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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 344 Choices

Chapter 344 Choices

Sandan quickly found a gap and retreated back to Mikaze and Chitose's locations.

"Mikaze, are you okay?" asked Sandan worriedly.

"I'm okay… I won't die." Mikaze said with a smile.

However, his face is very pale, and everyone could tell that he wasn't all right.

Although he killed one of the enemies, there are still two unscathed Jōnin left.

On their side, Sandan is still fine, and Chitose is also fine, but Mikaze is already seriously injured.

Although Sandan is confident to block one of them, even killing the enemy, but the remaining Jōnin would be difficult to block with just Chitose and the seriously injured Mikaze.

'What should I do?'

Sandan is really anxious.

'Are we going to die here today?'

'No! Even if I die, I will protect my students! They are the future of Konoha!'

'Especially Mikaze, after just awakened his Sharingan, he can already defeat a Jōnin in a fight. In time, he will definitely become the pillar of Konoha!'

'I have decided!'

After making up his mind, Sandan took out a yellow pill from his ninja bag, and then he swallowed the pill!

After a few seconds, Sandan's body seemed to burn, and then, powerful Chakra instantly enveloped his body!

"What is that! How come there is such a powerful chakra suddenly!" Iwamura was surprised. After all, Sandan's Chakra seems to have been doubled!

"Yellow pill? What the hell is that!" Yamori was equally shocked.

"Yellow Curry Pill, the secret medicine of the Akimichi Clan, can instantly enhance Akimichi Clan's member's combat power. Now, let me send you to the hell!" Sandan shouted in a low voice, and then, blue chakra was wrapped around Sandan's body in a visible form.

"You are a member of the Akimichi Clan!" Iwamura said in surprise.

"Yes, my name… Akimichi Sandan! Now die! Nikudan Sensha!" (Human Bullet Tank)

Sandan's fat body instantly turned into a huge meat boulder, crushing towards the two Iwagakure's Shinobi!

The huge meat boulder left the two with nowhere to dodge, and they can only try to block it.

"What a joke! How can we lose! Doton: Doryūheki!" (Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall)

Iwamura and Yomuri formed hand seals at the same time, and then two stone walls were instantly erected in front of them.

Sandan didn't care about these walls, and the huge meat boulder directly hit the stone walls.

The sturdy stone walls can't stop Sandan, and was directly crushed by the huge meat boulder!


With a loud crash, the stone walls were destroyed!

"How is it possible!" Iwamura said in shock.

In the next moment, the huge meat boulder has already appeared in front of his eyes.

Iwamura's eyes were full of fear, and he immediately grabbed Yamori with one hand and held him as his shield.

"Iwamura! What are you doing!" Yamori said in shock.

"Sorry, instead of two of us die together, it's better for you to die for me!" Iwamura ruthlessly said.

"You bastard! Argh!"

As Yamori just wanted to resist, the huge meat boulder has already hit his body.

In an instant, Yamori's body was directly crushed into meat paste, and he died without being able to do anything!

Although Iwamura had Yamori as a cover, his right hand was also hit and was fractured instantly!

Sandan stopped, and then he is panting heavily as he half-kneeling on the ground.

Although the Yellow Curry Pill get him huge power boost, the side effects to his body is also not small. At this time, Sandan feels weak and unable to move.

Iwamura looked at Sandan with a sullen expression, and muttered: "What a terrifying power. I didn't expect that pill would have such a strong effect. However, you can't resist anymore."

Sandan looked at Iwamura viciously and said: "You bastard, you actually use your own companion as a shield!"

"Hahaha! He was about to die, isn't it better for him to save me? What a joke, as a Shinobi, why did we need companion? In my opinion, those who are giving their lives to their companions are the real fools!"

"Shameless!" Sandan cursed.

"Haha, you can curse all you want. Right now, you are just the meat on the cutting board. You like to protect others, right? Well, I will kill your students now and see if you can do anything about it!" Iwamura said, showing a cruel smile as he looked at Chitose and Mikaze.

"Damn! What do you want to do!" Sandan wanted to stop him, but he couldn't move. The side effects of the medicine are making him unable to move his body.

"What do I want to do? You will know soon. Haha."

Iwamura sneered towards Chitose and Mikaze. Seeing this, Mikaze's expression tightened, and he grasped the Kunai in his hand.

Chitose then whispered: "Mikaze, you have always been protecting me. This time, it's my turn."

After Xiaoyun finished speaking, she stood up firmly.

"Chitose, what are you going to do!" Mikaze roared.

"Mikaze, this time I will protect you!"

Chitose holds a kunai in her hand tightly and then looked at Iwamura with solemn eyes.

"Oh? What a courageous little girl, but it's not enough."

Iwamura said, he is holding a kunai with his left hand, and rushed towards Chitose.

"You indeed have the courage, but you will still die very miserably!" said Chitose.

Hearing this, Chitose was unmoved, and the kunai in her hand was thrown!

With a light wave, Iwamura parry the flying Kunai!

"Go to hell!" Iwamura then stabbed towards Chitose.

Chitose was taken aback, and hurriedly tried to dodge the attack, but she was too late. She was stabbed directly in the shoulder, and she felt weak in an instant.

"This… kunai…" Chitose instantly dropped weakly to the ground.

"Haha, I have applied special poison to this kunai. How is it? Hahaha!"

Iwamura said triumphantly while laughing loudly, but at this time, Mikaze coldly said: "You are celebrating too soon!"


Iwamura was puzzled. He then saw Mikaze's right hand moved slightly. The kunai that was thrown by Chitose bounced back and went straight into Iwamura's heart!

"Urgh! How is it… possible!" Iwamura's eyes were full of disbelief. The kunai that was inserted into his heart was tied with a steel wire that was almost invisible!

The corner of Mikaze's mouth was slightly raised, and he said, "As a Shinobi, we need to be unexpected."

As he said that, a mouthful of blood spurted out of Mikaze's mouth.

"Good job! Mikaze!" Said Sandan joyfully.

But at the next moment, Sandan's mind relaxed, and he fainted directly.

The side effects of the secret medicine have appeared in full!

Seeing that Sandan and Chitose fainted at this time, Mikaze's expression becomes a little bitter.

"This is terrible. Sandan-sensei and Chitose has fainted. I have to take them out of here. We have caused such a huge commotion. If someone comes over, I'm afraid…"

Mikaze finished speaking and stood up struggling. He first put Aomaru's corpse into the storage scroll, and then took Chitose and Sandan away.

Just after the three of them left, an old man with long hair in the distance said in a low voice: "That pair of eyes is good, maybe it will be useful. I will observe it for a while. But strange, why do I feel that there was another person observing this scene like me? Is this person's hiding skill too good? Or did I got into Genjutsu? Forget it, no matter what, I didn't expect when I was searching for experimental material, I would encounter such a wonderful scene. Now I should go back and continue experimenting."

After the long haired old man finished speaking, he left the place.

After Mikaze get inside a cave with Sandan and Chitose, he fainted.

He lost too much blood and his physical strength was consumed so much. It would be pretty good to be able to be awake until now.

And just when Mikaze fainted, a figure quietly emerged.

Silver-white hair, a face of indifference, it is Kakashi!

Seeing the unconscious Mikaze in front of him, as long as Kakashi wanted to, that pair of Sharingan would belong to him.

And if he immediately replaced Mikaze's Sharingan with the Sharingan that he had prepared long ago, no one would know that Mikaze's eyes were changed.

Even if Mikaze felt that something was wrong, he would only think it was a side effect after awakening his eyes.

Take? Or not take?

If he takes it, Kakashi would finally get the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

With the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, he will have greater confidence in dealing with the terrifying enemies in the future.

If he doesn't take it, his plan will become a waste. What is the purpose of the hard work he has done for more than a year?

But if he takes it, will he still himself?

Seeing that his objective is in sight, Kakashi hesitated.

'Should I do it or not?'

Thinking of this, Kakashi bitterly said: "Am I also the kind of person who is unscrupulous for the sake of strength? This is the Obito's father, the friend of his father, not a casual passerby. Should I really do this?"

Kakashi sighed and placed his right hand gently on Mikaze's eyes. As long as he moved his hand slightly, the scarlet eyes would come out, and in the future, he will put these eyes on his eye sockets.

He will use this pair of eyes to look at the future, to see Obito, to see Naruto, to see Mei…

Kakashi's right hand is violently shaking, and his face showed an indescribable expression. The struggle between rationality and humanity is constantly tumbling in his heart!

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 344 Choices