You must be joking Uncle. After all, you look much older than Sakumo. Even if you said that you are his father, I would believe it. Hahaha, Uncle, you are really humorous."

Looking at Mikaze who laugh, Kakashi didn't seem to want to laugh at all.

"Uncle, why are you so serious? You don't even laugh when you tell a joke." Mikaze forced a smile and said.

"Do you think that I am joking?"

Mikaze swallowed his saliva, with an incredible expression on his face.

He can clearly saw that Kakashi is being serious at this moment.

"Uncle, are you serious? But how could that guy Sakumo have a son? That guy clearly is someone who would never get a girl for the rest of his life!" Mikaze said in a puzzled manner.

Hearing this, Kakashi was absolutely amused, but when he thinks about it, his father's cold look might make it hard to get a girl.

But fortunately, Ayako was able to tame Sakumo.

"Maybe not now, but that doesn't mean there won't be in the future. I am his future son, Hatake Kakashi." Kakashi said.

"This… how is this possible? Did you travel through time?" Mikaze was really surprised.

"Whether you believe it or not, the me in front of you is the truth."

"Then… then you are really Sakumo's son, but why did you appear here?" Mikaze asked in surprised.

"Because… I want to talk with you."

"Talk with me?" Mikaze was really puzzled, and then, as if thinking of something, he suddenly said: "Could it be that your biological father is actually me? That's crazy!"

Kakashi's face was full of black lines, 'Should I just take his eyes?'

See Kakashi's darkened expression, Mikaze immediately calmed down, and said with a dry smile: "Haha, I am just joking."

"Forget it, I'm so tired to talk nonsense with you. Let me show you directly!"

While Mikaze was still in a daze, Kakashi directly unlocked the seal on his left eye.


Mikaze thought, and then, he felt a muddle of emotion and appeared in a forest.

In front of him is a young man with yellow hair, a teenager with silver-white hair and a young girl.

In the distance, a teenager wearing a pair of goggles is running towards the group.

"Obito, you are late again," said the girl.

"Sorry, Rin, I just helped an old grandma to cross the road." The goggle boy explained, panting heavily.

At this time, the dead fisheye boy with silver hair said: "It's really an old excuse."

Hearing this, the goggle boy was angry and said: "Kakashi! What are you talking about!"

At this time, the young man with yellow hair smiled and said: "Well, since we are all here, let's start the survival test."

Hearing this, the three people stop talking, and then they looked at the yellow haired young man and were ready to fight.

Mikaze could see clearly that the silver-white haired dead fisheye boy was the guy who claimed to be Hatake Kakashi before. That guy was seven or eight years old, and he is similar to Sakumo's current appearance. 'Is he really Sakumo's son? '

'Moreover, why do I have such inexplicable sense of familiarity with the goggle boy?'

The scene is constantly changing, and the goggle boy and the white haired boy are always arguing.

As a bystander, Mikaze sees it very clearly.

But after a while, the goggle boy and the white haired boy are fighting against Iwagakure's Shinobi.

Then the goggle boy awakened his Sharingan!

After the fight, a landslide happened in the cave, and half of the goggle boy's body was crushed under a huge boulder. At this moment, the goggle boy handed his left eye to the white haired dead fisheye boy as his birthday gift.

Mikaze did not know why, but when he saw this scene, there was a pain in his heart.

It's as if he loses something important.

"Why? Why I do feel this way? What kind of relationship does this boy named Obito have with me?" Mikaze asked in confusion.

"He… is your son, Uchiha Obito."

Kakashi's voice rang in Mikaze's ear, making him as if being struck by a lightning!

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 345 Converse